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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I cant believe what is going on...I thought I was in for a good night and everything was going nicely...I had a lovely chat with Jacob and David and when I got home around 10:00 pm I had to eat dinner before I went off for bed. Uh...and Rian called over at 10:30 pm at night as my mother was trying to sleep...god!

I got so f-ing pissed. Rian is becoming so inconsiderate of my feelings and of my life. He doesnt even seem to care if my mother's sleeping or if I am going to bed or not...whenever he calls...I am usually eating and wastes my time as I want to eat...its my only time to eat is when I get home. I was eating dinner and all of a sudden he calls and I say that I am eating dinner and going to bed and he asks a stupid question. How come you arent eating now huh? And I was like...because you called me...I was snapping cause he called so late...he has no time period where he cant call. I can even spend time alone at night on my Graduation week and to rehearse and everything...mend the robe and tidy up and everything...he made me cry cause I curse at him cause he wont even listen to me and let me be. I said that I am not supposed to have any fucking time to eat...and he said sure...basically telling me to starve. After that he hung up on me...all I could do is cry cause he made me lost my appitite...all he has been doing ever since he lost his girlfriend is being inconsiderate of my feelings...

Ryan if you are reading this...then you better clean up your act...cause if you dont you will not go to my party...all you have been doing for the past few months you have been making me feel like shit and make me cry every so often...I just want peace...

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