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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Tenshi Ookami (02/09/08)

hiya, me likey the site
and uh yeah
Peace Out

Aemi (09/18/06)

your site is sooooo cool just like your halaween picture of Inuyasha and Kagome

CrescentSunHanyou (08/03/06)

To answer your question, Rogue is my favourite X-Men character also. ^_^ Man, if I had a female pet I'd name it Rogue. Or Max Ride. Me likey those books...aanyways..

I say again, gomen ne about not coming here earlier. I get distracted easi--ooh, hey, a dead giant gnat is on the table leg next to me. Creeeepy....
Voice in head: That was gross.
Me: What, it's huge! It's kinda hard to miss!
Voice: You don't put gross stuff like that in a guestbook signing, you freak.
Me: Well, I like to make everyone's day a little more surreal.
Voice: And you do a wonderful job of it. you also succeed in grossing people out.
Voice: You grew up in a house full of women! You are a girl! How the hell did you turn out to be such a tomboy?
Me: Shhh!! No bad words in front of the kidlets!
Voice: Oh, you little--
Me: SHH!! If you curse again, rabbit ninjas will appear!
Voice: -_-+
Me: And steal your....sock. The left one. They decided to be nice and steal the left one because most people in the world are right handed. Not me. I'm leftie.
Voice: Bizarre little psycho child.
Me: 's one of me Lucky Charms.

::SALUTE!:: ::adds you to friends' list because you seem so rockin' awesome!!!::

"Rogue" (sometimes I will sign as Kaolla or Maximum Ride or Max Ride or something else. I have many aliases. Over 100!)

darkZander (07/21/06)

i like your site and i love the background well i hope we can be friends.

songsofsorrow (06/28/06)

your site is awseome i love how the background just seems like continuous night

YunaForever (06/27/06)

Hi.I like ur site,especially the background.I hope u can come by my site.And I hope u don't mind I add u as a friend

GeorgieEviHarri (06/22/06)

Hi Mai ^_^ Thank you muchly for signing my guestbook! Your site is so pretty! I love this theme, its very organised and nice to look at. Haha ^_^

I hope we can be good friends, Ill try and visit your posts, I hope you can visit mine when you can ^_^ may I add your button to my friends buttons?

Sharingan Itachi (06/12/06)

Yo! Thnx for coming by and signing my gb. I mean really you have an awesome site. Love the background. It's pretty kewl. So your going to befriend me huh? Well I'll do the same as long you stick around ok? Later!


cloudyboy (06/08/06)

Me:Hey thanks for signing my Guest Book!!!
Loki:Glad you liked our site
Me:I luv your site its AWESOME!!!!Go Sasuke!!!and Itachi!!!!!!I like the background its soo AWESOME!!!
Me:its ok if you don't know Matantei Loki Ragnarok, hardly anyone knows about it ^^v its a good anime though!Thanks for the commpliments to ^-^
Loki: nice to meet you I hope if its ok if we add you as a friend!!
Me:we will visit your site alot too because ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Loki:ja ne...
Me:See Ya, love your site ^-^ did a great job on it talk to you later then!!!^.^

wolf of sorrow (06/01/06)

awesome site! love the bg and icon. love all the pics on there. cya

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