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Thursday, May 11, 2006

a long delayed post

long time no see eh guys? well, soccer is taking up my life so i wont be on much until summer. so ur all just gonna have to deal with very little posting and such. im gonna change my theme, to idk what but o well u'll live with it. so hope i hear from u all soon. enjoy ur last days of school. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hey kids. Looks like pulled a bit of another disappearing acts, eh. Been busy with school and soccer.

We had our first home game yesturday, Varsity won 2-0 i think it was and then JV tied 0-0. For JV we only got to play a half because niether one of the teams had enuff players for 2. (The rule is u can only play 3 halfs a night and so we would've had to of subed in Varsity players who had already played 2 halfs.) After a bit of confusion, the other team finally agreed on a 35 minute half. Megan and I r JV Captains and before we went to the coin toss, Jeremy (assisstant coach) told us if we win the toss take the ball, we questioned him on y cuz it was a really windy day and so if we were gonna play one half let's have the wind at our backs so we wouldn't kick into it. He said cuz they compramised, we gave him a death glare. The other team lost the coin toss and when the ref asked us if we wanted the ball or if we wanted to pick what side of the field we wanted, Megan and I look over at Jeremy with the death look x 10.
Jeremy- Take the ball girls.
Megan- What if I don't understand what u just said?
Jeremy- Ball.
Me- U do know if u make us chose ball, ur screwed after the game, right?
Jeremy- Yea.....ball.
Megan and I- *look at ground and mumble to the ref* ball
We give Jeremy the death glare yet again
Me- Hey Jeremy, u see that water cooler? Guess whats happening to u after the game
Jeremy- I doubt u 2 could lift it when its full of water.
Megan- Jeremy run fast after the game.

yea, we dumped all the cups on him first then he beat us to the cooler but he missed when he tried to dump it on us.

on another note:

it came out March 28, i thought it was going to come out April 28, grr, i could've killed myself for it. and so i bought it, well dad did and i had to take care of the laundry when we got home before i could play it and i had to have the sticks picked up out of the yard by noon today or the game became dad's. He owned it for an hour today, lol.

I'm going be changeing my theme from The Thief Lord to Kingdom Hearts!^-^

Thats all for now, I'll get on tomorrow to visit u all, hopefully. ^^; Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Time: 1:24pm
Mood: Happy
Listening to: Defying Gravity from Wicked
This egg hatches on 04/05/06! Adopt one today!

Hey! Right now I'm typing the last page of my reaserch paper, we were allowed to chose any topic so I chose Area 51. You know the place that has all the conspiracies with aliens, yea, funny topic.

Anyways last night Sal, Dre (my older sis and bro) and I hung out at McDonalds for a little bit then we decided to go walk around Wal-Mart and while we were the I found The Thief Lord! ^-^ So I got it! Later when we got home we watched it and I'm absolutley in love with it! There are a few scenes that aren't in the book but they help make transactions so you piece things toghether. In the book on those parts it like "Prosper thought to himself that night....." So yea it works. Over all compared to the book I'd give it a 9 1/2 out of 10.

When I'm done with my paper I'm going to watch it again as I eat lunch and then I'll get back on and visit you all. And please if you haven't yet watch the video in my profile, it's awesome the song is very fitting for The Thief Lord, and if you want a summary of the book/movie just say so and I'll PM you one. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

~+~700 HITS~+~

I now have 700 hits! And 91 GB signings! yay! Thank you mucho everyone! ^-^

Ok, I've decided to give you guys a brief summary on The Thief Lord (it's a book but is now a movie) Ok, I have in my profile a thing I made with most of the characters so refer to that if you want.

Prosper and Bo(brothers) have run away from their cruel aunt and uncle whom they've been placed in custody with since their mother has died. They only wanted Bo and where going to send Prosper off to boarding school and basicly never let him see Bo. So they run away to Venice, Italy where they join a gang of other orphaned kids, Riccio, Mosca, and Hornet. Scipio the "Thief Lord" looks after them. He steals from the richest and most lavish houses and gives them the loot to sell and buy items they need to live and he found them their hide out, an abandoned movie theature.(They call it the Star Palace) Obvisously the Aunt and Uncle are looking for the boys and have hired a detective to find them. Sound like Oliver twist, yea, now here's the twist. With the detective hot on their heels and a dangerous job of robbery for Scipio they hear the tale of a magical merry-go-round that use to be in Venice that turns adults to children and children to adults when they ride it. With everything going on and all the different plots unfolding the mystery of Scipio is unveiled and the merry-go-round seems to be getting closer and closer to reality, but will the group stay together with the new discovery about their leader and what about the job, will the detective find them, will Prosper and Bo be seperated forever? Basicly it has a basic set up of Oliver Twist at the begining and turns out into a darker Peter Pan. I highly recomend reading it! I'm on my 6th time reading it and my friends saw me reading today and they basicly thought I was either highly disturbed/up set, hell frooze over, apocolypse, and I've completely lost it. So if I, she who never reads unless absolutley never reads has read it willing every time 5 times going on 6 then yea it's a good book, lol!

