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Monday, January 16, 2006

~+~ semester exams ~+~

~+~ Time: 8:47am Mood: tired & stressed Listing to: Your Sword Versus My Dagger by SILVERSTEIN ~+~

hey guys! today we have our semester exams and i dont have to be at school til 9:45 so yea, i got to sleep in a bit. well i beleive im gonna fail my spansih test, its an oral test.

well last night i had an indoor soccer game, we lost 2-1, close, but yea. then later Onee-san had a game and well 2 of her players had cheerleading practice and another had to work and dont know bout the other, so i had to play with her and we recruited a few other guys to play. Alec(old high school soccer coach), Jeremy(one of Alec's team mates), Keefer (sp?, he's one of my old team mates) and then,(the IW college coach) Micheal and Damien(his nephew) they're Irish!(and have really hot accents)^-^ and they repeatedly saved my ass as keeper so i would just like to say

well i was keeper first half, and i suck as keeper. and i ate before the game cuz i didnt think id be playing and then this one guy on the other team from point blank range and just drilled the shot right into my gut and now i have a lovely big ol bruise and i feel sick, still. well im gonna go sleep a bit more so yea. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Sunday, January 15, 2006


~+~ Time: 11:05am Mood: happy & tired Listening to: Smile in your Sleep by Silverstein ~+~

hey kids! how r u all? im pretty good. just the other day i got 2 new cds, i exchanged one i got for x-mas for Fall Out Boy Under the Cork Tree and i used a Wal-Mart gift card i got for my b-day and i got SILVERSTEIN(yes they spell it all in caps) Discovering the Waterfront. well now im totally obsessed with them. so if u guys have a little cash to spend go buy their cd! i demand u do so! right now! lol, sry had to say it.

anyways i have an indoor soccer game at 5 and i need to study for my spanish exam cuz its an oral test, fun..... so yea i might visit u all later i might not, idk. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Friday, January 13, 2006

~+~ DEAD BODY ~+~

~+~ Time: 4:18pm Mood: happy Listening to: Bodies by Drowning Pool


ok the other day, apparently at one of the moble home parks here in town some one called in saying that their water wouldnt drain so someone went out to check the water, and in the water main they found a DEAD BODY. lol! apparently they think its bout 2 days old, so they say its either an accidental, suicidal, or homicide death. i hope it was a homicide cuz i wanna see what happens cuz nothin even happens in our little town, lol, morbid but true.

also earlier this week this one girl i know, Asia was stabbed on the school bus by this one guy idk, Cole and yea, there r so many rumors goin around bout it idk really what happened other than that but hey, now i have an excuse as to y Onee-san should give me a ride to and from school everyday.

well i spent my last saturday w/ Spunky & Iris(Irizzle 4 shizzle) & we sat around for a bit taken turns playin guitar then i went to emma's to help her pink-a-fy random objects for Sunday's variaty show cuz she a kayleigh were doing a song from Wicked and emma was Glynda if u couldnt tell, but my version of helping was sitting on my lazy bum educating her in good music, lol.

ok earlier this week, one of my friends Austin(looks exactly like Kira from Gundam SEED except way taller so enjoy fangirls there is a real Kira out there) got up in front of the Science class and had a triangle piece of paper taped to his chin to look like our teacher who has a soul patch, and started mocking him. and well he tought the class that day for the fun of it, lol, and let's just say the most intelicual thing he said was "Eat ur Wheaties!" lol, so he's a bit more comical and easy going then Kira.

