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Friday, October 6, 2006

College Life?

This isnt going to be the only time I am going to be in college...this is just one of the first ones I am gonna go to...lol...and plus I just...well...get rather busy...Im surprised people still remember me...*shocked* I dont put artwork on here anymore cause they shrink my work and it gets me ticked...so yeah...its either that I put it on MySpace...or furaffinity.com or something like that...lol...

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Well...I came to post...

Im just in college...most of my time is devoted to either school or my room mates...and the job...and my video games...lol...but I like just laying back and relaxing playing my games...when my room mates watch! Im trying to get that new game Final Fantasy XII that is coming out this October 31, god how exciting...oh...and for those who are on Gaia...Im on it too...I am,

Chef Raion

Hit me up! lol...I would love to get people to visit me on there and leave comments on my site and on my journal...it gets rather lonely when nobody leaves you those sort of things...I probably wont be on in a 'long' while...again...lol...

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well as though may seem...this summer thing may be here...I will be on here on MyOtaku rarely...so you can maybe see me sometimes on my MySpace account...just look around if I am not there...just leave a message if you want to know more of my art...
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Friday, June 16, 2006


Today is my Graduation. Yesterday my Aunt Ronda and Uncle Don and Cousin Jordan, Jaden, and Kensey (I think) and Grandma Marge. I had to walk all the way home from Chris's and that day he gave me a humorous Grad card...lol, with $5 in it...its better than nothing right? And on Friday Jarlm bought me a Grad gift too...also with Mike...with his shared money. I got Resident Evil Outbreak. A fun yet scary game!

I am excited for my graduation...but I dont know what to really do. Im supposed to go to school around 10:oo am but I came normal time. Around 7:45 am. My Graduation is at 7:oo pm.

Well...Graduation...here I come!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I cant believe what is going on...I thought I was in for a good night and everything was going nicely...I had a lovely chat with Jacob and David and when I got home around 10:00 pm I had to eat dinner before I went off for bed. Uh...and Rian called over at 10:30 pm at night as my mother was trying to sleep...god!

I got so f-ing pissed. Rian is becoming so inconsiderate of my feelings and of my life. He doesnt even seem to care if my mother's sleeping or if I am going to bed or not...whenever he calls...I am usually eating and wastes my time as I want to eat...its my only time to eat is when I get home. I was eating dinner and all of a sudden he calls and I say that I am eating dinner and going to bed and he asks a stupid question. How come you arent eating now huh? And I was like...because you called me...I was snapping cause he called so late...he has no time period where he cant call. I can even spend time alone at night on my Graduation week and to rehearse and everything...mend the robe and tidy up and everything...he made me cry cause I curse at him cause he wont even listen to me and let me be. I said that I am not supposed to have any fucking time to eat...and he said sure...basically telling me to starve. After that he hung up on me...all I could do is cry cause he made me lost my appitite...all he has been doing ever since he lost his girlfriend is being inconsiderate of my feelings...

Ryan if you are reading this...then you better clean up your act...cause if you dont you will not go to my party...all you have been doing for the past few months you have been making me feel like shit and make me cry every so often...I just want peace...

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

He is so hott! *drools* Well...I love him!

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Swirling Temptation...
Okay...I had this weird dream last night...but actaully...I should explain how my day went. It was fine...a little crazy but fine. I got home from school as a storm began and it was raining....not bad...but I wish it would've rained harder. I got home and made myself a bean and beef borito and had like 2 of them...I gave the 3rd one I made for my brother cause I was full. I go over to a friends house and I promised to watch him for the week until his father comes back. He is a lone child in the family...he is home by himself and has no family here to watch him so I did...even though he said his father is going to pay me $40 when he gets back for watching him...I dont mind...but I could use the money. So I start watching him and I bring the game that I am trying to proceed farther in...Final Fantasy 8 (I havent beaten that game yet) Even though I play this game all the time when I have the time anyways...but my Best Friend Ryan calls...and I thought that I told him that I was going to be extremely busy all this week for my Graduation and the time I made to watch Chris.
Ryan calls and talks for about 19 minutes or so and I told him that it is rude of me to use other peoples phones. He asked if he could come over and I had no say to it...so I gave the phone to Chris and Ryan was playing a video game on the phone so he was basically annoying cause he wasnt paying attention...Chris said that it was my call for him to come over but Chris wanted to come home with me to borrow something but Rian didnt care he wanted to come over....I even get confused with this. But I invited Ryan...and I start to play FF8 and Ryan comes over and he starts talking about his old self which upsets me. Rian told me that he cant go out with his girlfriend cause of her parents...Rian and her dissapeared for a day on Friday and gave me a heart attack cause I didnt know where he was at. It gave his girlfriend's parents a heart attack too and they didnt want her around Rian...even though he is a nice guy. But they dont trust him so they moved her to a different school so that Rian doesnt go to see her cause since they were going out, Rian has been so much of a trouble maker that I dont really seem to know him anymore. He is more rude and uncaring for the words that he uses around me most of the time. He doesnt mean to but he just changed. We get to my house and my mom says it took you 2 hours to tell Steven that he has dinner and he was like oh shit. I was like...you didnt even tell me that I had dinner at home! My dinner was 2 hours cold...the fry's were staile and the fish burger wasnt as good as it is warm. I was upset...cause I was hungry...he didnt even tell me anything about my food...
Later on I was watching Shawn of the Dead as I was eating my cold dinner. Ryan told my brother that he spat on a teacher and this got me so furious and fusterated and shaky that I kept on droping my fries on the floor. I got really nervous and when my mom walked in saying about what Rian did. I got loose and barged out of the room and out of the house...I was pissed and as I was at the driveway...my cat came to me and I picked her up for comfort. Mom wanted me back in and she said something about me not wanting her to talk and she just quit talking to me....for the little while.
Rian apologised and I told him not to do that to elders, even to mean teachers...I tell him that everytime I see him. It isnt in my blood to see, do or even hear about that sort of things...its not right. But he left around 10:50 pm or somethin. After I ate...I went to bed at 11:48 pm.

