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Sunday, July 29, 2007

so the con was a week ago.
I had a blast. went in costume 2 out of 3 days, one was an OC, all lime grean, even a wig. the foxtail was not green though. Lots of people took my pic in that. I'll see if I can find it and post.
I also went as Sexy-no-jitsu. That went well. again, a good number of pics.

Saw a few peveiws of new shows, found out that Witchblade is liceniced, and is actally slated for early '08, or maybe this fall (hopeing for fall) wallflower is also licenced. got to see it, was awsome. so was witchblade.

Went to a few panels, did a fan-panle mock trial one where we put anime charactors on trial. Rainbow bright will be highering illegal immigrants to work for her instead of sprite-slave labor, the villin in FF 3 I think it was is cleared of all charged, and Sasuke is to be castrated.

did not go to the rave. mostly chilled in the halls, watching people. got a kimono (no Obi, have to get that) tab socks, a weaponfan, a hat (gaia ORY hat) little gaia dragon, a free poster, gaia stuff for the site, a lemming for mom, KKM the new volume, and a teapot. Oh, and some new patches.

Had a blast. Have pics, will upload later.

Last day at dales this tuesday!

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