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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I desided that I like Bleach. The first time I saw it I didn't cause of the people I watched it with. But now it is good (and I need something to replace naruto, since I'm all caught up). I read the new manga I got, Sequance. It shows a lot of promise. It makes me a bit sad that some of you have been haveing a hard time recently. Let's see...I have abnormal Psychology, and I haven't done my homework...I'll do it in the morning. And I have to pick up a ceramic piece from last semester. I was thinking about trying to fold paper crains one handed, like from ghost in a shell...Cause I've been makeing jewelery (hemp stuff) and it makes my hands start to hurt after a while. I need to work up my dextarity again...Well. I'm gonna watch more bleach now. Ja Ne.
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Monday, February 27, 2006

sorry I wasn't on today, I was watchin dnAngel. and Wildarms TV....so....I'm gonna go crash. Midsession break is comeing up soon. I also find out if I get to buy Kingdom Hearts 2 tommorow. That's buying with my mom's money actually. and "swiped" didn't mean "swiped." it ment....recived. was given. or I could just say I "yoinked" it. I like the work Yoink. and Uber. Uber is fun. So's Yosh.
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Sunday, February 26, 2006

I just got back from the mall. The toys r us was closing! gasp! OH NO! so I got a zoid and a cd. and I "swiped" a basket. Also, got the last two DNAngel dvds, rebirth manga 17, sequance 1, host club 5 and 2 books. Ate at apple bees. Got stuff for Yoh and the fish. and now I'm sleepy. So I'm off. take care, Minasan!
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Saturday, February 25, 2006

And here we go!
Ok, I'm off to the mall today! YAY OFF CAMPUS! I thin I'd kill someone if I don't get away. Watched Ghost in a shell SAC with the anime club...and played some ddr, on top of my bussy day. don't believe it was bussy? I got a phone call at 6am (wrong number) had Yoga at 7:30-8:30, Breakfast (9:00-9:30), Geology at 9:30 to 10:30, work from 10:30 till 11:30, Enviornmetal phsycology at 11:30 till 12:30, lunch from 12:30-1:30, work from 1:30 to 3:30, dinner at 4:30 till 5, anime at 6 till 9, ddr for 10 min (my eye hurt) and showererd. I'm exasted. But enough about me. Here's some foxglen. same rules as yesterday. go to the website! (or not.) this is the new naruto chapter; enjoy!

(A.N.L.: We discovered that we had been using OMK instead, because it flows better, sorry people, we are now OWK (OhWaK))
“You’ve got to press it on you!...”

“BLACK!” Shouted Death to no avail, as the fox shook her stuff to the beat. “Ok, I give up. Red, will you please get her attention?”

As Black danced her way past the wolf, Red yipped a “Sure!” right as she pulled off the headset and stuck it on her ears, “…She’s coming out, coming out, coming out, it’s DARE!”

“Hey! I was listening to that!”

“Oh, so I take it you’re packed then, Oh-mighty leader?” quipped Shadow, hefting her bag onto her shoulders.

“No. No I’m not.”

“Then what on earth were you doing! Even Red’s all packed!”


“We’re leaving in 10 minutes!”

“I’ve got it all under control.” She snapped her fingers, “Jawbreaker! Be a doll and pack for me, will you?”

“But but….!”

“Or did you forget that when you’re human, you belong to me?”

“Fine!” grumbled the Dragon-boy, knowing better then to argue, as he ran off to pack.
It was a great surprise to Kakashi when they showed up after him at the gate, however. It had been decided, after considerable property damage to the village had occurred during a rousing game of “ninja”, that it would be best to take the wayward visitors to Gara in the hidden village of Sand. It wasn’t even like it had been a particularly violent game, either. The whole thing got out of hand when the game entered its third hour, and the OWK team got a little….excited. Later, when the investigation started, it was discovered that the team had downed a bottle each of Sake, four gallons of energy increasing drinks by the name “Vamp” and two pounds of candy while hiding within the first two hours of the game. The results, or total chaos, were deemed inevitable by the medics who were forced to calm the group using whatever means necessary.

