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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Go! Tentacool!

Time: 6:30 PM

Song: Anti-nostalgic

By: My Gravitation Soundtrack

Mood: Serious. Image hosting by Photobucket

Toumei ga yozora somete
hitori aruku itsumo no kaerimichi
Kuchizusamu konna kimochi
nemuru kimi ni todoketai na OH... UM...

Nanika ni obieteru jibun ga chotto iya ni naru
tsugeru omoi torinokoshita hibi ni...
dokoka ni wasureteru kokoro ga chotto itakunaru
toki wo tsunagu hoshi no yoru ni kimi wo sagashiteru

Toozakaru kumo ni nosete
boku no kimochi tachidomaru kaerimichi

Kimi wa mou yume no tsuzuki
todoku hazu mo nai koto da to wakatteiru

Namida ga koboreteru egao ga chotto hoshikunaru
kimi no soba ni ireru dake de boku wa...
Dareka ga toikakeru rikutsu ga motto hoshikunaru
kieru kage ni mabushisugita hibi wo utsushiteru

Nanika ni obieteru jibun ga chotto iya ni naru
tsugeru omoi torinokoshita hibi ni...
dokoka ni wasureteru kokoro ga chotto itakunaru
toki wo tsunagu hoshi no yoru ni kimi wo sagashiteru

So my rank in school is number 72 (Hence the title... because Tentacool from Pokemon is number 72. :B) out of six hundred and something student sophomores in the school... pretty spiffy, ne?

Seth: That seems like a very high rank to me.

So Ushicon's very close now and I can't wait. Just Lemony Slash said, I need Ushicon like a drug so badly right now. Things are just getting worse and worse for me lately. Hence why I haven't been posting here in such a long time. (Because EVERYONE'S used to seeing my name highlighted on their friends list every day.)

I started my period speech and all seems to be very well in that class. We're watching a pretty weird movie called "Rear Window" and it's a little boring in the beginning... but we gotta let the storyline build, ne?

Seth: Not to mention Kawaii here nearly got into a fight.

Hai, with someone I hate very much. So I was minding my own business after school and walking downstairs when I saw my daughter (Chris) was talking to her EX boyfriend. Now, he's a tad bit abusive angry and I don't like the way he does things at all. He still wants her and does so much to ruin her life and I hate it when people do that.

I just walked by them after watching for a few moments and nearly got to the stairs when I heard Chris say something. I looked back and noticed that he was literally dragging her away from where I was. (He hates me as much as I hate him, but he is afraid of me and knows it.) So I did what I thought was right at the time.

Seth: *Slaps forehead.*

I ran at both of them and grabbed her, promptly placing myself in between both of them. He went to grab her and I placed a firm hand on his chest, still holding onto Chris with my other hand. I stared at his coldly and said, "I'm not going to stand around and watch you hurt her." And he said, "Don't touch me."

As I stood there, hand on his chest to hold him back, I felt his heart beating irratically. I turned my back and began to walk away, still holding onto Chris, and he ran up to me shouting: "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" and I said, "What the fuck is wrong with you? You obviously have no sense of taking care of others with how much you hurt her." and he spoke, "I'll quit when she tells me."

We both looked at Chris and waited and she felt very awkward in the position. He turned away, picked up his bag, and walked away... as usual. He won't hesitat to talk shit about me, but he'll back away from a conflict without a problem. I took Chris downstairs and she hugged me, thanking me, and we went our separate ways.

As much as she thanks me for it, I still can't shake off the fact that she'll somehow just go back to him and I wasted my energy for nothing. I know she tells me that she wants to get away from him, but sometimes it's just hard to believe that she can't do it by herself. Oh well... if I see her talking to him, I will know that my attempts were in vain.

Seth: And supposedly this guy has some sort of "Hitter" out to get her. *Giggles.*

Exactly! Too frickin' funny. ^^

So, that was my day. Ushicon is so close! Which brings me to my next request question:

[whineflail]Does anyone have at least four green glow sticks I could use at Ushicon? I have no time to go out shopping at all this week and it's just impossible to stop somewhere and get some on the way.[/whineflail]

Alas! A picture of me! (Looks horrible because it was taken on a cell phone.)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Well, I'm out. Ja!

Kawaii Seth<3

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mortal Kombat! XD

Time: 7:50 PM

Song: None

By: Erm... none.

None: Happy. Image hosting by Photobucket

Have nothing to say, na no da. The background of the frames on my posts will be changing once I find the right frame to use that'll make the writing easier to read. If anyone has anything I could use for a frame, please donate. I want to make this layout the sex successful.

I'm VERY zombified because Sethos and I stayed up late last night... so here's a video to watch!

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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Okay... so I WAS going to turn my layout into complete Ryuichi-ness, but MyO seems to be screwing itself lagging hardcore for me right now... so you'll see a horrible choice of colors and a horrible beginning to my Ryu layout for now. Sorry guys.

