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Friday, February 15, 2008

   well guess who came back?!
*pops in* yo everyone it's me koma! I'm back and here to stay...and today's my 195th day on otaku! (Kakashi:*walks in reading book* yeah I guess I am too...) sorry for pulling a "naruto" on y'all!(Kakashi:*puts down book* koma...a "naruto" is when u leave for 2 and a half years then come back cooler,smarter,and stronger...you left for 52 days if u don't count yesterday and the day b4 cuz u couldn't update but still answered ur pm's...and ur still just as lame,dumb,and weak as b4! me:SHUT UP!!! *punches kakashi really far* Iruka:*watching from a distance* well she's certainly gotten stronger! Inuyasha:*also watching* to say the least!)

Well I bet ur wondering why Kakashi(Kakashi:*trying to hide black eye*) and I are standing over here...and Iruka and Inuyasha are standing WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY over there! *points to 2 specks in distance* (Kakashi:no that's them over there! *points to 2 different specks* Me:u sure? Kakashi:only one way to find out...*throws a rock at a speck* Inuyasha:*gets hit with rock* HEY!!!! *uses very colorful language* ME: oh yeah...that's them!) well...me and kakashi got the flu TT_TT! *yells to iruka and inuyasha* WE'RE NOT CONTAGIOUS ANYMORE!!! (Iruka:*yells back* CAN'T TAKE ANY CHANCES!!! Kakashi: -_-" Inuyasha:*yells out whil running away*KAKASHI GOT THE FLU BY KISSING KOMA!!! I SAW IT! I SAW IT! XD Me:*blushing* Kakashi:-_-" *throws another rock and knocks inu unconcious* Inuyasha:X_X Me:heh heh...nice XD!) Well I'll be glad whenever I feel better since I'm not koma anymore in my house...I'm "koma the germ"...really pisses me off cuz my parents are like "SPRAY EVERYTHING U TOUCH!" or "COVER UR MOUTH WHEN U COUGH!" (Like I don't know that!) and I'm like "yeah thanks for making me feel loved"(with obvious sarcasm!) and they're like "well 2 kids in this house haven't got their flu shot yet!" and I'm thinking "and why are u acting like it's MY fault?! Go drive to the doctor and let them stick some damn needles in their arms!" (Kakashi:classic koma!) but I didn't say anything. plus being sick has made me miss the dance TT_TT...it was going to be my first dance and I really wanted to go (Kakashi*looks all lovey dovey* to be with JACOB! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Me:*grabs kakashi by shirt* want another black eye? Kakashi:O_O uhhhhhhhhhhh....no I'll pass! Me:then I suggest u STFU ASAP! Kakashi:O_O yes ma'am!).

also my site looks like crap so don't mind it :P! I tried going in and putting this cute pic as my new layout....must've not been the right file type or whatever cuz it's not showing up...and my avie isn't either! and the site won't let me change it....must be something to do with the whole "surgical seperation" from theotaku or whatever! (Kakashi:well don't u sound smart! Me:*grabs kakashi by shirt* unles u want to end up like inuyasha over there...u better shut up! Kakashi:O_O yes ma'am! yes ma'am!) reminds me of when I was a n00b XD! well just don't pay attention to it!

ok...now I'm going to answer these questions I should've answered a LONG time ago:

sasuke fan4 life: well...my fav song is always changing....but one of my all time favs is Superman(It's not easy) by Five for Fighting (Listening to it right now!) cuz people and my rents expect so much of me sometimes...some people think I'm like perfect (Kakashi: and they're far from right! Me:I agree!)! so listening to that song makes me feel a lot better...kinda reminds me of my self in a way.

Kure: Last Christmas by wham!

ok questions:

1. did u miss me? (I missed u guys!)

2.anyone have an unhealthy ipod addiction? (*raises hand* guilty as charged!)

3.So have u changed since we last met? (I've changed some...I've become a LITTLE more serious! Kakashi: keyword:little!)

4.get any valentine's day presents? ( *gives u a hug* know u got one!)