Mateo cut his hair!(Mateo is my twin bro, lol) it used to be shaggy, and i love shaggy hair on guys, and his hair is naturally black too, and i love guys with black shaggy hair T-T he had to cut it cuz it was too longer for wrestling, the dumb ass, and now its really short but its a mohawk, lol, but i loved it shaggy, meeeeh! T-T i could put it in piggy tails and play with it.

we have our final exams on monday and tuesday, meeeeeeeh, i dont wanna take em. but the good thing is for PE there isnt an exam and on monday our 1st test is whatever our 3rd hour class is which for me is PE so i get to sleep in an hour longer, lol. and since ive only missed 2 days of school this semester altho i was sick for more than that, lol, i get to opt out of 2 of my exams. ive decided Science and History cuz science at the moment is my worse class cuz its last hour and i missed a lot of it from getting out early for XC and History cuz Ms. Wittmer said that next semester we're studing the World Wars and im pretty good with war facts so yea.

and this was my scheadual from this semester
1st hour- Band
2nd hour- English 1
3rd hour- PE
4th hour- History
5th hour- Math(I1, i think)
6th hour- Spanish 1
7th hour- Physical Science

and this coming semester this is my scheadual
1st hour- Physical Science
2nd hour- Drawing and Painting
3rd hour- Band
4th hour- history
5th hour- math
6th hour- Spanish
7th hour-English

so yea now idk who r in my classes, fun eh?

well i have soccer practice tomorrow and a game sunday but i'll vist u all sometime this weekend tho i promise and sry for the ubber long post. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

~+~ 600 HITS! ~+~

~+~ Time: 12:55pm Mood: good Listening to: Relient K(im obsessed w/ them!) ~+~

hey guys! i just relized i have 610 hits! woOt! thanx guys for visiting me when i havent been able to visit u, and here's a banner.(it's Cleo from Orphen)
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

anyways, life has been boring really. so ive been trying to make it more exiting like when daniel and i snuk out just for milkshakes at hardee's, lol, good times.

i saw Wicked! i loved it! i had an orcastra(sp?) seat and i was 8 rows from the very front, hehe ^^. i wished that they explained the Time Clock Dragon more tho.

and while we were in Chicago we got Dani a Vouton purse for $20, lol! and when we went to the Rain Forest Cafe we told them it was my b-day so we got free ice cream, lol.

Jan. 2 was my best friends b-day but she moved away 2 years ago to Tennesee, she's the one who gave my the nickname Mai Mai, i call her Rae Rae and allison is La La. back to the point, allison and i made a sign that sas F.R.O.G. on it(one of our little sayings, Fully Relie On God) and went around town taking pics of it in random places, like on a bulldover, the play ground, our old school, the town square, etc. lol! so much fun! ^-^

o! haha! last night, at the girl's basketball game, some freshman got a hold of mase and earlier this year for like $5 Damien let them spray him in the face with it and last night for $10 Kyle Esics(hottie, sophmore) let them spray him in the face with it, it was hilarious, but then the teachers found out, so yea, lol.

Daniel dyed his hair blue! yay! im calling him blue now, lol. it made me think bout putting either blue of magenta streaks in my hair, but i cant decide, lol

a new BattleStar Galactica season started last night! i loved it! hatcha! happy happy happy! lol

i've read a couiple of new mangas recently, imadoki 1 & 2, and Furuba 12, and im gonna read Wallflower 1 & 2 today, so yea.....

thats all i have to say i think.....yup. well i have indoor soccer practice so i'll visit u all later ok? Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

~+~ Time: 9:17pm Mood: good Listening to: The Red by Chevelle ~+~

hey guys! *waves fingers under chin* how r u all and how was ur x-mas/other holiday? mine was great. at my grandparents on my dad's side they made the final payment on my letter jacket, YAY! the thing is, awhile ago i went to my grandparents and then right after id be goin to burlington and for my b-day they gave me money to make the order for the jacket and so i did it that day cuz i was in burlington but since i didnt know i didnt have my letter with me so i have everything on the letter jacket i want except for my letter and Onee-san and i want to put our graduating years on the pockets. so yea.

