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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My mouth hurts. That's a duh. I had 3 wisdom teath removed yesterday, I didn't have a fourth tooth. I was totally out of it for the rest of the day, and now my face is puffy and hurts, and I can't talk well. PISSING ME OFF! I love to talk.

I have this stupid earge to chew on something. Must be the K9 in me. *sigh* waiting for mom to come home. I want to go to Walmart or the petstore. I want ghost rider.

and a new pet, but being in pain and misersable does that to me. I probily won't be going to work on friday, which stinks, but I'm not going to be able to talk really well.

Now I wonder if I'm going to get fired for the change in dresscode. (TMI to follow) I need to wear a button down oxford shirt, black slacks, and an apron. I'm 5', so the Aprons going to look foolish. Got little boy pants, so that's fine, but I can NOT wear any button down shirt. haven't been able to for years. I'm a 32 DD, for crying out loud, I'm gonna be busting out of that thing if it's smaller then a large, and a large is going to look stupid! So I got a pollo shirt. I'm hopeing I'm not going to be fired, but it's likely. I'll let you know.
I'm gone for now. ttyl.

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