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Saturday, June 9, 2007

yay new comp
My new computer came! it's awsome!!!!!! YAYness...so I should be on more often!

Oh, updated my Naruto fanfic, Misery loves company,


if you want to read it.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

So my work is changing the dress code again. I can not afford to go out and get new cloths for work!! It's B.S. We're talking Oxford shirts and dress slacks, with white shoes. First off, they don't make those damn shirts in my size! I mean, yes, they make small ones, but not small ones with boob room dammit! That’s why hookers will use buttoned down shirts. So I'm most likely going to get fired for not playing along.

Also....What is up with all the sites now using randomly generated codes that you need to type for verification. DAMMIT I AM ME!!! I shouldn’t have to constantly prove it, and half the time, the codes are cap sensitive and the other half they're not OR they are so fuzzy you cant tell if it's a B or and 8...I hate that shit.

On a happy: I'm finally getting a new computer! YAY!!! can't wait!!

on a down: I have oral surgery next Tuesday.

on a happy: my foot has recovered mostly from my minor foot surgery...

on a down: ...I'm just not putting anything here. I'll try and be positive.

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Just wanna say that I odered a new computer, and will get it by the end of the month....So I'll be on more often, even with work, then I am now...YAY new computer! Ok, that's it for right now....

Oh and ArcticFoxDemon Thank you for still stopping in and saying Hi, and Highwind Phoenix, thanks for looking for that song for me (again) any luck yet?

And thank you to the others who look in, even though right now I can't return the favor. Here's hopeing my computer doesn't crap out fully before the new one comes (and that it doesn't freeze before I send this message)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back from the wedding. It went well, everyone said I was the best looking bridesmade. Never again, you know? Had an OK time, saw people I don't normally.

My Nana(grandma) is in a pissy spoild brat mood. She all pissed because my mom, who has a cold and drove 5 hours and is never home at 4, wannted to watch Montel...and Nana wanted to watch 'opra" actually, it was Ellen, but she never listens. So now she's still sulking. As If I care. I know she's elderly (84) but that doesn't excuse her from acting like a spoiled child! and she pulls this shit all the time!!

I'll try and get on to see you all later, but I'm still on the crap-computer, so I might not...

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Monday, May 14, 2007

not a lot to say...computer still dieing. I need to do a new Naruto chap, but with computer problems....oh well.
STILL can't seem to Download the fruits basket songs in english! Help would be appriciated, but not nessisary.

Out of books, hopeing to go somewhere this week....that's it for now!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

awwwww crap.
Ok, can't visit people...xomputer not working
YAY me, got on the dean's list for my college!!! 3.75 GPA, and hell yeah, I'm gonna brag about this! It means I can get a new computer, cause my family will help out...

the anime con pics can be found here:


Computer is not working well enough to hyper link. Sorry. Still looking for that song. If someone has it, please please send it my way?

And sorry again I can't visit.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

not much
still lookin' for the fruits basket closing in english, to lazy to rip it. Still keeping way to busy. Saw Spiderman 3....didn't like it. Other then that, not much going on.

Oh, and I made the deans list for my college this last semester. HA!

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Monday, May 7, 2007

I feel lame, I wanna find the fruits basket closing song in english....and naturally, I can't If someone has it, pass it along? OH! and I found the missing Manga volumes.

My grandma came home, and life is kinda hellish. I want a new pet, but I'm not allowed, and my plant seeds are starting to sprout. That makes me happy.....I still have prep for the wedding I'm in...if anyone wants to see pics, ask, and I might post them here.

I think I'll be updating once a week, that way, I'm still here, but I can do other things. I'll try and visit when I can. (Hopes someone has that damn song so I can get it out of MY HEAD!!!!ARG!)

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Friday, April 27, 2007

talk and run
Made it home safe, uplad the pics of the con when I get time.....I'm cleaning the house....by my self. Full story on why that is later....Watching Fruits basket. Looking for where I can read vol 19-23 of the manga, found it at demonoid.com, but I'm not a member, and they are not leting non-invities register....If one of you has it, wanna invite me? Lol, no worries if not, I'll find a way, I always do...Now back to the house work!
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Monday, April 16, 2007

This is the week of finals. I still have 1 paper, one project and one test. The project is with other people, which can make it hard, because We are not on the same schedual... I'll be on sporaticly, but finals week comes first.
My rooms almost all packed up, so that helps. Wish I was done, but I'm takeing my time.

Question of the day: Is shouting your attack really nessasary?

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