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Saturday, December 3, 2005

beware, long post(if u dont wanna read all of it i understand, just make a comment that says u where here so i know and i'll visit u)

Time: 5:22pm Mood: good Listening to: Swing Life Away by Rise Against

hello ppl, how r u all? good i hope. anyways sry i havent been around in a while, been busy. today we got our x-mas trees, our kitten that we got last year likes to climb them, lol. earlier i went to tazza bella with Allison and Shauna and we talked to Cory on the phone, it was pretty entertaining.

today is Ted's b-day, he's my friend and he's in college so i only see him on weekends, and he gave me his hoodie. it smells like him ^-^ *smells hoodie* lol, i wuv my Teddy Bear, lol

well im gonna change my theme so what should i change it to? idk what i want it to be so go on and vote, here's the choices

1)Gundam SEED/GSD



4)some x-masy anime theme

5)Kingdom Hearts/KH2

now choose and i can over rule it if there's a tie.

well, ive missed the past 2 weekends shows so im gonna be a little lost tonight, lol ^^; but it was worth it cuz last weekend i was with Tyler on a date and the weekend before it was my b-day party and well Tyler was there, lol

well kids i've taken some more quizzes in case ur bored i recomend the How will u die quiz, lol

its snowing! it looks pretty, but its frackin cold, grrr, i hate snow. ja detest la neigh(i hate snow in french) the only good snow is snow that gets u out of school, lol

Onee-san(big sis) went on a date last night with Ryan, i guy from work McDonalds lol, he's a Sophmore in college. he goes to IWC here in town with Onii-san(big bro) they went to dinner at a place where most ppl go for prom, and paid for everything and this is only their first date! lol, crazy, then they went to the movies, came home. i played cards with them, BS and ERS mostly, then we ran out to McDonalds then came back home and got into a snow war, Ryan was the only one who wasnt tackled into the snow, damn him, lol

and well im gonna watch shows and rent a video game, probly Tales of Symphonia. and sry for the incredibly LONG post, ive been gone forever. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Time: 7:53pm Mood: shity Listening to: Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance

hello kids, today im feeling kinda sick and well the social life blows, idk whats goin on with Tyler, i think he's still hung up over some other girl and doesnt know what he wants and so basicly he is messing with my head and im so frackin confused. i've noticed a pattern this week, it gradully gets worse everyday, lovely eh?

well today in U.S. History I we started watching Ironed Jawed Angels, its bout the womens sufferage movement, and our teacher after the part we watched asked us a question bout something that happened the in the first 5 seconds, when ur trying to figure out who's who, and she asked us what did so-and-so want, someone answered the end to women sufferage, and Ms. Wittmer says, well thats what she wanted but what did she want? some else answered the vote, same thing happened and it turns out that whoever it was wanted to get the the vote and end womens sufferage threw an amendment, she should've asked us how did so and so want to get the vote? it was such a stupid question.

at the end of the day i went to the band room to meet up with Onee-san for my ride home and in the doorway that leads outside there was an empty tuba case, hmmm, well i was mad and was looking for something to do so i tell Onee-san to help me get in it, so i got in it with much twisting and turning and she and Blake shut it on me and carried my around the band room. and when ever i tried to talk it sounded like a muffled noise and i could hear everyone in the band room going is someone in there? let them out! someone kicked the case, lol, it didnt hurt. well they carried me over to the chorus room and Mr. D(band teacher) was talking to Mr. Larson(chorus teacher) and some students and they set me down and Blake says Mr. D watch this and he opens it and i just pop out and walk away laughing and well when i enter the band room before i was in the tuba case there was barly anyone in there and now when im out of the case it's almost full so everyone goes dead quite and when i turn around guess who i walk straight into.....Tyler, he just like "where u? d-did u just come from? how....." and i just laughed and put away the case, lmao

well i have joined another club here at MyO, it is the World Domination Club, yay! it is founded by Magnus Lensherr go to her site if u wanna join.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

so yea, thats all i ahve to say and i think im gonna be sick if u get the idea so im gonna go. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^*runs to bathroom -_____-*

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Time: 3:52pm Mood: crapy Listening to: Blue by A Perfect Circle

hey kids. well my day was pretty crapy cuz it just seemed like everyone was puting their noses in my buisness or they had to be annoying to me, i guess it was just asshole day or something.

anyways, the only time i see Tyler threw out the day is after school, well a few times in the halls but we dont have much time to talk, so i told him to talk to me after school. dad was supposed to pick me up and Tyler waits after school in the commons so that was where i went but when ever Onee-san gives me a ride i go to the band room and apparently Tyler went to the band room and neither Bre or Onee-san told him to go to the commons and then after he left Onee-san comes out to the commons to tell me that she called dad and said she would take me home. -_- and i was gonna ask Tyler if he wanted to go to the basketball game tomorrow and i told Onee-san this in the car and she told me dont call him cuz he is watching Tad and Steph play tennis at East Lake Park. *says to self*o joy. thanx guys for helping me out o so much. *goes back to talking to u* not u guys, the ppl here. and now i can add this to the reasons y i hate life.

