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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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XSoraKuroiShindaX (09/29/07)

Lovely site you have here! I'm a Kyo fan myself! My sister is a Yuki fan unfortunatly -_-
About 40% of our fights are about Yuki and Kyo xD
I loooove your avitar!!!! Ritsu is one of my fav characters ^^
Anyways, hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend. Mata ne!

~Dare to be Diffrent~

redmoonchick (09/23/07)

hi, thanks for signing my gb. your site is great i love the furuba theme and ha ha you have a talent for finding spoilers? that's interesting. anyway i am adding you as a friend so i hope to see you around sometime!


Driffter (09/21/07)

Hello there!♥

Thank you for commenting on my Akito wallpaper! ^^ I appreciate it!
Yes she does look older in the wallpaper! I think I got those from the last book, so she would be older. ^^
I see you are a Fruits Basket fan! I love Fruits Basket!♥♥ It is so awesome!♥
Love your background!!!! Hope to see you around sometime.

Ta ta,

red tigress (09/19/07)

Hey, thanks for signing my GB! Sorry I didn't return the favor sooner. You have a nice-looking page. I like your goals, too. Very down to earth. ;) See you around!

kagome kele (09/18/07)

well i love your site! the background is cute and so is your icaon!
ima addin you as a friend, hope you dont mind^^ so ill try and stop by oftin and i hope we can become good friends!
dubble whoo!!
~~~kaogme kele~~~

angelgal921 (09/16/07)

hello,i love ur sites theme kakashi rox!ill add u if u dont mind k?LaTeR
*takes off at ninja speed w/naruto he hits a tree and i fall off a cilf...*

Furuba Luver101 (09/10/07)

GRRR ITíS COLD IN HERE THERE MUST BE SOME TIGERS IN THE ATMOSPHERE! WHOO!! Hi! My name is Nina! I like your site! Oh right! This is Momiji heís my *whispers* boyfriend. *normal voice* Say Hi Momiji!
Nina: Isnít he cute!!?? BACK OFF HEíS MINE! Sorry! Have a snickerdoodle *hands you plate of snickerdoodle* Now, about this me signing you have to sign back thingÖyeah. You donít have to sign back if you donít have the time or if you donít want to. I mean it would be really really nice if you could but you donít have to! I hope we got that through. I hope you liked the snickerdoodles! Tootles!! OH! Iíll add you to kay!?


Samantha Sensei (09/09/07)

Hey there I love your icon! Your backround is pretty sweet too. Anyway I just thought I would say hey, please feel free to stop by anytime!

xoxoKakashioxox (09/06/07)

LIKE OMG,HI!!!! jk,jk,so anyway,hi(sorry I coulden't get to ya sooner,strictly following my schedule of doing nothing of any importance,lol!),I'm Komatsu,koma,whatever u wantz to call me. as u can see I'm also a avid kakashi fan meself,well,much more than a fan,more like an obesser *drools over the thought of Kakashi*! Anyway I be adding u,see youz later gater!

Peace out!

Angel Zakuro (08/25/07)

OMG, please forgive me. *bows* v__v You must've signed my gb forever ago...I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you until now! I just saw your comment on DFC so that's why! I'm horrible with signing gb's and adding friends...really, forgive me! *hugs* :( I'll add you now so I hope to see you around!! Thanks and sorry again!

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