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Friday, June 10, 2005

   im tired

it's actually 11:35 on the 9th but im gonna post now cuz i can. im really bored. dad took over the TV. i took over the phone line. the computer screen is really bright. its hurting my eyes now. that probly meens i've been on to long, o well.

o, poll time! what should my new theme be? the choices r *drum roll*

Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket
Final Fantasy X-2
Samurai Champloo

take ur pic and vote!

ATTENTION!: if u have a button i would be glad to put it up on my site!

well, im goin to bed. Be safe, Later Dayz! ^-^ zzzzzzz

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Thursday, June 9, 2005


kk, hello all. today im gonna attempt to get all banners to the clubs im in up. and some little chibi Kingdom Hearts characters up too. i'll be updating my gb and then after all that im going to ppls sites. right now im home alone with Onii-san, always interesting. earlier she took one of my new type magazines so i took a soccerball pillow of hers and she chased and once she caught me i put the pillow in my pants, she threw my new type outside. weird rnt we? i got all the forms filled out for geek camp this morning, Uzali is goin too. the class we're taking is about how mythology connects to books and movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings, and a few others. so yea thats bout all thats been happening lately. Be safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   up coming events!

kk, hello ppl! tonight i have a softball game and i will not be able to visit sites. we had games yesturday and the day before. and there r many up coming events. Tomorrow OTUMWA BEACH TRIP! and on the 7th, WE R OUT OF SCHOOL! KT is having a party tomorrow also and cassi is having one the 8th. and this coming weekend is our family reunion. asked emma if she can come, not sure yet, but if so then its always a tradition at the reunion to have crab legs and emma and i shall have a crab leg eating contest! ^^ and also my cousins Amanda and John Micheal will be there. Amanda also plays soccer, but she's either in her last year of college or is already out(she's the closets relative to our my age) and then her older brother John Micheal, he's weird. he knows some japanese tho and its our lovely tradition to steel his hat. i almost got it once but then he got dad to steel something of mine so we traded back. poohead. o well. and we also go go-carting and its always fun to have the ppl running it to yell at u to stay on the track and not to go into the woods. hehe*evil smile* well other thant not much goin on here. Be safe, Later Dayz! ^^

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Monday, May 30, 2005

   Looky! A unicorn!*points in random direction*

yay! my site is colored and everything! woOt! Kingdom Hearts, gotta love it!

kk, well i spent a huge portion of my day yesturday resigning and friending everyone. and ud think oh just gotta say hi, new account friending ya to every one and no problem. if so, ur wrong, it is very time consuming. i was so tired 9_9 <-see the baggy eyes.

well now im gonna take some quizzes so i can put them up on here, and then im going to attemp to get to ppls sites, but im kinda tired of the computer so if i dont get to ur site then sry its cuz in the last 24 hours i've spent 20 on the computer, no joke. thats bout it.

wait, no it isnt. a few little announcements. we get out of school on June 7 and then i can devote more time to otaku and everything. on June 3 we have our 8th grade end of the year beach trip(i probly wont post that night) and this summer i'll try to tell u when im gonna be gone for vacation(goin to D.C.) and Geek Camp and all that jazz. well now thats bout it. Be safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

yay! hello ppl! my new account is working!

ok hello ppl! i was in mid-post typing that i was gonna make the new site on June 8 but then i thought ah, hellfire, i got time now, and so i have mde my new site, right now its gonna be pretty crappy cuz im gonna try and sign and add all my old friends again so yup. Be safe, Later Dayz! ^^

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