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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Q:wat do u desire most?~Kuraiangel
A: World piece...Jk, what I really want is All the anime I could ever want. Seriously.

Q: If you went to the moon, what would you do?~bLuE eYeS
A: I'd most likely work on my flips. and call people and be all "I'm on the MOON!"

Q:In this situation, your parents and loved ones have been attacked by a murderer and you enter your house with sheer terror. The person who attacked your parents and loved ones is standing there with a blade full of their blood. You realize, to yourself and secretly, that your parents and loved ones are still alive BUT if you took them for help the guy will kill you…would you rather take your parents and loved ones to safety with the murder knowing about them remaining alive and coming back to kill them or allow him to come up to you or kill you and with more of a chance of your parents and loved ones living?~Highwind Phoenix
A: Save my family. Then deal with the trash, don't know how, but I'd think of a way. you ask tough questions....
Q: If you could get revenge on someone (for whatever reason), what kind of terrible torture would you do to them?~bluedemonboy
A: Either let them live in my mind for a day....play "my watashi (dragon half opening) over and over again....or use them as a perminant chew toy. Maybe lock them in a room with the president and Dick chainie If they're criminals: give them to the victims family.
Q:Say your best friend and your love of your life are holding on an rock on a very high cliff. You can only bring one up because the other would lose their grip by the time you get the first person. Who you chose?~ArcticFoxDemon
A: best friend, all the way. Love comes and goes, but good friends are hard to come by.God that sounded corny.

Sorry again, I'm working on a paper for enviornmental psych...I'll be on for sure on sunday! Uh... Got a whole tea set from my mom. this quick drain mug pot, and 5 sample teas, Spiriment, rooibos, Chamomille, Blood Orange, and Chocolate. I love my mom. I love tea. I have to pee.
Also, I'm watching Sorceror on the Rocks. IT KICKS ASS! I chang my mind on what anime guy I'd want. I'll take the main charator from this show....it'll be my new backround if I can find A pic....Why do I like the bad boys? Well the story is in the same world as Sorceror Hunters....And Shibas would be a bad guy in that show. lol loven it...Now I really really have to pee...ttyl!

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Q:WIf you were to marry any anime character whom came into reality, whom would it be? And why?~Highwind Phoenix
A: Huh, that's a tough one. Being older then most bishie makes it hard too....hummm.....Well, I'd want Naruto as a little bro, and Ed from FMA too....Shesshy would be to much of a stick in the mud (bet he likes to play fetch though)maybe Dark Snider from Bastard!! because he has the whole Evil-but-whipped thing going on, and he makes me laugh...Or Luie from Rune soilder, cute, but stupid. Train from Black cat might be nice....OH I know..no wait, never mind, Sargent Soske Sagura is off limits. lol, Blue eyes would kill me. I think I'd take whomever showed up, really, except for Shinji from EVA.

Q: If you were on an island, trapped, with no food, would you resort to cannabalism?~ NarutoBlackmail
A: How sad is it that I've actually seriously had this disscussion many times? My Best Friend, Barbra (AKA Black Fox, remember, I'm Red Wolf) desided we'd team up and eat everone else first, starting with the insilin dependant Diabetics, beacause they'd go into a comma, and we wanted to be nice...we then rated everyone else on scrawnyness. So yes, I'd resort to cannabalism, but only after 3 days of no food, as human meat really isn't good for you.

Q: If a murderer held one of ur dearest relatives at gun-point, and sed that u had to sacrifice one of the ppl next to you (them being ppl u really care about) for that relative to live, what would u do?~xkinky luverx
A: well, I don't think my dearest relative would tollerate being held at gun point. I think we'd all jump them, or pelt them with convinetly placed rocks or something. I really can't see anyone holding one of my friends at gunpoint either...except Beck, but no one would do that to him, he's tooo...teddy-bear-ish. and the gun man wouldn't leave the room alive.

Good questions today. I've been really bussy. Zannen desu (i'm sorry) I had a test today, and a migraine. I'll try to be better.....yeah, ask more questions if you'd like. sunday's the last day...then I switch to something else. maybe anime quotes.....lol. Well, ttyl people.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

one two three again!
Q:Whats the most embaressing secret you have?~Magnus Lensherr
A: I pick on my skin/scratch till I bleed when stressed. Also, I tried to chick-nap a Canada goose goosling one time.

Q: When is the best time to try to bang tyour girl friend?~Mao-mikami
A: When she's ok with it and wants you to. and ONLY then.(How would I know? I'm a strait girl, people...)

Q: If you were to create something that the world does not already have, what would it be and why?~Highwind Phoenix
A: Uh....implaints in the brain that let you talk to animals, take class notes, and spell better.

Well, if you got more questions shoot! Once again, ANYTHING will be answered, as long as I won't get banned from the site. I kinda did the antisocial thing today. I crashed and Burned badly. Had fun in budo. I might try to a TA spot in that next year. Got into all my classes....uh...Yeah. the following is usually concidered TMI: I have a cut-blister on the spot where my underpants go, between the leg and the....well, you know. It HURTS! so I'm wearing Boxers right now to help with the pain. Ladies, if you've never worn boxers before, try it, it's weird.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Q:In your opinion, where would be the most romantic area to be at when with a person who is ready to reveal their feelings towards you (or you towards them)?~Highwind Phoenix
A: a walk in the woods when the moon is up.