well i wont be on that much this week cuz Onee-san is doing stuff on the net for college applications and such so yea, i cant visit u guys today, sry i just dont have the time, Onee-san and i r goin to the dodge ball tournament at school at 8 and i have to have my home work done and she gets the net at 4:30 and its 4:01 right now, so yea. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The date with Tyler last night at the movies ^-^

Time: 4:09pm Mood: extremely happy Listening to: Kiss Me, Kill Me by MEST

hey ppls!*waves* whats up? nm here, today im just lounging around the house, lol, im still in my pajamas.^^

well, now to what i promised id tell u yesturday, the movies with Tyler. ok we went to the late showing of JUst Friends, hilarious movie. anyways during the previews, guess who walks in, my neighbor Ed, he's like my brother, and he sits behind us and tells us he's with Luke and Luke apparently invited a whole bunch of ppl that he didnt want to come with, then Ed, just relizing it was Tyler and me(hmm, put 2 and 2 together) Ed goes, so uh what r u 2 doin here, r u guys on a date? Tyler tells him yes, and then we continue talking to Ed until Luke with 3 girls come in to the theature and also sit behind us. threw out the movie we talk to Ed a little bit every now and then

well bout 20-25 minutes into the movie, Tyler accidently hits my leg with his hand, then i notice that his hand isnt on the arm rest like earlier, instead he's sitting kinda uneasy and his hand's on his leg(i think to myself, he's gonna try and hold my hand) and he hits my leg again(i think to myself again he's gonna try and hold my hand and wow he has really band aim) a few minutes later, nothing happens so i figured he gave up and right when i think that he reaches over and holds my hand, lol ^-^ it was so cute cuz i could feel his hand shake a little then relax when i let him, lol.

we stayed like that threw out the movie, and im quite happy, lol, and now this is one of the few times i actually want it to be Monday so i can see Tyler again at school, lol. Tyler and i ended up breaking curfew, lol, dad wasnt to happy bout that to put it lightly, lol.

hope u all as great a weekend as i did. and now im gonna visit u all. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Time: 10:41am Mood: tired and happy Listening to: Times Like These by Foo Fighters

well good morning to u all, i just got out of bed and when im finished with this post im probly goin back to bed. but i'll visit u all later today when more of u guys update.

anyways, today is saturday and does anyone know what that means?.....goin to the movies with Tyler!^-^ so yup im really happy, lol. other than that i have no plans for the day, yay! as u can see im pretty happy. well im gonna go, i'll probly post tomorrow on how the movies went, lol, my dad doesnt like Tyler cuz im a freshman and he's a junior. well yea. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

EDITY!: i've taken a few quizzes so check my quiz results page if ur bored and take a few^-^

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

HAPPY TURKEY DAY! ^-^ sry long post, bout my b-day tho, pretty funny

Time: 8:59am Mood: happy Listening to: Make A Move by Lost Prophets

hey kids! how r u all? im good. last night was my b-day and i went out to my grandma's house and helped on our farm a bit then my cousin, Jenny(she's Teen Miss Louisa County, im surrounded by pagent girls and cheerleaders) we watched The League of Extrodinary Gentlemen cuz my dad bought me the dvd for my b-day cuz i played our tape of it so much its all fuzzy, lol.

then when i came home apparently Onee-san and Bre had a little conspiricy planed but since Bre couldnt come it was cancled so i got Onee-san to tell me what they were gonna do, which was that Bre, Alex, Sally(Onee-san), Matt, Tyler and i would drive to burlington and eat at Happy Joes. and told Onee-san lets do it anyways, so we did and we called Matt and Tyler and we went to Happy Joe's.

first we had to stop at my other grandma's house, we call her Ba, cuz she had a gift for me. guess what it was, $100, and my other grandma had gave $75. this is crazy! lol! and then when we were leaving she gave us all a handful of quarters for the games and gave Onee-san $20 for gas money. Onee-san didnt want it and said no and then Ba was bout to yell at her if she didnt take it, lol, i love Ba.

we ate first then Onee-san and Matt went into the game room and came back and then Tyler's and i's goal was to get more tickets then them, so when we ran out of what Ba gave us we got change for a $5 and continued to play and it was hilarious, cuz Tyler couldnt find a game he could win at and i sat there playing the same game over and over winning everytime, lol.

well Matt w/ his tickets got himself some Hill Billy Teeth, Onee-san got matching braclets one for her the other for Bre, Tyler got a Parachute Man, and i got hand cuffs. Tyler and i spent the rest of the ride home hand cuffing each other to random things in the car.

