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Friday, November 11, 2005


~+~ Time: 4:34pm Mood: fuckin pumped Listening to: Counting Bodies like Sheep to the Ryhtm of the War Drums ~+~

ok, today started out normal boring execpt Daniel said he was gonna be home schooled yesturday and today was his last day at school and just a little bit ago after school i was walking to the band room(where i meet for my ride home) and right by the front doors there r huge windows and i went to talk to Zach and well this is how it went
Zach- hey Maya u gotta see this*pulls me threw the crowd right up by the window*
Me- whats goin on *looks out window*
Zach- looks like an argument that can turn into a fight between thease retards
Me- ooo! who?!
Zach- *points* them
Zach and me- *watch*

Ronnie, fat ugly and stupid, is arguing with Shuan Diaz, idk him, and they start shoving a bit then Alyssa, Ronnie's sister who happens to have a peg leg(she's more well known as Peggy), pushes Ronnie out of the way and starts arguing w/ Diaz, then Dierk, tall has brown shaggy hair kinda hot except he's an ass, starts arguing w/ Alyssa, then this new girl, idk know her, steps up and starts arguing w/ Dierk then Dierk punches her in the face(she's still standing) and the girl takes off Dierk's stocking hat pulls him by the hair down onto the ground puts her knee on his torso right above the hip so he cant get away and starts punching him in the chest and face. Mr. Liechty(Vice Princaple), tall and fat and REALLY BIG AND STRONG, come running out up to them pauses for just a spilt second and then pancakes both Dierk and the girl so they cant move. he stays like that til Mr. H, (princaple) tall and strong and strict(the upper class men always tell the Freshmen that he's ex-milatary no one knows if is or not tho, come out to help. and when Mr. L and Mr. H come out every one else who was envolved in the fight go to run and hide and since it was right by where parents pick up their kids, apparently some one's grandma was picking them up, but the other people run to hide and jump into a random car and it was the grandma's car. lol!

after that im just pumped up and ready for anything, lol! that soooooooo made my day. well i g2g to the XC banquet tonight, im planning to visit u guys after that. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

~+~ Time: 7:47pm Mood: bad Listening to: my printer printing ~+~

well guys nm time to be on cuz of a ginormus ass history packet due tomorrow. well, tomorrow i think i have something goin on, i forget what tho. saturday im getting my hair cut and hanging out with friends.

my b-day is coming up soon! ^-^ its on the 23rd the day before Thanks Giving. woOt! i'll be turning 15, yay! anyways g2g now, sry no time to visit u guys, i'll go it this weekend. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^
popularity ranking-#1989

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

~+~ Time: 4:05pm Mood: good Listening to: Counting Bodies like Sheep to War Drums by A Perfect Circle ~+~

hey kids, how r u guys? im good, just listening to music and downloading AMVs. Doodle, our kitten, is chasing a bubble gum wrapper around the room. well mum is due home tonight, o joy. im quiting basketball cuz i ask Mr.D, our band teacher, if i could play drum set for pep band(which performs at the games) and he said yes so yay! ^^ nm else so im gonna go visit ur sites tonight. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

~+~ Time: 8:42pm Mood: meh, tired -_- Listening to: Annihilation, wait it just changed to Counting Bodies like Sheep to War Drums by A Perfect Circle ~+~

hey ppls! i only have a few minutes to be on. a few recent events in my life:

-school basketball season has started

-fall soccer is over, but winter indoor league is soon to start, im thinking about making a team

-MAC(Mid America Conference, for college soccer) was just won by BGSU(Bowling Green State University in Ohio) Shinlynn and Trundle r my heros! woOt!

-and on the boy front, i broke up w/ my ex on Halloween and the guy who i was getting pretty cozy w/ apparently has a girl friend so yea, how nice of him to tell me, eh? but last i heard they were pretty rocky so hey it might just work out, but until im positive no touchy.

-on Saturday Arbo, Arbo's boy friend, KT and her boyfriend, and i r goin to the movies but they r hooking me up w/ one of Arbo's boy friend's friends, who i've heard is pretty hot so score on my part. :P funny thing is i told my dad it was gonna be a girls night, lol

well im gonna go now. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Sunday, November 6, 2005

~+~502 HITS! ^-^~+~

~+~ Time: 10:16am Mood: bored Listening to: random midis right now its Eternity from FF X-2 ~+~

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

*yawns and stretches* meh, kk, most ppl would say im not a morning person, wrong, im not a when-ever-i-just-get-up person. well i accomplished visiting all ur sites last night. im gonna try to visit ppl today but no promises cuz first im gonna go threw my gb signings and then go threw all my old PMs and delete the ones that need to be deleted and save the ones that need to be saved and i think i have soccer today, but before i do any of that im gonna go sleep a bit more. man, my back and shoulders and hip r killing me.

well im trying to keep this short, but one last thing, which of these should i use as my avi?





kk, thats all i have for now.o! and can u guys hear the music? Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^
(i got the GIFs and the pic i used for the banner at Anime-Kun the site is in French but it's easy to under stand the menu, if i can find my way around it anyone can)

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

~+~ Time: 3:21pm Mood: meh, bored Listening to: midis ~+~

hey ppls! how r u guys? im good, bored, but good. shows will be on tonight yay! i missed them last weekend for XC, but im gonna have to say it was worth it.

earlier today dad and i went to Burlington cuz the other day the clutch on my dad's Focus broke so we went to get it repared and our grandma called earlier and said they have a nice truck in the ugly duckling section so we went to see what it was. we didnt find the one she was talking bout but we found a couple nice ones, one out of my 2 favs apparently took in a lot of gas so i said forget it. and then i found another, it was a Ford F150 cab and a half 4x4 white with a purple stripe, lol, the other was a Ford F150 4x4 black with a dark gray stripe just a cab. but the prices where a little high. and on our way back home we saw another truck for sale, its a blue Ford F150 XL 1995 cab and a half 4x4, but it has no stereo and we couldnt see the milage on it. but we looked up the value on the net and the person was charging under what it was worth so yay! all i want is a truck with 4 wheel drive and im happy.