It wasn’t a shock that no one had bothered to tell Gara about his soon-to-be guests yet. The whole party consisted of the OWK, as was to be expected, as well as a few others from Konoha. Originally, it was supposed to just be the transients and Jiraiya, but then problems started to crop up. See, Black wouldn’t leave without Kakashi, Red had attempted to pack a hogtied Naruto, Shadow and Crow wouldn’t budge without Sasuke, and Sakura wasn’t about to be left behind. As it was deemed that they would get into more trouble, and Tsunade still didn’t trust the OWK, two other teams were added. These teams were comprised of Kiba and Akamaru, Rock Lee, Hinata, Shikamaru, Neji, and lastly, Choji. It was hoped that with so many Leaf ninja going with them the OWK would be forced to behave. Of course, the OWK were hoping that with more people coming, there would be more chances for fun…

No sooner then the OWK show up then the whole lot were rushed out the gate. Naturally, the Kohana ninja wanted to get to the sand village as fast as humanly possible, but unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen. The moment that everyone started speeding up one of our fun-loving nut-jobs would disappear. Either Crow refused to be rushed and would stop dead, or Red and Jawbreaker would go off on their own. Death took a breather and got drunk, while shadow stopped to read her book. Death’s minion saw a cool bird and just had to stop and draw it, and Black kept trying to get Kakashi’s mask off. This forced the group into a bit of a fast walk, or in the case of Red and Black, a walk while dancing. It was estimated that it would take the group 2 whole days to get to the village. Two very boring days at that, since it was unwise to stop at any towns, for fear of what might happen. To the town, that is. Jiraiya was not happy about this as night feel.

“Oh…I’m sure if we stopped in that village over there, I’m sure I could investigate. See if there was any word on this Spicy guy…..” he whined.

Naruto growled at his mentor, “More like flirt with the pretty girls, Ero-senie.”

Quite naturally, the song Black Fox had been listening to ended just as the conversation started, and she got pissed, “What, we’re not pretty enough for you?” she smiled, a dangerous glint in her eyes.

Sweat dropping, the old pervert backed up, “no no, it’s not that at all….It’s just, I like my women with a bit more….”

“Finish that sentence and die, Pervert.” snarled Black, bulling out a Kuni.

“Relax, Black…..you know what he means….” sighed Red, walking over to Black she stated to whisper in her ear, “……and then…….with…….and bada-ba-boom…. Shadow, Death, come here…..”

“Somehow I get the feeling they’re up to something.”
“I hate camping out. It’s so troublesome.” Shikamaru muttered, looking on as Sasuke started the fire. It wasn’t full dark as of yet, but everyone was ready for a bite to eat. “Hey….where’d those girls go?”

“Huh? Don’t tell me we’ve lost them again…” Started Kakashi, “Naruto, Sasuke, help me look for them….you three wouldn’t know anything about this, would you?” he turned to Crow, JB and DM.

“Now!” shouted JB. The Leaf ninja immediately got ready for an attack, thinking that the OWK had turned on them, which really wasn’t that much of a stretch, but in this case, they happened to be way off base. Music filled the clearing as the four missing girls came out from the trees. Death and Shadow dropped down while Red and Black walked out from behind some trees. Each of them was dressed like a gasha girl in full kimonos with their hair done up, face paint, and the works. As the girls walked toward the ninja in a strait line, I’m too sexy started to play. Each of the femme fatales strutted their stuff, slowly striping. First the makeup, then the hair, followed by the Kimonos. Underneath, each woman, for that was most defiantly what they were, had a different outfit on. Black had her Skintight leather shorts and shirt. Death had on a short tank top and baggy low-riding pants. Shadow was in a slinky see-through-ish top with very short shorts. Red was wearing a tube-top and skintight pants with vertical tears in them. All in all, these girls looked HOT, and they knew it.

At the end of the song, the girls crowded around Jiraria, and Black asked the question, “Hot enough for you?” They grinned. The look on his face was priceless. While everyone crowded around, talking excitedly and asking what that was all about, no one noticed a figure detatch itself from the shadows, steal over to the supplies, grab something and depart.

(A.N.L.: Yes, I know it was cheesy. But you gotta admit, the dace was good, people! Anyway, might be a while before the next Naruto chap. Also, there is a new all original chap up as well. Go read it.)

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Friday, February 24, 2006

first up: orriginal!
Ok, first, I'm feeling depressed right now. And I got yet another fish. This one is going to the library. I'll drop him off monday at the latest. I fixed J Tigerheart's site up for him, so he should be happier...and I made a neckless today, and fixed a cellphone carrier. That was my day. Anyway...I got yoga in the morning. I'll talk to you people later. Here's The orriginal foxglen chap. As always, if you got to my website you can read the all the stories, minus this chap, and the naruto one I'm posting tommorow.

Day 12, Saturday June 5th, 0900

Nothing unusual, strike that. Nothing out of the ordinary to report. Subjects stayed out late, I was able to track them to the local Sizzlers, but lost sight of them. They returned to their base at 0200, and apparently called it a night. At 0700, the butler rose and started general housekeeping. (It should be noted that he did not go out with the others, nor was “Spicy” with them.) At 0800, Red fell down the stairs, followed by a shoe, presumably Black’s. Currently the only movement seems to be coming from the kitchen (Joe is cooking sausages,) and the living room (Red is watching cartoons). It is likely that the others will be getting up in an hour, per last Saturday’s observation.