That, and for some reason, I can't view ANY of my recent posts. e.e

Kawaii Seth<3

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

So... about those dead bodies... o.o

Time: 6:00 PM

Song: "Sleepless Beauty"

By: Nittle Grasper

Mood: Blank. o.o

tooku de me o hikarasete
mezameru monotachi matte iru
yoru no jouheki, sasowarete
utsurisumu mure no nukegara ni

[deguchi no nai]
shougeki ni taeru tsumori nara
[kuzureru hodo]
itsuwari o misete

umarekawareru anata yo hitori
hohoemanaide hitomi o irodoru
nozonda sekai ga totsuzen
hai ni natte mo kiseki ni mada, meguriaeru

[sotto dakishimete, kowasu you ni]

muku na mama de sarasarete
hanabira o chirasu hana no you ni
migaku houseki te no naka no
hibi ni sae kizukihajimeteru

[tsumetai te ga]
nukeochita toge o hirou kara
[madoromu hi ga]

ima mo todokanu hikari no yukue
azayaka ni mau, omoi o egakou
michibiku kotoba ga koborete
shimawanu you ni utsuru toki o osorenaide

[deguchi mo naku]

umarekawareru anata yo hitori
hohoemanaide hitomi o irodoru
nozonda sekai ga totsuzen
hai ni natte mo kiseki ni mada, meguriaeru

todokanu hikari no yukue
azayaka ni mau, omoi o egakou
michibiku kotoba ga koborete
shimawanu you ni utsuru toki o osorenaide

[sotto dakishimete]
[zutto tsukamaete]
[motto kokoro made kowasu you ni]

Today was fairly uneventful and TAKS field testing has left my brain throbbing with pain... so typos will surely be sought in this post.

Today's post: Check list for Ushicon.

Mad Raving Hatter:

Theatrical Make up -Check-

Top -50% done-

Pants -Check-

Ribbon -Needs-

Top hat -Check-

Platform boots -Check-

Bracelette -Check-

Green Hair spray -Needs more-

Safety Pins -Check-


Tape for binding -Needs more-

Tight sports bra for binding -Check-

Shirt -Check-

Shorts -Check-

Black socks -Check-

Shoes -Check-

Longer hair -Check-

Pockets -Check-

Hoop Ear rings -Check-

Gloves -Check-

Woo.... still working on it. This weekend, Sethos and I will be working ALL frickin' day on touch ups and I may be stuck working on a Tsume (Wolf's Rain) costume too. Walter better be happy I love him. (He's my gay boyfriend. =D)

So yeah... I killed them. I helped him try to escape.

Kawaii Seth<3

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

System Announcement!

Ushicon is so freaking close!

Dot dot dot...

That is all! *Skitters back to class until later.*

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My World...


Song: My World

By: SR-71

Mood: Laid back

The fastest man in the world, fast asleep at the wheel
Nobody wants to be alone, so how did I get, here
When I look at you, I see him staring through me
A wink and a smile, cuz he's been inside of you
Is he all the things you, tried to change me into?
Is he everything to you?

Does he make you high, make you real?
Does he make you cry? Does he know the way you feel?
Love is all around you, your universe is full
But in my world, there is only you

I can still find the smell
On my clothes and skin
I can still see your face, when your sleeping next to him
Is he all the things you, tried to change me into?
Tell me does he


I have my fears, you let them out
Now I wrap myself around you
Like a blanket full of doubt
the darkness burns the sunlight stings
He's your everything


You make me high! You make me real!
You make me cry! Now you know the way I feel
Love is all around you, your universe is full
But in my world, there is only you

Sugoi... Ushicon's only next weekend na no da! I really have nothing to say today, which is weird enough on my end over here anyway. x.x;

I spent the night at Lemony Slash's house and we had a blast. I can't really elaborate on that due to the fact that it would take too long and I only have a certain amount of time to accomplish things.

I'm in Comp Multimedia... woo. We're beginning claymation today, which is kind of a contradiction since we're supposed to be working with computer graphics... not clay. ._.

I've gathered some good stuff for the Ryuichi Sakuma layout; if anyone has anything they think would look cool on the layout, please PM it to me.<3

Well, I must be off to sketch my character. x.x

Kawaii Seth<3

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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Time: 11:10 PM

Song: I Must be Emo

By: Hollywood Undead

Mood: Torn

WARNING: This post contains Sethy’s actual thoughts of love life and her real feelings about things at this moment. Don’t like a rare dose of depression? You’re inhuman. Now let us all break out into laughter at Sethy’s emotional anguish.

Once again, refusal to post lyrics on my part; I just recommend the song and all that good stuff. So on to my very schizophrenic day meeting up with my fellow Raving Ninjas and what not. My, my, what an awesome way to start of a post, ne?