5.any questions for me or the guys?

oh yeah just wanted to wish u all a happy...LATE...valentine's day!

Peace out!
-Koma wuvs u all \^3^/

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

   2 more days 'til christmas \^3^/
Yo my peeps 141th day on otaku! and like the title says..2 MORE DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!!! *squeal* (Naruto:*pops up* yeah! and this year I'm FINALLY gonna stay up late enough to see santa! Kakashi:well naruto... Me:*slaps hand over kakashi's mouth* SHUT IT!!! Iruka:shhhh...kakashi...don't ruin it for him! Kakashi:*removes hand from mouth* ok...where's inuyasha? ME: I fgured he was gonna be...well ya know..to naruto about..."santa"...so..I sent him on errands! *meanwhile at grocery store* Inuyasha:*holding shopping list upsides down* What the hell is this?! Iruka/Kakashi:ohhhhhhhhh!)

Today was rather boring...yesterday was very eventful! first of all I got AN IPOD NANO!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!! *happy dance while holding ipod* (Kakashi:"squee"?! Iruka:*shrugs shoulders*) but not that itunes is FINALLY done downloading (it...took...10-14...HOURS...*twitch*)...I have to set up some damn paying account and my mom is to mean to set it up on her credit card TT_TT! CURSE U APPLE!!!!!

also we had a fmily christmas get together which was lotz o' fun! my whole family went and my older brother's gf tara went too! it was fun until my little brother slade fell off the top of one of those bouncy moonwalk things...then they had 2 take hime 2 the hospital! *shudders* (Iruka:awwwwwwwwwwwww!*hugs* Naruto:was he all right?! Kakashi:even I can't say something mean about that...sorry about ur brother!) He was all right though...he just had a minor conscussion!

and yesterday my sister got a cellphone...WHAT DOES AN 8 YEAR OLD NEED A CELLPHONE 4?!?!?!

oh and to #1 on the life lessons...scratch that...here's the new #1:

1. Don't fall in love with any reall OVERLY EMOTIONAL people that are CRAZY about u..EVER!

*reads answers 2 #5 and laughs* u probably didn't get that did u? u were probably sitting at ur computers with a "o_O" look on ur face while questioning my sanity and what I do in my free time!(Naruto:I'm sorry Koma,but u DO do weird things in ur spare time! Iruka:it's true!) well anyway...I have another friend name jacob..nicknamed cupcake...and he give DA BEST hugs ever..so...yeah!

ok 5 more life lessons from none another than urs truly!:

6.U need to make up at least one silly,random word b4 u die!

7.Cupcakes can give good hugs!

8.DON'T LET FAITH NEAR TREES!!! (she "loves" them trees XD)

9.Sharpies smell like tuna!

10.If u say "byakugan" while someone is doing free throws in basketball...9 times out of 10 they'll miss!

okey da I will now answer questions!

Raina:well...me and iruka...we kinda...st..I mean "borrowed" it from kakashi!

Ok questions!

1.Do u believe in Santa? (Naruto:OF COURSE!!!! w00t GO SANTA!!!! i'm glad we all believe in santa right guys?! Me:erm...well*fidgeting* Iruka:um..u see...*nervous sweatdrop* Kakashi:yeah...riiiiiiiight!)

2.do u think 8 year olds she have cellphones?(not if they're brats like my sister!)

3.do u have an ipod! (yesh!)

4.do u think u'll be on the nice or naughty list? (Naruto/iruka:NICE!!! Kakashi:naughty probably1 Me:nice! Boys:*stare at koma then laugh* Me:I AM TOO NICE!!!)

5.tell the boys that I am nice and I'm on the nice list!

6.If u had an "inner _____" what would he/she be like (lets see...inner koma would be nice,shy,sweet,timid,kinda've like hinata,and a little insecure and scared..ya know..the opposite of me XD!)