i changed my theme!^^ i was gonna do Gundam SEED but it was turnin out pretty shity so i went with my usual theme of riku from kh *drool drool* anyways, heh heh ^^'

well tomorrow i have an ortho appointment and so i will be goin to Iowa City and from there Onee-san, Dani, Ba, mum, and i will be goin to Rockford Illinois to visit Onee-san's bf who goes to the local college but he's visiting his family for x-mas break and we r having dinner at their house, woo hoo(sarcasism), turns out tho that he has a little brother who's 16(a year older than me, and im single) but he has a gf. altho some of his friends r gonna be over, yay! score! and then we will spend the night in Rockford at a hotel and then we r heading to Chicago to see the musical, Wicked!^^ (that was our marching band theme)we will spend the night in chicago and then head back home. note that we will be traveling in a car so every seat will be taken and its a group of girls and im pmsing so it wont be as fun as it sounds. great *rolls eyes*

anyways, i still have to pack so i wont be able to visit u guys, im soooooooooooooooooo sry. i havent visited u all in ages. i promise u all that i'll visit as soon as i get back tho. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

~+~ Time: 3:20pm Mood: happy Listening to: the 1st opening theme for Ghost in the Shell(Stand Alone Complex) ~+~

HAPPY CHISTMAHANAKWAZAKA+! ok now that ive said that i can go back to being the demented, twisted, and morbid little person i am. anyways, how r u all? im good. i went to Ba's (my grandma on my mum's side) last night for x-mas, and there i got:
2 shirts
a brown fuzzy zip up
a cell phone!^^ finally
Fall Out Boy cd(apparently they have 2 and she got me the 1st one the new one is the 2nd)
Gundam SEED dvd
Fullmetal Alchemist dvd
and a few other little goodies

then to day from "Santa" i got:
a MP3 player
digital camera
DSL conecty thingy
Wicked (the book)
Hawthorne Heights cd
Yu Yu Hakusho movie dvd
D.N. Angel dvd
a few clothing articles

from my family:
new Adio shoes (fuck yea!)
a new George Carlin desk calander
a German Rucksack
Marvel comics(mostly x-men)
Furuba vol.11(ive already read it tho)
The Series of Unfortunate Events dvd
The Lion, The With, and The Wardrobe book
and again clothes

and soon im gonna go out to the farm to visit my other grandparents and my cousin. haha speaking of her, ok get this, my cousin and i look alike, same crooked nose and everything(i always tell ppl i got in a fight and the person broke my nose if ppl ask y its crooked)but then i dyed my hair black and she put blonde highlights in hers, she's Teen Miss Louisa County and well heh, ppl believe me when i say i got ina fight and the person broke my nose, lol. so yea we look alike but we're completely different, anyways. i g2g here soon so yea. what all did u guys get? Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

~+~ Time: 5:04pm Mood: tired and good Listening to: Edge of the Earth by 30 Seconds to Mars ~+~

hey guys! sry i havent been around in a while, been kinda busy with, well, life in general. tonight i have to go to pep band so i wont be able to get to ur sites, sry. it seems like i havent been to anyone's site in ages. anyways, we get out of school on Thursday, thats kinda late if u ask me. for PE til then we r bowling and the bowling place in town which means we have to take a bus, what fun. well today i got an empty seat to myself near my friends in the back of the bus and well Tony, senior and incredibly incredibly funny guy, didnt have a seat so he sat by me. well he always asks random questions that just kinda strike u like y would he care but usually he says some smart remark and well
Tony- does it make u nervous sitting by me?
Me- no.
Tony- o well ur staring out the window like it does
Me- ok
Tony- does it make u nervous if i put my arm around u? *puts arm around me*
Me- no.
Tony- does it make u nervous if i.....put my hand on ur leg? *puts hand on my leg*
Me- no.
Tony- does it make u nervous if i, raise me hand higher on ur leg?
Me- no *Tony picks up his hand to move higher* but if u do, u should be the one nervous
Tony- y?
Me- u wanna get ur ass kicked? (note Tony joined the Army)
Tony- u think u can kick my ass?
Me- no, but i know ur gf Norm (full name is Normita) could and Andreas would probly kick ur ass too 1) cuz Norm's ur gf and 2) for hitting on me
Tony- good point
Me- yup