I had a weird dream though...the only thing that I really remember is me kind of going out with this really attractive guy...really sweet and caring....hott too! We walk around and the guy that I am with is a little shy about being gay...so he might be Bi...but his guy friends are straight. We were at the movies enjoying the movie...I wasnt paying attention to the movie though...just on the guy. I glare at his eyes and his beautiful face...handsome...gorgeous. He looks at me and smiles. I blush and he grabs my hand. Holding it. After the movie we went to go to a water hang out. Something like in Downtown Portland where I went to jump in the water to cool off...lol...but it was exactly like that place...but just on the bottom of the fountain thingy on the flat pillars above the water. His friends go and say to him that he shouldnt be hanging with me cause all I want to do is get in his pants and hurt him...he looks over at me and wanting to see what reaction that I would take. I gaze into his eyes...I got on my knees and cried as I held onto his leg. I dont want you for sex...I love you...you make me feel special like no one else does. His friends pulled me off of him and took him away from me...as a couple of them where holding me back away from him. I was so emotional that when he got out of my site I pulled away from the guys who were holding me back and I cried as I ran to the corner where my eyes last saw him. But as I got there...he was gone...

I saaw a weird clip of him and his friend talking. Like. You shouldnt even let him near you....hes different and you arent like him...


Answer me.


You arent like him...so you should leave him alone...if you dont...I will have to take dramatic measures! I wont have a friend who is like that monster friend of yours.

The door flings open and there I was...I ran in and it was in a tall skyscraper building. Unfortunately they were right next to the window. The guy pushed him out of the window...shattered the glass and ran off. I ran as fast as I could to my love. He gripped onto the broken window cleil and was about to slip. I layed down as I grabbed onto some thing and had my hand out for his...I grabbed it...and he slipped and pulled me out so that I saw the dizzy heights of the building all the way down...I closed my eyes and tried to forget the dangerous suspension up in the air. I was hanging grasping onto my right hand with his. There was a open window underneath him....like...

__ - We are here...
/ - Open window

I saw that cause my love was only looking at me...I wanted to be with him forever....I didnt want him to die. I told him that there was a small open window beneath him that he could fit into. If he made it. I had to swing him a little away from the building with my arm and launch him at the small window underneath us.
I cut my arm doing so from the broken shards of glass....I looked down and saw that he didnt fall but actually went safely into the room below...but as I got up to get to him...I push myself up against the floor. A sharp pain sprouted from my back, blood spurting from my mouth. tears streaming down my face. I look back to see it was my lover's friend, who didnt want me near him or my love. It all faded black...and I woke up at 2:40 am.

I got up to get a drink from my bathroom and I ran into my fan and it fell into the bathroom and made dirt all over the place. I just wanted a drink for I was quinched. I went back to bed afterward cleaning up my fan's mess and picking it back up....

I had another dream...but it was like...okay...we are in a cave...warm water starts to go up on us...and for a weird reason...I was clothed meaning I had shorts on but the other guys that I was with where completely naked....and they were hott! 2 of em too!

Okay...I was behind the guy's head...who was laying down...I had my arms wrapped around his chest...he was leaning against me...the other hott guy was in between the guys legs...like legs under his and arms on his lap...it was weird cause that guy was blowing him and we were floating up with the water....which was weird but hott! The water went abover our head and it was so sensual...so beautiful too...and so...turning me on...*drools* Both guys had a good penis size too....which made me hungry...hahaha. That was a great dream...I woke up in the morning...all...happy....*smiles*

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Weird creation on the net....

Thats my guy...lol....

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Here is a tattoo that I designed for my friend...what do you guys think of it?

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Wonderful Weekend!
Lets just say that I had a great time! YAY! I had a blast....but I dont have enough time to talk about it though! HEHE! Well...this is my last week for school....I got alot of things to attend to! Heh...well...no more school for me....which mean less time for me on here...but I will try my best to put updates on the sites of my artwork...until it is my time to be recognized. C'ya!
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