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Monday, June 18, 2007

So, I went to work yesterday, made it to the last hour, started to cry because the pain-killers just stopped working. I was fine after a minute, we just had been crazy full, and I was supposed to be the only one on register. 2 people stayed to help, which was sweet of them. So we were packed! After I cried a bit (no customers were around, it was the first lull all day, damnit and it was 8!) I was fine to work, but they sent me home, lol. I took a full pain-pill, and ended up stoned out of my gourd.

Went today, worked a full shift, mostly alone, 'cause I was the only one on for register. Sold out of 5 different lotteries, All the bagels, hardrolls and pasteries, most of the papers, and all of the propaine tanks. Again, crazy-packed all night. I felt better though. my mouth mostly is just sore, but the bottom left is really bad still. kinda like throb-pain!-throb-BLOOD!-throb-PAIN! so I'm going to call and see if it's dry-socket or a pulled stitch or something, cause I'm getting pissed with my mouth. I want brownies damnit!

On an happy note, I'm starting to look at graduation -bribes/presents. (yay one more year of college!) Mostly because If I don't look now, I know I'm going to slack off really bad. So I'm bribing myself. I was thinking birds for a while, like finches or maybe a Mayh, but I got a better idea today! Main Coon cat. They're really cool, and I still really really miss my cat, Midnight, but I miss having a cat around too. So if you know any info on them, let me know, ok?

I'll post on tuesday at the latest; work tommorow, possible Fantastic 4 2 after work, and Nana's got cateract surgery tues, so I'm off (then I'm on shift all week through sunday, a few days alone....I hate dales.)

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