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Monday, January 10, 2005

Its morning on the Monday that I am going to get my picture...I hope...kinda excited to get it and show it off...people are going to go, "You're so awesome!!! I wish that I could draw like that!" Heh...I heard that so many times its not funny. But yeah...cant wait, YAY! The bad news is that I havent worked on my novel at all...so bad...but oh well...I will soon get my inspiration back and just have some fun typing out my soul.


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Sunday, January 9, 2005

   Pissed! ~_~
Okay...the weekend went okay. My mom held a party at her house for a day after birthday party, you know. Okay...I invited a girl Jessica...and Ryan...some other people too...but yeah. Okay...the party was okay...except for my immature brother who is younger than me kept on disrupting me and my friends...uh...no privacy at all. And at 11:00 pm at night...everyone was leaving...I said to Jessica in ezact words, "I'm ABOVE you!" then they left...I didnt think that they heard me either...then the next day I got a call from her and she said that she and her parents and mine thought that I said that I loved her...yuck! Never in my intire life...ik. That gave me nightmares (not really) but people have to listen real hard to hear what I am really saying...my parents dont do that to me...if they think that I am doing something wrong...they yell at me...and it is my freaking brother the whole dang time...jeez...he is a immature fat pig who doesnt know how to act his dang age. Oh...and when the party was still going on...my brother walked out of my room and farted in Jessica's face thinking that it was funny and laughed like a retard and walked away. He pissed me off so bad...and he eats us out of house and home...my mother spent over $190 on food the other day and now it is almost gone...can you believe that...if he keeps that up...I wont be able to go to college at Collins College in Arizona...it is my first step to fame...but yeah...just typed this to cool me down a bit but yeah...oh well.


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Friday, January 7, 2005

I am like totally happy! You know how much lamination cost?! Its alot...and my picture I drew was by 11"x14" (279mm x 355mm) thats big...and my teacher Mrs. Haberlach sent me to the Main office to get it laminated for FREE!!! Isnt that great!!! :D So happy and excited...the lamination wont start until Monday but I cant wait to come back to school to get my laminated picture...then I will let Mrs. Haberlach take the picture for the Artfest thing! SO AWESOME!!! If you knew that I had such mad skills you all be rooting for me!! So yeah...toodles...I'll write back on my Journal on Monday and tell you how it went!


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   Leo Picture...
The Leo picture I drew is even better than yesterday! I added two more poses of his masculine body...one day I will scan him on the computer and I will have a great time sending him to the Artfest...I might win with this picture...I am sooo excited...I hope that I can finish it today....oh...and its raining today....but I'll write more after school.


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Thursday, January 6, 2005

Today went by great...people loved my picture! and the next best thing...I have submited one of my pieces into the Artfest...I have one more I want to enter...but I want to laminate it first because I dont want it to be ruined...I am not finished with it yet...but when I am...I will ask one of my teachers to see if they could laminate it for me...The next picture will bring my name up to glory! Yay! So happy...the bad thing was that it started to rain...I love rain...but I dont want it to ruin my picture.


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I am getting really excited...there is this thing going around that there is a prize involed in a art contest...I am totally going to be there...I am going to enter a couple of my pieces and see what happens...lots of people thought my work is like...the best, and I try to work on my art skills until they meet the max...and it hasnt yet but yeah, heh heh...I am having a good day this morning...but I dont know whats going to happen this day...but I cant wait for school to start so that I can show of my masterpiece!


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