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    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    Mood: happy. I has hot chocolate!


    Listening to: Whistle for the Choir
    Artist: The Fratellis

    Well, life has been pretty slow lately. I've been watching a lot of anime these past few months. For awhile I was really into watching dramas, but then TheO Chat got me back to watching good old anime. (I really want to watch some more dramas =|)


    It is nice to comment on MyO comments, isn't it?
    Library Wars has some cute chibis. =3
    Thank you so much for the song! I love cello music. <3


    I didn't get tired of Christmas music, 'cause I barely listened to any of it. >_< Normally I turn on the radio and put it to Christmas music as soon as the Christmas season starts. I don't know why I didn't last year! (Wow, is it already last year?! o_o)
    Is Moribito any good? :o
    lol, I don't usually buy my manga. I get them from the library or read them online. That's why I've read a lot of manga that hasn't come out in America. =P
    Eehhh, well I really don't recommend Poison Study. I could barely finish it. And there are more books too. ._.
    I hope you got the present done in time!


    . . .You! I blame you once more!!! You got Shishou into watching airing anime! Now that's pretty much all we're watching! Not that I mind

    Angel Zakuro---

    lol, it's not so odd anymore. These past few Christmases we've been having really quiet ones. I enjoy them though.
    And, you were right, 'cause I did get a tablet for Christmas! O_O
    And, I have no idea why Wacom is better than any other brand. That's the one I got, and if I get the chance to try out other ones, I will. I am completely un-biased. >8D

    I can see why you'd rather have snow during Christmas time. *:*loves rain*:*
    I don't really like the new crap they call 'Christams music'. I like the old stuff, like Burl Ives. They hardly ever play his music during Christmas anymore. ;_;

    I want to read Monster! <333
    Johan is awesome. DANG, the end was so cool! <3
    Tenma is quite nice too coughcoughubderstatementcoughcough. =3

    I read some manga even if I don't like the art(if it's a really good story)...I just don't enjoy it as much. Normally I give it time to get better, and if it doesn't I won't buy it(unless it's just an awesome story, or I wasn't in my right mind). I might buy BECK. The art is getting better, and the anime is good.

    Heehee, I drewww you~ ;D
    *:*kills Roberto*:* Look! He's dead now! :D

    Webs of Reality---

    *:*hugs*:* Don't worry about it! I haven't exactly been there for all your updates either! I've been a really bad friend lately. What with not visiting and all. =,[
    Bah, of course I'd still comment on your site and all that! You're a good friend of mine! I really miss the good times when we used to PM each other all the time and tell stories. X3
    THANK GOD FOR THAT! I'd have to hunt her down if she was still bothering you. D:<
    I've been doing okay. Not good not bad, though, if you don't mind a little complaining. . .There were a few months where I felt like screaming and running out of the house. I can't say I've been all together good since we've last talked. =/
    I've never played any of the Magna Carta games. Dang, the girl is pretty. :o
    I remind you of her? Wow. *:*is honored*:*
    lol, Merry Christmas(REALLY LATE) and Happy New Year~
    I'd draw you, if you don't mind. I love drawing people.

    Innocent Heart---

    Did you have a white Christmas?
    Toradora! is wonderful! <3 CLANNAD is so good! I'm watching the second season right now! I looooove it!
    I've been meaning to read +Anima. I was reading some of Lovely Complex, it's really cute. I'm actually watching the anime right now. XD
    I'd love to sketch you!


    I wouldn't say I'm excellent at cooking, but I can make a delicious pie. Most everyone in my family can cook, and make it taste pretty yummy. One of my sisters could have been a chef if she wanted to. The only two people in my family who can't cook very well are my brother and Shishou. XP
    Well, what one would I most recommend. Hmmm, that is hard. I might say Toradora!, but then Monster is one helluva anime. It really depends on what kind of anime you like. I will warn you, that if you want to watch a normal length anime neither Monster nor Shugo Chara!! Doki! are the ones for you. Shugo Chara!! Doki! is still airing, and if it's as long as the first season, then it'll be at least 50 episodes long. Monster is 74 episodes. 70 of them are full of suspense and breath holders (the first four being starter episodes to get the feel of all the characters).


    Again, I will say that I've been watching anime upon anime. XD Most of them are airing. What with school starting up again Shishou and I figured we might as well watch airing anime so we have a limit to the anime episodes we watch. ;>>
    Right now I'm watching 18 anime. Last night I stayed up lateish. The reason being anime. mainly Toradora! And Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann . . .all I'll say about Gurren Lagann episode 6 is. . .wtfish. . .o_o A MOLE FOR A CENSOR?!I laughed so hard it hurt
    If you want to see the anime I'm watching; click here. =3

    I'll talk a bit about Code Geass R2(Which I recently finished, and I still haven't gotten over it)
    So a few things about it. . .I used to hate Jeremiah Gottwald. Like in the first season I wanted him to die. . .But then. . .In the second season he came back. . .Mmmmm. . .I like him. >_<
    Lelouch is a ballerina. . .Seriously, he has a flair for dramatics and the way he moves about, I'm convinced he is a ballerina.
    Schneizel's real name is --- Schnitzel.
    I don't mind Rolo anymore. In fact, I kinda like the kid. =3
    I still don't like Suzaku, but the spinzaku he did in the last few episodes was, frankly, epic. XD
    I used to like Nunally .
    And Anya x Jeremiah = <3 .

    So, I'll bid you all a good day, I hope it's a wonderful one.

    Memento Mori,

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