has anyone here seen The Cronicals of Narnia? i love that movie! i've seen it twice already, lol, and im goin again on friday. i havent read the books except the first one, which is the one before the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. its called the magician's nephew. it was funny cuz i was reading it the other day before school at our little table of friends
Me- *reading*
Kate- Maya, r u feeling alright?
Me- shut up
Emma-*looks up from home work* Maya's reading?!
Kate- i know that's what i was getting at
Me- heh, shut up *continues reading*
Kate- *squints to see what im reading* o! i've read that! dont u love it so far
Me- yea. i saw the movie and so i was inspired to read the books
Kate- Good for u! ^-^
Emma- Maya, u were actually inspired to read?
Me- mind u it was cuz the lead guy who plays Peter(William Mosely, if u didnt know) is frackin HOT.
Emma- -_-' *sighs* figures
Kate- ooooo! i agree!
well yea, he was frackin HOT, dont u agree, anyone anyone?

anyways, im not sure if im gonna be on again before x-mas so Merry X-Mas everyone and/or Happy Holidays! ^-^ here r some x-mas cards i've gotten

from marz

from Queen of Anime

from little inufan

from cardcaptorryoko

o! the other day Onee-san and i went to Wal-Mart and u know how durin then holidays they have ppl standing by the doors with a bell collecting donations, well one said Merry X-Mas to me when we were leaving and it just gave me the urge to throw snow in his face yell im jewish(no offense intended here) and run away acting like im crying. i just got that idea out of no where but ive decided that the next per son who says merry x-mas to me out side and i dont know them, im gonna do that to them, lol. im so weird. if u havent noticed i act on my impulses, ppl say im impulsive and proud, and they're trying to insult me, and it usually pisses me off cuz i know i am and hell i admit it very willingly but they mean it like its a bad thing, i dont get that at all. well anyways, i g2g, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

~+~ Time: 11:24am Mood: tired and frantic(weird combo) Listening to: Believe by Yellow Card ~+~

hello hello! i havent been here in a while so i decided i should post and catch up with whats been goin on and its a snow day, yay no school! well, hmm, where to start.....well, nm has happened except yesturday

we had a basketball game so i went for pepband and we were joking around. and then our friend Kayliegh was goin to sing the national anthem before the boys varsity game, and well mid way threw i couldnt hear her so i thought the mike died or somethin but then she started singing again and she went out at the same spot and then she put the mike down and ran out. so i ran after her along with mr. larson(chorus teach) into the band room, and then emma, kate, and renee followed and we were talking to her bout it and she said that she just froze up and forgot the rest of the words. and then we were tellin her embarassing stories bout our selves to cheer her up and kate started talking bout her brother
kate- caleb is sooo weird,
me-*interrupts* he's weird, ur weird! u told ur own brother that i have a nice butt!
kate- well u do! and caleb said one day he likes butts so i said u had a nice one and he should look at it sometime
me- exactly!
mr. larson- o_0 uhhh, oooook, umm, i didnt need to hear that
we all laughed cuz his face was great
mr. larson- eat a lot of icecream Kayliegh, it always helps
renee-ooo yea!
emma- what girls r best at
kate & me- cookie dough icecream *luagh that we said that at the same time then continue* cookie dough icecream was made by a woman on PMS *and we burst out laughing and high five*
mr. larson-*again mortified* o_0.....i didnt need to hear that either, well im gonna go, looks like they'll cheer u up.