Oh, the video in my profile if you haven't watched it yet please please do. It's clips from the movie The Thief Lord. It's basicly Scipio's point of view and it's how he and Prosper's relationship is changing after their discovery. The song is Iris by Goo Goo Dolls, and it is extremely fitting! I love it! I'm guessing I watch it about 11 times a day, lol!

Now I need to do my spanish but I'm going to visit you guys right after. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Hey, I'm putting up a new theme at the moment, The Thief Lord since the movie came out. I still haven't seen it tho! T___________T

I love that book tho! Read it! Anyways, there was no school today(snow) so I'll visit you guys after I'm done with the new theme and shovel our drive way -_-

Well who ever rented the only copy of The Thief Lord from Family Video has a late fee. How I know this.....*looks around* well, let's just say I have my sources *evil grin* Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Time: 3:01pm
Mood: sick
Listening to: Image of the Invisable by Thrice

hey kids, sorry I didn't get on las Sunday like I said, we had a huge ass hail storm. I went out side and played in it, lol ^^

On Monday tho Ritzman and Josh(Tyrell, neighbor) came over from college to visit. They taught us a fracking awesome game! Be fore I explain it tho, I want you all to know that I do not recomend you to try this EVER! I do not want to be held liable for the burning of house/garage/car/yourself. Ok now that that is out of the way, the game is called Hot Potatoe. What is need for the game: tennis balls, citeranilla or caraseen oil, and a lighter. It takes more than one person, I'd say it's best with 3-6 people 7 would be cutting it. Ok you poor the oil on a tennis ball, and you light it. Then you can start playing like you would regular hot potatoe meets hackysack. It was great, lol.

Then Ritzman started fire spitting, again I do not recomend doing this either. What he did was he puts the oil in his mouth and spits it out usually at a stick that has one end on fire but in this video he used a tennis ball
Free video hosting, video codes at www.vidiLife.com

The other 2 guys are Andres(my older bro) in the shorts and Nick in the jeans(he came back from college to visit too)

At the moment I'm sick, I stayed home from school on Friday so basiclly I got a 3 day weekend, woOt!

My mom's friend's nephew or something like that is coming to stay with us Friday night. All I know about him is his name is Alex and he is my age. Logan (my bf) isn't happy at all about this, and Logan is from out of town so he can't come over to do anything so yea, fun fun. If this ALex kid is a complete brainiac nerd or a cocky jackass I'm beating the shit out of him or if he trys anything.

today I found out that my favorite book, The Thief Lord by Cornilla Funke was made into a movie!^^ It isn't a big production so it didn't come here but apparently it's now out on video, as of March 14 so I'm going to rent it. I love that book sooooo much! I highly recomend reading it! Or I'll shove it down your throat! lol, that's all I have to say for now. I'm going to Ba's(my grandma, everyone just calls her Ba) tonight so I won't be able to visit any of you, sorry! Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Time: 7:28pm
Mood: meh
Listening to: I Must Be Emo by Hollywood Undead

hey kids! just here to let all know I'm still alive. Allison is on her way over and we're going to have a movie night cuz Logan and them couldn't come down, damn. Ooooo! Funny story that happened Friday at lunch!

ok, we had kiwi halfs as a side dish and I was eating them with a spoon. and I couldn't get this on bit to come out and so I ended up flinging it into my face, my whole table just bursts out laughing and i threw my spoon and kiwi down and yell "God damn it! I hate kiwi! im gonna go anarexic now" and then i laughed and i realized this hot guy who was sitting at the next table over saw and he was laughing at me, lol. i felt like such an idiot. he kept looking over at me the rest of lunch and when ever i caught him doing it he tried to make it look like he wasnt and then he would look at me and give this really dorky smile, it was so cute, lol. and then after lunch i was walking with Staci and I told her what I did and then after she went to her class I came to a turn in the hallway and the guy apparently was right behind me when i told Staci this and heard everything and he turned right in front of me, lol! wow, i made a fool out of myself in front of a hot guy, lol!

Come Monday I'm going to go up the guy(I found out his name is Tyler) and talk to him, lol. I'm such a dork. Anyways, hope you guys are all doing well, I'll try to visit you guys tomorrow. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006


Time: 6:58pm
Mood: bored but pretty good
Listening to:Fallen by 30 Seconds to Mars

Hey children. I'm just here to make an update and let you all know I'm still alive. Today was a good day, Daniel is back from being sick 2 days in a row, Cassi transfered back to our school and Rae Rae(Rachel) was on the net. Rae Rae is one of my best friends along with Allison and we all have our nicknames of the first sylabel in our names Rae Rae/Rachel, Allison/La La(Al Al didn't sound good so we flopped it so it's La La) and me Maya(pronounced My-a) Maimai. Rae Rae is reasponsible for my name here, so lets give her a round of applause. She moved away to Tennesee and La La and I live in Iowa so yea it blows.

A real downer today was when my Onee-san told me that in band Bre, Josh(my ex), and her where talking and Bre said her comuter is stupid and she can't get on the net to update her myspace and then jokingly Josh said myspace is for people who comit suicide.....yea, I'm not gonna put up with that especially after Mel. So yea if I see him tomorrow I'm gonna say something.