7. do u think it was mean to send inuyasha to go on some errands?(Kakashi:nope! Iruka:no...u had a good reason! Naruto:u mean that guy with the funny ears and the BIG sword?!...nah ^.^! *meanwhile at grocery store checkout counter* Inuyasha:WHAT?! $5.52?!?!?! IT SAID $5.00 ON THE *beep*ING PRICE TAG!!!! ARE U TRYING TO RIP ME OF U SON OF A*beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*?!?!?!?! Guy:no sir that's tax! Little girl in line:oooooh! mommy a puppy! can I KEEP him?! Mom:oh no honey! it's probably germy and has rabies! Little girl:can I PET the puppy?! Mom:no it has fleas!!!! Inuyasha: I DO NOT HAVE FLEAS!!!! *chases after mom and little girl* Little girl:MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMY!!! Mom:GET AWAY FROM MY BABY!!! *hits inuyasha with purse* Inuyasha:OW!!! Guy:GET ANIMAL CONTROL IN HERE!!!! *animal contorl comes in and hits inuyasha with a tranquilizer dart* Inuysha:*falls over* X_X Me:...well...wherever he is...I'm sure he's juist fine ^.^!)

8.questions for me or the guys?


Peace out!

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

*huggles and glomps anyone who dares to read this* HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! omg I'm so sorry people...I was grounded and couldn't get on TT_TT! SO it's like me 140th day on otaku...and 3 MORE DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!!!! *dances* (Kakashi: yay -_-....ME:oh c'mon kakashi! *hugs kakashi* don't be such a scrooge! get in the christmas spirit! Inuyasha:speaking of christmas spirit...*holds mistletoe over koma and kakashi's head* Iruka:awwwwwwwwwwwwww! Me/Kakashi: HECK NO!!!!)

well,I got grounded in the 1st place by wearing someone's eyeliner...yeah...that's my mom 4 ya...paranoid germ freak who doesn't want me to grow up -_-!

I also got to open my christmas pj's early yesterday b/c I was FORCED to go on some dumb polar express train ride...which I CLEARLY told my mom I didn't want 2 go...BEFORE we even went...BEFORE yesterday...but she was like "oh...well I'll just ask u from now on!"...but I still went! anyway...I opened mine up and they were...pink...with kitty cats -_- (Kakashi/Inuyasha:XD Iruka:it's ok koma! it could be worse!)...just goes to show how well my mom knows me! she asked me "do u like them?" I wanted 2 scream "HECK NO MOM!!! THEY'RE PINK AND THEY HAVE FRIGGN KITTY CATS ON THEM!!! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIKE THEM?!?!?!?!" but I just went "I guess..." and continued looking out the window of our car. but I didn't put them on....i'm not 6 years old for pete's sake! and I certainly didn't want 2 look like one! so I sat in the train with my regular clothes on.

now I will present "5 life lessons from koma"...which will basically sum up what I did:

1.don't ever fall in love with real people...EVER!!!

2.eggnog tastes like crap XP!

3.DON'T LET SHIPPO TOUCH UR BOWLING BALL!!!! (my friend nicknamed shippo,not the real shippo!)

4.If ur caroling and the thing says "refrain",u don't say refrain!

5.don't snort the powdered sugar on the cici's pizza's brownies...or blow the sugar all over people!

and that's about it!

oh and if ur wondering how I got on if I'm grounded,my parents and siblings left...and I got stuck cleaning the house -_-...but if I do a good job I'll get ungrounded ^.^! so that's why I'm typing and cleaning at the same time!

ok questions!

hinata: *huggles* of course!

raina:(Kakashi:I never got a love letter...Me/Iruka:*holding letter behind back*)

questions for y'all!!

1.did u miss me?

2.have u ever gone bowling? (yeppers!)

3.What do u want more than anything for christmas?(me:A WII!!! Iruka:peace and goodwill on earth ^.^ Inuyasha:THE CHANCE TO BEAT NARAKU!!! Kakashi:for koma to shut up! *gets slapped in face by koma*)

4.Did u know cupcakes could give good hugs?

5.any questions?

well bye!

Peace out!

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