well then i went to watch the varstity game, and well we went from a slight lead, tied, slight lose, behind but not impossible to come back, to tied, to slight lead, to tied, to big win 48-36 yay! well, our town isnt very polite win it comes to any form of compition at all, so whenever the other team had the ball what we would do was when they dribbled we'd yel boing and when they passed we yelled pass and when they picked up their dribble and couldnt get rid of the ball we yell ooooooo but get loud as it got longer and yell shot when they shot so the whole gym was filled with us yelling boing boig boing pass boing pass pass boing boing boing ooooooooooooo shot! u get the idea and when we were tied for the last time we got this huge ass break away by Matt McCabe(he's gorgeous, i swear he's a god and thats putting it lightly) and a layup with a funny geture would have made us go nuts but no, Matt does a fricking slam dunk, we were all laughing so hard and then when we were way ahead of them and there were only a few seconds left and the ottumwa coach calls a time out we start yelling its all over! *5 claps with rythem* its all over! *5 claps with rythem* and it just continues like that and then they go back to playing and then another time out so we yell warm up the bus! *clap* warm up the bus! *clap* and that continues, lol, we r not a nice school, but we become violent when its football season, lol.

well i've decided that im gonna change my theme today, but i couldnt find any good x-mas pics i liked im gonna change it to *drum rolls*.....................................................................................Battle Star Galactica!in honor of the new season starting on January 6! yay! i cant wait, does anyone else watch it? any one any one? its on the Sci Fi channel. well if not u should, lol. thats all i have to say and sry for the long post. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

~+~ Time: 6:23pm Mood: tired and sick Listening to: Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy(on the radio) ~+~

well kids, today we got out of school earlier due to snow! ^^ yay! altho i wasted it cuz i felt sick so i just hybernated on my couch mmmeeeeeeeehh -___-'

o well.....im so frackin bored. for the new theme the vote was X-masy but im bout to over rule it cuz icant find any pics.

o! o! did u guys know that before the new movie there's an anime version of AEONflux? i just found that out the other day, lol, im gonna rent it sometime soon.

gaaaaaaah! im goin crazy bein locked up at home, i need somethiing to do!

well here's a question for u guys, what's one thing u want for X-mas, or any other holiday?(i mean as a gift, so dont answer like world peace, cuz it aint gonna happen) my answer, a boy, lol, im hopeless. Onee-san and i were talking bout this and i said she can wrap him up, put a bow on his head and stuff him under the tree, lol. well, g2g, im gonna get around to visiting ppl this weekend, unless i get kidnapped or something by Blake or Andy or Edgey. who knows with them, lol. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Time: 2:01pm Mood: good and tired Listening to: the hum of my computer

hey kids! well today i have nothing planned so i should be able to visit u all after i eat lunch. well the winner of the new theme is an x-masy theme.

meeehhh, i have a cold and im loosing my voice so i sound like a guy, lol, i got it from Onee-san. we call it man dissease, lol.

bout the shows last night, i didnt watch them cuz Brit, Bre, & Derk(yes the one that got in the fight) came over and then Blake and ndy came. we watched 8 crazy nights, Andy and i raced threw a latter. Onee-san has a loft bed and the latter to get up to it is tiny and Anfy, Derk, and i r the only ones who can get threw the spaces in between the bars, lol.

after a while Blake and Andy left and later Derk had to go home so Onee-san and Bre gave him a ride then went to McDonalds cuz Ryan was working. Blake and Andy came back along with Carly, they kidnaped her, and Blake and Andy dressed up in our old dress up clothes, Blake was wearing these really tight shiny gold pants and a shiny gold vest and a jester's hat and fairy wings an Andy was wearing blue shiny shorts with a baseball on the ass and a blue bubble shirt that we folded so u could see his stomach and a shiny silver headband and fairy wings too and we went to McDonalds, and yes they were dressed like that. then Blake, Andy and i went to Josie's house to "visit Tooley" Josie's cat, lol, then we went back to our house they got dressed in regular clothes and we went back to McDonalds and Andy, Blake and Carly went home and so did Onee-san, Bre and me.

by then i was pretty tired, so i watched the last few minutes of Samurai Champloo and went to bed and i rented Tales of Symphonia so ive been playing that most of the morning.

well im gonna go eat, play some more Tales of Symphonia, i might get a group of ppl to go sleding or something or have a snow fight(even tho i hate snow) and then later i'll visit u all when more ppl have posted. Be Safe, Later Dayz! ^-^

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