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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Your ideal pet is a cat!
CAT! Meow... Elegant,with an own will. Cats are
cool and they are independent. When they want
to cuddle they come and if you want to, and the
kitty won't, it will show you her claws.

What's your ideal pet? .._..contains Anime pictures.._..
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Green Hair!
Green Hair! Famous Green Heads: Setsuna from Sailor
Moon & Lyserg from Shaman King!

~* What Anime Haircolor would you have? *~
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Purple Eyes!
Purple like the night sky...

~* What Anime Eyecolor would you have? *~
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I am so glad that I am finally able to send in my pictures! WOOO! I know that I am so cool! Hehe!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I got alot of pictures that I drew onto the pictures...though they are pretty small...damn scanner!
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Well its lunch...does anybody know any people on here that are good artists? Please let me know...

I need some help too...I am probably thinking about changing my otaku...but I am not too sure...what should I do?

I drew an awesome picture of my character in pencil...I want to upload it but I dont have time to get to a computer...well the bell rang...gotta go...love ya!

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Well...I think that I have fallen deeper in love than what I did with Michael...he hasnt talked to me in months and I think I am taking it quite well...I am beginning to crush on Ryan again...it feels weird but I love how I feel around him and he gives me a concerned feeling inside himself...when he is around...I dont feel like killing myself...I feel like he is the one to catch me when I am falling for him...his eyes are so beautiful and I just want to gaze at them forever...I love his body...and I have great respect for him...I love him so and I would even take my life just to protect him...I just love Ryan so much...I just wish that I could spend all of my time with him...even though he is straight....I want to be his boyfriend...
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I dont know what to think about today...I kind of feel weird, my sister/friend came to school today...she grad. last year and now I feel like Ryan is ignoring me...its the morning and I feel weird...I LOVE YOU RYAN!
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Today was the first day of school...I found the puppies...well not me ezactly and I am keeping a journal of my life...mainly about Ryan! ;3 lol...I THINK HE IS CUUUUUUUUUUUTE~! Yeah yeah, I do worry about my boyfriend and he hasnt typed to me in a LONG time...I'll probably be doing more...crap...lol...and I HOPE I GET MY BREATH OF FIRE 3 GAME BACK TODAY...I am going to go over to Hillerys to get it after this...Ryan is cuming with me! lol...not cum...coming...lol...maybe later! *snickers* I am having fun with him today. Just joking...not...yeah...I know it is fun to do that kinda stuff to him...alot of my time...he makes me qoute on qoute "happy". *grins evily* He makes me feel better when I am down and I feel like a different person around him...but I know that he is STRAIGHT...but I dont want him to be but I dont want to force him to do something that he doesnt want to do...meep...sometimes he makes me sad but he makes up for it...later...*wink wink* I know it sounds wrong...maybe it is. He is freaking out a little...maybe alot...hehe...he makes me smile and feel good about life. That is why I like Ryan and that he is my BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE INTIRE WORLD! WEEEEEEEEEE! I am kinda cheerful that he is here with me today! I thank him dearly for that reason...and that he is kind to me...I LUV U Ryan! Gotta go guys...C'ya!
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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Deep...my darling PUPPIES COME BACK!!!
Okay...yesterday was the unluckiest day of my whole summer...the puppies...Bear...and Freedom are gone...they dissapeared like as if they were stolen...oh...and I am in big shit and I am trying to look for them...I feel really bad...sigh...and my father is not allowing anyone to stay the night or allow me to go anywhere to stay the night at all...I am so unlucky now...meep.
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