Q: wats ur all time favorite movie?~Kuraiangel
A: Let's see...I have a few, not including the anime ones. There's Princess Bride, Hellboy, Pirates of the Carribian, and Xmen...

Q: what is the worst place you have ever been to?~Night shade2
A: The St. Luis Airport. I hate airports!

Q: Who is your favorite band/singer?~NarutoBlackmail
A: Gorillaz! and Evenesance.

Well, if you got more questions shoot! Once again, ANYTHING will be answered, as long as I won't get banned from the site. Got a migraine, but I have to be up till midnight, cause I have to register for classes. oh well.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

and the answer is....
Q: how about whats your favorite food EVER?~ DeadlyNightShade
A: Steak (rare), Ribs and cabury eggs. They're all my all time fave.

Q: what do you want to do when your done with school?~ J Tigerheart
A: Go to Japan. Go somewhere warm. Get a job in a Wildlife preserve, or a zoo saffari, one of the BIG ones. Preferably work with Wolves. I was expecting a less 'G' type question from you.

Q: Well...what's your favortie actor?~ gwinggirl100
A: Johnny Depp, because he's versitile, and Vin Desil, because he does a good evil and a funny serious-comidy.

Q: What is your favorite Naruto Yaoi or Yuri pairing EVER?~ NarutoBlackmail
A: Orochumaru and the Dude with the funny bones. and Tsunade and what's-her-name, her assistant. I calls 'um as I sees 'um.

Q: wats ur secret passion?~ xkinky luverx
A: Food. but that's no secrete. Uh...Mint chocolate chip cheese cake, A really hot Bishi (anime, game but preferably an Asian guy my age), and a good head scratch, back scratch.

Well, if you got more questions shoot! ANYTHING will be answered, as long as I won't get banned from the site. Let's see...handed in the application for the room...hope I get it. Took the test. felt good about it. And picked my classes for next semester. now I have to regester for them tommorow at midnight. I'm gonna go crash now. Thanks for the questions.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Bugger the Ripper
was the correct answer. Sorry I wasn't on. test studying, floating around, you know, the ususal avoidance of visiting a multitude of people excuses. Lol. Not that I don't love y'all, but I'm soooo lazy, and there are an awful lot of you. And I feel obligated to comment....and it takes time. I didn't get to kill the kids...they were yelled at by the RA on duty, so that was almost as good. So I have a test in the morning, and I have to hand in my room aplication. OH joy. I'm trying for a single again, on the grounds of migraines. Oh, and I'm working on a new story, non-foxglen. Just something that came to me in a dream. I'll tell you more once I get some of it written.
this week's question: you deside! How about we play the "Ask Emily (me) anything about herself and she shall answer" game? I will answer any and all questions, for I have nothing to hide! so shoot!

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

BlueDemonBoy was right, he's a ripper, who used to be a dog. Now, what was his name? The anime meeting went over well. 20 people showed, which was more then normal, and we were competeing with other activities. I'm exhasted. I wrestled some guys, one I lost, BADLY and the other was a draw. And since I still hurt like hell from Budo....I think that's not to shabby. I was the lightest person there by 50 lb (I weigh 100. No diets, or whatnot, just a really really fast matabilism) and on an annoying note: there are Kids in my dorm. they are nosie. I am sleepy. They WILL die if they don't SHUT UP! ARRRRRRRRRRR! well, have a nice day.
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Friday, March 17, 2006

running out of ideas of subjects...again
So. Yeah, it was Hackers. Damn you people for getting it so quick, lol. Let's see....I hurt. A lot. I have a test on monday, yoga in the morn, and anime meeting in the evening today. I baught Scooby Doo snacks today. they look like dog bones, but they're gramcrackers. Had chinese food. Didn't visit anyone, I was bussy all day, probibly have that problem today too....sorry. Well, that's all really. Next question: what's the name of Tank Girl's boyfriend (the second one) and what is he?
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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I got a little hurt in Budo tijitsu. Think I pulled a lower chest mussle. or sprained a rib. Oh well. Lots of movies on right now. All the more cool, right? I'm going to go out to chinese for dinner tomorrow/today. And that's all for now. Sorry I'm so borring recently, I just don't have a whole lot to talk about. I need to work on getting my grades up. that's it. Anyway, I'm gonna go crash and Burn.
Now, here's a question, in what live action movie were the main male and female leads nicknamed Crash and Burn? If you don't get it, there will be another clue tommorow, and one on friday. I'll give the answer on saterday.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

21 people.
I visited 21 people on myo yesterday. I think It's time I started to remove people from my friends list if they haven't updated, in oh, say 2 years? I mean, come on people, 21! It took over an hour! lol
anyway, here's the webcomic I mentioned.


Sorry, to lazy to code it. I'm going to bed now. night.

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