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Sunday, July 29, 2007

so the con was a week ago.
I had a blast. went in costume 2 out of 3 days, one was an OC, all lime grean, even a wig. the foxtail was not green though. Lots of people took my pic in that. I'll see if I can find it and post.
I also went as Sexy-no-jitsu. That went well. again, a good number of pics.

Saw a few peveiws of new shows, found out that Witchblade is liceniced, and is actally slated for early '08, or maybe this fall (hopeing for fall) wallflower is also licenced. got to see it, was awsome. so was witchblade.

Went to a few panels, did a fan-panle mock trial one where we put anime charactors on trial. Rainbow bright will be highering illegal immigrants to work for her instead of sprite-slave labor, the villin in FF 3 I think it was is cleared of all charged, and Sasuke is to be castrated.

did not go to the rave. mostly chilled in the halls, watching people. got a kimono (no Obi, have to get that) tab socks, a weaponfan, a hat (gaia ORY hat) little gaia dragon, a free poster, gaia stuff for the site, a lemming for mom, KKM the new volume, and a teapot. Oh, and some new patches.

Had a blast. Have pics, will upload later.

Last day at dales this tuesday!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Leaving for the con tommorow. Should be fun, tell you about it when I get back. going to sleep now....

still sick.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm leaving dales in august. Handed in my note. Going to otakon next week. YAY!

(oh....and I have Epsin-bar viris. I.E. Mono. really really annoying stronger then normal mono. Non spreadable....but it explans why I've been feeling like crap....)

YAY Convention! and I have 1 new chapter for my fanfic! go me.....I think.

his hands are makeing out....

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Today is my Birthday, (22) and I'm going to go do stuff! YAY!Oh, and I've also finnished the next Naruto fanfic chap (to be uploaded later in the week) started a new story (same) and started the next-next naruto chap.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nothing much to say. doing better, updated my Naruto fanfic (look me up on fanfiction.net same name)Oh! Going to Otakcon. yay! I think....I'm gonna be mad poor after. oh well, it'll be fun. that's it for now.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

So, I went to work yesterday, made it to the last hour, started to cry because the pain-killers just stopped working. I was fine after a minute, we just had been crazy full, and I was supposed to be the only one on register. 2 people stayed to help, which was sweet of them. So we were packed! After I cried a bit (no customers were around, it was the first lull all day, damnit and it was 8!) I was fine to work, but they sent me home, lol. I took a full pain-pill, and ended up stoned out of my gourd.

Went today, worked a full shift, mostly alone, 'cause I was the only one on for register. Sold out of 5 different lotteries, All the bagels, hardrolls and pasteries, most of the papers, and all of the propaine tanks. Again, crazy-packed all night. I felt better though. my mouth mostly is just sore, but the bottom left is really bad still. kinda like throb-pain!-throb-BLOOD!-throb-PAIN! so I'm going to call and see if it's dry-socket or a pulled stitch or something, cause I'm getting pissed with my mouth. I want brownies damnit!

On an happy note, I'm starting to look at graduation -bribes/presents. (yay one more year of college!) Mostly because If I don't look now, I know I'm going to slack off really bad. So I'm bribing myself. I was thinking birds for a while, like finches or maybe a Mayh, but I got a better idea today! Main Coon cat. They're really cool, and I still really really miss my cat, Midnight, but I miss having a cat around too. So if you know any info on them, let me know, ok?

I'll post on tuesday at the latest; work tommorow, possible Fantastic 4 2 after work, and Nana's got cateract surgery tues, so I'm off (then I'm on shift all week through sunday, a few days alone....I hate dales.)

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Yeah, not going into work today. can't talk at all really. Life sucks right now, hopeing it's just because it's me that my mouth hurts, and not dry socket, though I don't think it is. Lost 6 lbs from the last few days. I need to eat more! Well, that's all for now.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My mouth hurts. That's a duh. I had 3 wisdom teath removed yesterday, I didn't have a fourth tooth. I was totally out of it for the rest of the day, and now my face is puffy and hurts, and I can't talk well. PISSING ME OFF! I love to talk.

I have this stupid earge to chew on something. Must be the K9 in me. *sigh* waiting for mom to come home. I want to go to Walmart or the petstore. I want ghost rider.

and a new pet, but being in pain and misersable does that to me. I probily won't be going to work on friday, which stinks, but I'm not going to be able to talk really well.

Now I wonder if I'm going to get fired for the change in dresscode. (TMI to follow) I need to wear a button down oxford shirt, black slacks, and an apron. I'm 5', so the Aprons going to look foolish. Got little boy pants, so that's fine, but I can NOT wear any button down shirt. haven't been able to for years. I'm a 32 DD, for crying out loud, I'm gonna be busting out of that thing if it's smaller then a large, and a large is going to look stupid! So I got a pollo shirt. I'm hopeing I'm not going to be fired, but it's likely. I'll let you know.
I'm gone for now. ttyl.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oral surgery today....NOOOO! I don't wanna..oh well.
Looking for "her majesty's dog" manga info. I'd like to read a sample, or whatever before I go out and get it...... Sci-fi channel now has anime! (again...they did when they started up too)

Well, wish me luck!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

   don't tell
But I had a killer migraine yesterday, had to leave work....and I can still feel it in the back of my head....
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