Well that's all I know for now and I have to do my homework now but I'll try to visit you guys when it's done but no promises and heads up I probly won't be able to be around much these next few weeks cuz school lately has been very time consuming. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Monday, February 27, 2006


Time: 4:52pm
Mood: tired -_-
Listening to: Sinner by Drowning Pool

Hey kids, sry I haven't posted lately, been really busy. Friday there was a boys basketball game against Washington at Washington so we had White Out cuz Washington's colors are black and orange(they're the Demons we're the Panthers) and we got word that they were going to have a Black Out and everyone would wear black so we came up with White Out, except they didn't really have a Black Out, lol, oh well. We won tho 63-62, last time at MP (Demon Killer Cross Incident)it was 56-55 I think, we won then too. Matt McCabe, he's tall, dark, and GORGEOUS, he stole a pass and got a fast break and slam dunked it, it was sweet he turned to where the MP people were sitting and yelled "YEA! YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" and then he turned to the Washington side and pointed and yelled "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" lmao, it was great, lol. Except the people who I was going to sit with abbandoned me so I sat a row in front of Onee-san and her friends so that way I was at least by people I knew and then cuz I sat down she made them all get up and move, wtf? And so a whole bunch of people I would normally hit if I ever got the chance sat by me, but then what really pissed me off was that I noticed that they were being nicer to me then my friends have been/are treating me, which really blowed. Saturday I had to do all my homework but my computer's Microsoft Works broke and all I had for homework was stuff to do on the computer which again blowed. Then I wanted to see if Emma wanted to hang out cuz everyone at my house was bitching at me for their problems and then Dave said that Chris was over and then when I heard that I thought if I where to turn into a box of cereal right then, I wouldn't be a box of Cheerios. So I went back home then to soccer then Allison came over. We talked to Logan(my bf) and Jordan(Allison's bf) on the phone and after we ate they told us that these chicks at they're town, who are complete bitches, kept calling them and well one of them likes Logan and she's a complete hipocrit and so Allison and I completely bitched them out and yea, too many details. Sunday I had to be in the car by 8am and go to Iowa City for the Indoor Alliance Soccer Tournament, we lost our first game, won the second, tied the third. Yea our goalie was sick and then our back up goalie(who thought that she wouldn't have to play goalie at all) wussed out and so I became goalie(again wtf?) and then our best striker couldn't play for more then 5 minutes at a time, been smoking too much and she has asma(don't mix), and then then next best girl hurt her ankle so yea, it was pissing me off. I left them before the last game cuz I had to make it back to my own teams game at 5pm and we lost, it was against some unknown team. had to stay and watch Onee-san's game at 8pm but between our games we watched Sherin's game(our new coach). So from 8am to 10pm I was all soccer. And I haven't got a full nights sleep in over a week because of all the sugar* life is full of.

Well I can't make it to your kid's sites cuz tonight Will and Dre are coming over for dinner, and Dre's B-Day is coming up Friday so we are making a him a B-Day dinner of steaks(uhhgg, I hate steak) and apple crisp(yay! yummy! ^-^) and other things he likes. One last thing before you go, for my BG music here I'm letting you guys vote between Wind or Sorrow and Sadness. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO VOTE!

*sugar- I'm trying to stop cusing so much so sugar is shit and frack or fudge is fuck so yea.

Be Safe, Later Dayz!^-^

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Monday, February 20, 2006


Time: 4:21pm
Mood: perky
Listening to: I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Wad this Stupid Song Written About Me by Fall Out Boy(yes this is really a song too)

Hey kids, what's going on? Not much going on here, there's never much going on in Iowa. Huuumm, bored. *sigh* I think I shall watch some anime tonight and draw a bit, that reminds me. I did a drawing, it isn't of anyone like I said I was going to do, but hey it's better than no drawing. Soooo *does drumroll(on new drumset)* TADA!

Isn't it horrible? As you can see there are no hands cause I suck at drawing those and yea it's still a work in progress, I haven't put in too many details. Her mouth reminds me of a bass, lol, and I think for her head instead of keeping it at an angle like it is I'm going to change that to where it's a side view. They way the forehead and the mouth look is weird, it's like the mouth is a side view and the forehead is at an angle so that's why I'm going to change it. So what do you all think?

I'm trying to decide what music to put up here so you guys vote. Either Wind or Sorrow and Sadness.

Well, I should be able to visit you all today. Well I'm going to go now and end this boring post. Quotish-skit-thingy of the day:
Daniel- Ms. Witmer! Make Maya stop trying to get in my pants!
Me-*unzips the pocket on the side of his leg* He said I could last night! *sticks hand in his pocket* (note the pocket was by his knee. it wasn't by his dick)
Karissa- *laughs* Daniel! When's my turn?
Daniel- Noooo! Get out of there!
Me- That's no fun!
Ms. Wittmer- Daniel why do you have your cell phone out?
Daniel- I was putting Karissa's # in it.
Ms. Wittmer- Oh, ok. *goes back to typing on the computer leaving us yelling about my getting in daniel's pants* (note our teacher was completeling uneffected by our doing this)

Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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