Jack turned off the tape recorder. It was Saturday, and given the groups pattern, he had the whole morning of mundane surveillance ahead of him. Sighing in contentment, he turned on the TV in the tree. So far his job wasn’t so bad. The only target he had come in direct contact with was the butler. He seemed to be an agreeable guy, which in Jack’s world meant that he had had military training, and lots of it. Shame that the man was working for the enemies. At first he thought that this was going to be a troublesome assignment, but now, it seemed just within his abilities. Hard, and totally improbable, but do-able.

“Wow, this tree’s so cool!”

And the tree! Who would have thought that you could fit so much is such a place. He still hadn’t figured out where it all came from.

“Do you get Cable? Cauz, you know, Batman’s going on soon....” The tree branch to his right creaked, and Jack reached for his gun. “Of course, you’re probably too old and stuffy to watch Saturday morning cartoons....”

Drawing his gun, Jack spun to face the voice, “Freeze!” he shouted at empty air.

“Wow, you’re fast. For a human, that is....” The voice continued from behind him, as if nothing had happened. “Now, you seem to me to be the Jerry Springer type....or maybe Opera. And if you try and point that gun at me again, I’m going to have to hurt you....Now, put the gun down. That’s a good boy....” The owner of the voice walked onto the platform. “I’m Jawbreaker, nice to meet you.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I don’t know, killing time till breakfast, I guess. Oh! And I’m supposed to give you this!” Jawbreaker held out and envelope, which Jack carefully inspected. “Don’t worry, it’s not a bomb or anything....just open it!”

After a few more minutes of careful examination, the wary FBI agent opened the letter and read:

You are invited to brunch in the Foxglen mansion. It’s at 11:30 today. Be there. IF for some reason you can not make anyway.

Sincerely, Black Fox, Red Wolf.

“What happens if I decline the invitation?”

“Hummm....Well....” The dragon-boy scratched his head, “I don’t really know. No one’s ever said no before....” he brightened, “You could always find out!”

“As exciting as the prospect sounds, I think I’ll pay their little game....for now. Tell them I’ll come.”
Ding-Dong Jack waited on the doorstep. He’d been out here for the last five minutes, and no one had answered. You’d think that if they invited him to come over, they’d at least have the decency to answer the damn door! Ding-ding-ding-ding-dong!

Just as Buck was about to start beating down the door it swung open. “Good morning Sir. Sorry for the delay,” Joe calmly explained, “But there was a slight accident in the kitchen, so brunch will be served in the backyard. Please follow me.” He said, stepping aside. It was a short, if interesting, walk to the back patio. The hall was clean, if a little odd, what with chain mail coats in the open closet, and a rosebush with all different colored flowers growing on it. He got one quick glimpse of the kitchen before he was hurried along, and all he could see was white. Flower was everywhere.

“‘Bout time you got here!” muttered Shadow.

Looking up from a game of cards, Crow asked, “Can we eat now?”

“Sure! Dig in! You there, Secret Agent Man, get your ass in gear and sit will you!” snapped Black. All at once, the table burst out into song, “And you guys! Shut it!”

“Wow, you still pissed about this morning?” asked Death.

“Whatever gave you that idea?”

“If this is a bad time, I can go...”

“Nah, it’s fine, Black’s just not a morning person.” grinned Jawbreaker, grabbing a piece of sausage.

Snarling, the cranky fox deftly stole the sausage away from her friend, “Will you shut it?” she growled.

“So, we lost track of you last night....” started Death’s Minion passing a plate down to Jack.

“Yeah, we came out of Sizzlers, and POOF! You were gone.”

“It was sad....We even got you a doggie bag!”

“Wait, you were in Sizzlers the whole time?”

“Well, DUH!” Black said around her coffee mug full of tea, “were do you think we were? On a mission? It was Friday night for crying out loud! Steak night!”

“Calm down, you’re scaring him,” admonished Shadow, “you’ve got to understand that he’s new here, and doesn’t know that we own half of that Sizzlers.”

“Wait..... you own half of Sizzlers?!” stammered the FBI agent.

“Quit gaping and eat! You haven’t even touched your food, and if you don’t hurry, Red will eat it for you. Yes, we own half of Sizzlers. For that matter, we own half of most of the businesses in this town. Pass the coco-pancakes, please!” Crow asked.

“Anyway... what do you think of the tree? We had it upgraded with the latest gadgets last month. Don’t worry; we didn’t do the instillation...” Started Black, apparently feeling better, “We just had the guy’s who make the stuff come by and do it for us. So, let’s see....what else? Hey, Red, you’re being awfully quite.”

“Must. Eat. Can’t. Talk. BACK OFF CARRION EATER IT’S MINE!” growled the wolf, chasing away Crow’s fork with a snarl.