when we got home Tyler stayed for a bit and watched Dodge Ball w/ me. then at 10:30 he had to go cuz he told his parents he'd be home at that time lol. and on Saturday Tyler and i r goin to the movies, dont know what we'r seeing, dont know when, but o well, lol, we'r very organized. well, every one have a great turkey day!and have a cookie if u managed to read this whole post. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Time: 4:36pm Mood: Happy still, lol Listening to: To Hell we Ride by Lost Prophets

well children, today was yet another good day, lol, i think u know y if u read yesturday's post, if not go ahead and read it, well the 2nd paragraph that is to sum up the first paragraph it was my b-day party and was fun, but the best part is what i say in the 2nd paragraph.

im happy yet sorta confused cuz so many ppl came up to me today asking if Tyler and i r a thing, he just asked me out on a date but if he said we r more so than, hell yea im fine with that but idk and itd be kinda weird if i went up to him and said "O hi tyler, just out of curiousity, when u asked me out on a date did mean that we're together?" that'd be just a little awkward wouldnt u say?

well i talked to Tyler today after school(not about what i just said tho) and he ended up giving me a ride home instead of Onii-san.

on another subject, it seems like everyone is having b-days, at school i already knew that Daniel's was yesturday and Myra's is today and mines Wednesday.(Myra and i r the MYA team cuz my name's Maya so we both have an M an A and a Y in our names and ppl always get us confused and so when ever some one calls me Myra or her Maya we inforce the 50cent rule and they have to pay us each either a quarter or 50cents each, depends on our mood, lol) and a bunch of ppl here on otaku r having b-days, so happy b-day to all of u! o and quote of the day
"I don't get even, I get ahead."
-Michael Stebbins, my friend and boys XC captain

Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

*girly squeal that is very loud*

Time: 12:48pm Mood: EXTREMELY HAPPY!^-^ Listening to: Say you Will by Wakefield

hey ppls!^^ well, im happy if u didnt notice. this is the happiest i've felt for quite a long time, lol. im such a girl at the moment. well last night was my b-day party, not quite the turn out i expected but o well im happy. it was Teddy, Steph, Stebbins, Bre, Kara, Libby, Staci, Justin, KT, Andy, Mateo, Allison, Emma, Arbo, April(my locker partner and she is Junior Miss Iowa, lol, ppl call us the Princess and the Punk cuz they thinks its weird that us 2 r such good friends), Shane, Donald, and Tyler Miller who came.

well, i got a lot of nice gifts, but what really made my night was when the guys had to leave at 11 i walked them outside and i told them they all had to give me a hug before they left but only Tyler was the only one who did ad when he did he asked me out on a date ^_____________________________^

but my dad was looking threw the screen door to make sure nothing happened so Tyler and i r gonna talk more bout it at school Monday with out parental supervision. i've been smiling ever since, lol. well anyways, now i wish it were monday, lol. well this should keep me happy for a while. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Time: 5:08pm Mood: good Listening to: Swing Life Away by Rise Against, frackin awesome song!

hola! how r u guys? im good. this has been a really shitty week for me, but on Saturday im having my B-Day party woOt! so should be fun.

well tomorrow the 4th Harry Potter movie comes to theatures, Onii-san and i r goin to the midnight showing, hope they dont butcher this one like the last one but i know they're gonna anyways. the movies dont do the books any justice at all, grrrrr, and i garanty that Uzali-chan well have a whole ginormous post that is a rant bout it. she waaaaaaaaaay more pyscotic bout it than i am. altho Tom Felton(plays Draco) is hot and that is such an understatement and Rupert Grint(plays Ron) was hot when his hair was shorter, funny thing is those 2 r my top fav characters in the books along with Serious, Lupin, and Dumbledore. Harry can die for all i care, in fact i hope he does. seriously i dont like him. everyone thinks im morbid this way, heh, o well. but then it might explain the result i got for a quiz, most like*does a drum roll*...............................................................................................................................................Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle. o joy, lol. well g2g. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

~+~ Time: 12:27pm Mood: bored and tired Listening to: Best of You by Foo Fighters ~+~

hola ppls! today is just another boring Sunday. yesturday i got my hair cut, guess who i got it cut like............................................................................Rose from FMA!^^ here's a pic of her if u dont know who im talking bout.
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
the only difference is my hair is all black and her's is pink and dark brown. KT, Andy and i went to the movies last night, Chiken Little, funny movie. in the previews tho there was a movie called Eight Below bout a group of sled dogs and they said the names of the dogs w/ a pic of them and their name on the screen next to them and the first dog they showed was named Maya and thats my name spelled exactly like that and Kt, Andy and i just started laughing and no one else in the theater knew.

im planning on changing my theme and since Thanks Giving is coming up i figured i'd change it to Fruits Basket cuz Thoru is always saying she's thankful for what she has. after i change my theme im gonna visit u all, and sry for the other day i only got to bout half of ur guy's sites.Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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