the other day at the XC hangout was fun. Mia has a frackin sweet house! i wanna live there! we went a hayrack ride out on her property which was fun cuz we kept scaring Keely(pronounced Key-lee) and Megan. then we went walking on her trails in the woods. came back and we were fighting over the hamock in her back yard and whenever some one would get in some else would flip it. well Megan and Noel said that they would swing it for me and they were then Tad came up and fliped it on me so i fell out and back and neck and shoulders were already out of place and when i fell i landed on my hip and now it out of place too so now i cant sit or lay down or do anything with out some thing hurting.

well, i found some GIFs i like and i cant decide which to use as an avi and the site i got them from is being dumb and wont work so i cant get the url and post them for u guys to see. if the site works later then i'll post them, but until then i will be periodicly changing my avi so if u like the avi at the time plz tell me and describe it so i know which one u r talking bout, thanx.(o and can u guys hear the music?)

well sry this post was so long and for reading it all the way thro i thank u and give u a cookie *gives u a cookie* i will be visiting ppls sites today incase u were wondering. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Friday, November 4, 2005

~+~ Time: 2:30pm Mood: bored Listening to: Naruto midis ~+~

hola amigos! como estas? estoy bien, si.(translation: hello! how r u? im good, yes.) anyways, im kinda bored. i went to the ortho earlier this morning, other than that i've been home sleeping, eating and watching tv. fun.

i've decided to change my theme to Naruto, not sure if its gonna be a spicific character or not. if so then its probly gonna be Sasuke or Kakashi. well thats all i have to say so yea.

Random fact that my dad told me the other day in the car. well my dad has a job that can, how should i put this, can be dangerous let's say. and apparently that in our state the law is for his type of job if u want to carry a tazer part of the training for it is acctually being tazed by one 0_0 isnt that crazy?! and the same goes for mase. iasked him bout a gun and my sister goes "well then u have to be shot." as a joke. but yea. weird eh?.

im gonna be gone tonight so im not sure if i can make it to ur sites but i'll try. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

~+~ Time: 7:55pm Mood: meh, good Listening to: No Good Deed from the Wicked soundtrack ~+~

hey guys!^-^ how r u all? good i hope. god, y do i always say that? anyways, today has been pretty uneventful for the most part.

during first hour since we have band every other day from concert band to symphonic band, today was a symphonic day, so i was in the comons with kate, renee, and elaina. well trent, a sophmore, was in there too and he was participating in the ever so mature and attractive acctivity of spit wads -_-'

well after he hit me in the arm i went over and told him to give me the straw which he had put in his pocket when i got up and came over, he refused so i took the paper and told him if he did it again i'd kick his ass. bout 10-15 minutes later he does it again.....so elaina and i go over and tell him to give us the straw, again he refuses so i throw away the new piece of paper he got. he asks his friend for another, so elaina and i sit down on either side of him. then he continues. im getting pissed and so is elaina, so what else to do besides, get the princaple, i wish i could of done something more colorful but hey this worked. well i went to the office to get Mr. Liechty, vice princaple, to come out and solve the problem(Mr. L is the dad of my sister's ex and so he knows i can raise hell with him) but Mr. Hendrickson the princaple decides to come too cuz he was bored. and both of them have reputations for being strong and settling fights.....the hard way, lol. so trent is in the offive periodicly thro out the day.

other than that nm else. so im gonna go and attempt to visit every ones sites. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^
EDITY!: i have a half day of school tomorrow and no school friday! woOt!

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Monday, October 31, 2005


~+~Time: 2:26 Mood: Happy Listening to: The Offspring~+~

well children, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! hope u all r having fun tonight, altho u r all probly out having fun. im at home handing out candy to little kids dressed up as a fairy.....a very sluty fairy.....lol!^-^

well here's a Halloween Card from me to u guys, i have this pic as my desktop bg at the moment, lol!
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

well im off to visit sites now and continue to hand out candy. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Monday, October 24, 2005

~+~Long Post Ahead~+~

~+~ Time: 7:50pm Mood: meh..... Listening to: Suffer by Stained~+~

hey ppls!*waves at comp* how has ur alls Monday been? mine was good considering we didnt have school *big grin*

today i slept in, Onee-san wanted to have a Harry Potter movie marathon so we did, altho we went into mass raves in the middle of them bout how much the movies blow. then we went out to eat with Dad at Asia Grill Buffet, i always thought that was an interesting name. then Onee-san and i went home did home work(Onee-san filled out College Apps.) and slept some more. since we r moving next year, mum circled a house she like in the news paper, turn out it was in MP so Onee-san and went looking for it, after searching for a while we headed back into town for coffe at TaZZa BeLLa and i looked at the address cuz they were supposed to be on the same street, turns out the coffe shop is next to the realty place and that was the address Onee-san got off of the paper -_-'.....lol!

saw our soccer coach in the shop. went home. later
very uneventful day, and a long post to prove it. lol, and for those who dont know, Onii-san means big brother in japanese and Onee-san is big sister. yup, im one of the youngest, altho Mateo is my twin brother, lol. and now im gonna leave u with a few pics and go visit ur sites. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
thats me w/ my natural hair color

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
thats me w/ my hair now and im running xc in that pic

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
this is me in my homecoming dance out fit, and as it says, how long my hair is, cuz in the other pic my is up in a hangy bun and the other was a while ago.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
this is my Onii-san

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
this is my Onee-san

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