“Will you two stop that?!”

“Oh dear....” sighed Shadow, “They’re at it again. Well, Mr. Buck, sorry about this.”

“Hey, what are you apologizing for?!”

Shadow raised her voice in an effort to be heard, “We were hoping for a normal meal…”

Death’s Minion looked up, “This is normal!”

“But he doesn’t need to know that, now does he?” muttered Death.

“He already knows that! He’s spying on us!” shouted JB, exasperated.

“Which brings us to the point of this meal….”

Flippantly Red threw in, “There was a point to this?”

Thwack! “Yes, you idiot. To warn him off, remember?” snarled Black, pulling out a fan of death.

“Owwww! No fair! Jack, she hit me!” The agent just looked nervous, “Fine. Don’t help. I vote we don’t warn him off. I say we use him as a new chew toy!”

“We can’t do that. It’s not the 70’s anymore. People tend to notice when FBI agents go missing.” sighed Shadow, “Those were the days…..Anyway, Mr. Buck, allow us to explain the situation.”

“I’ll do it,” the fox jabbed her fork towards the agent, “Listen John Deer,”

“That’s Jack Buck”

“Whatever. You could be Ass Fuck for all I care. Where was I? Oh yeah. Listen, we don’t really like you guys butting into our business. As a general rule we stay out of government affairs, so what we’d really like is for you to stay out of ours. But we both know that that isn’t going to happen. You government types are always up in our faces, and guess what? We don’t like it. We don’t work for you people, and you frankly couldn’t stop us even if you had to. So here’s what I want you do; forget what your boss told you.”

“Excuse me?”

“Just what she said,” Red took over, “everything your boss told you, forget it. If you wanna live that is. Frankly, we’re bored. If you keep sneaking around, we might get the wring idea and decide to eat you, or something. We’re sick of playing ‘we can’t see you.’ It’s our turn to be all up in your face.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Jack asked, silently wondering are they trying to trick me?

“No,” said Shadow, “just thought we’d give you a heads up.”

“Yeah,” added Crow, “You know, the old, ‘when you turn around, I’ll be there,’ thing.”

“Except,” injected Death’s Minion, “in our case, we really might be right there,”

“Breathing down your neck.” finished Death.

“Or chewing on it,” added Jawbreaker, “what? I was just kidding!”

“I see. Well, if that is the case, I think I’ll be heading out. Thank you for the meal, it was quite enlightening.” Jack said as he headed towards the door.

“Sir, if you’ll follow me?” Joe humbly asked, appearing out of nowhere.

As the two left the patio the OWK sighed as one. Jack hadn’t even touched his sausages or pancakes, after all that work they did in the kitchen….
(A.N.L.: What exactly did the OWK mean by what they said to Buck? And will the kitchen ever be the same again? Stay tuned for the next installment of Foxglen to find out! And please read the all new Naruto chapter as well.)

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

come one come all to the joy of being a girl! I just painted my nails, lol. It's a bit hard to type, but it kept me bussy while waching Ghost in a shell SAC. my nails grow really fast....anyway. you guys wanted The honnerable Lord Satain's website... here it is! J tigerheart's site! ask him about the name.... be kind...he has had a rough time...like Blue eyes.....
Oh, I'll post foxglen chap tomorrow. Which do you want, Naruto or orriginal? I'll post the next on saterday....Now I'm gonna watch more SAC...and finnish my nails....damn girlness! Lol.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thank for all the support. Oh, my friend, J Tigerheart created a site, but myo is acting up again. Anyway....Saw Bambi 2. good movie. And I think I did o on my other test. Now I'm off to bed. Take care all.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I didn't get the job. Favorites were played. I did, however feel good about my test, and I got angel food cake, chocolate syrup, whipcream, cadbury eggs, other candy, and super soft fabric (2 types) so it's all good. I'm happy. Anyway, I'm bushed, so I'm going to bed. Have fun everyone. Oh, and Foxglen will be up eventually, there were some criseses for my friend, so she didn't ok the chapters....TTYS.
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Monday, February 20, 2006

I still don't know about the whole RA thing. Everyone at school sheems to have had a bad weekend. I couldn't get on last night to post. What's with that, people!? And I have a test tonight and one tommrow. Ok, I'm gonna run now. TTYL.
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Sunday, February 19, 2006

So, I've finnaly gotten my dvds. Saw all of FMA and the movie. Balled my eyes out. Went to the meeting for the RA interviews. Hope I get the job....Sorry I wasn't on last night, I couldn't get onto myO for a while, and then I was warn out, and at a meeting. Helped a friend back home today deal with a treachorous father. I'm gonna run now. I need to study for another test, so I might not get on to visit you guys tommorow. Minasan, Ja ne.
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