I woke up around 10:00 AM and dragged my happy butt into the shower. Knowing what all I was going to face today, I had butterflies in my stomach that made me so nervous I almost threw up while washing my hair. The fact was, I knew I was going to see Ian (My ex boyfriend.) today and there was really no getting out of it unless I decided to stay home. I really wanted to see everyone, so I sucked it up and got ready to leave.

While Naru-kun (My little brother) was taking a shower, I attempted to eat something. Too nervous/upset to eat anything, I drank a little “Light and Smooth” Smoothie and that was enough to satisfy me. Naru-kun came downstairs and ate some pop tarts and mom began to drive us to the Japanese Tea Gardens.

The whole way there, my thoughts basically consisted if: ”It’s okay Seth. You don’t have to talk to him or even acknowledge that he’s there! But it would be mean to ignore him. I can’t stand feeling this way. No! You don’t like anymore after he broke up with you! You can still talk to him, but it will hurt… more then anything you’ve felt in quite awhile. Quit being this way! Be strong… be strong.”

My thoughts ended as soon as we pulled up into the parking lot and I laid eyes on Zappa, Deus, Rain, and of course… Ian. My mom saw Ian and gave me warning look; kind of like telling me that she knew what I was about to go through. You see, my mom was there for me when I told her about how much I loved Ian before me and him got together. And she was there for me when I cried after we hung up on the phone, confirming that we had broken up. (Depressing. D: )

Hugged Zappa and made a complete bitch out of myself in front of Ian. We hugged briefly and he said: “Long time, no see.” And I gave him something of a mean look and replied: “Yeah, no kidding.” in a fake happy manner. I think he noticed due to the fact that he kind of shrank back. I turned my back, cursing myself, and walked up the stairs. Now, I think back then… I thought I had a good reason for being mean to him.

When we were talking after we broke up, he said he didn’t want anything between us to change. Before we got together, he called me almost every day and we talked and had a good time doing so. I was expecting things to go back to normal, but normal was definitely an understatement. After that phone call, he never called me, e-mailed, Imed, or did anything to keep in touch with me. It hurt a lot to think that he may just not care about it.

Needless to say, I went in thinking I could fight off this battle with my emotions about Ian, but as soon as I saw him… I filled to brim with a mixture of emotions I haven’t felt in such a long time. He’s the only guy I’ve ever cried about after we broke up and the only one I can actually say that I loved him so much while we were together… and I just couldn’t stand thinking about how he seemed to ditch me so easily when we broke up. I saw him and felt hatred, sorrow, and a tad drop of happiness to just see him.

I decided to walk around and climb stuff while waiting for Maki and Sethos to show up. I saw a lot of people I haven’t seen in such a long time. Needless to say, I don’t feel like I fit in with them anymore. Things are awkward between Phlinx, Minty, and myself and I’m just not close with Suger, Newbeh, or even Levi. I wanted to leave almost as soon as they got there and I didn’t want to tell how I felt because I don’t like drama and I don’t like causing it. They never told me that they openly hate me… so why start shit just because you assumed something very stupid?

Danzig and Kimba showed up and I was very happy to see them. I really like Danzig and Kim for some reason. They’re just really cool doobies and Kimba always makes me laugh whenever we talk to each other on yahoo on some rare occasions.

I finally saw Maki and Sethos and felt much better. I smiled and messed around with Maki and went climbing on the rocks some more. Eventually, I hugged Ian for real and we held onto each other for a long time. I just wanted to show him how much I missed him and I didn’t want to let go. I really miss the hugs we used to give every time we saw each other when he came to visit me.

I sat on the bench for a long time and Zappa noticed that I was upset, but I didn’t want to talk about everything for fear of breaking down and crying all over him about how much I don’t feel like I fit in with everyone and about Ian. I just smiled and drank my Mountain Dew.

We found a stray dog and wanted to take it to the animal help center nearby and we all kind of discussed it. Kimba and Suger ran around playing with the dog while we all just kind of talked and meandered around the place.

Rain, Canuck, Zappa, Sethos, Wuffers, and Nathan all sat on the bench with me and we laughed and talked happily about random things. I got to meet the substitute guy, Cy I think, and he fits in with us perfectly. At first, I had no intention on going to the Ingram Park mall with everyone, but I just asked Sethos if me and Naru-kun could hitch a ride with her and Cy. It was no problem and we all decided to depart.

We got the dog in the back of Canuck’s truck and Sethos, Cy, Naru-kun, and I all walked to his car. We had to deal with some traffic and what not, but we eventually got to the Animal Help Center and met up with Tala, Ian, Rain, and a few others. It took awhile, but they leashed the dog and took him in as we all waved to him. Sethos, Naru-kun, Cy and I all packed into Cy’s car and began our way to the mall.

Now, I told my parents I was getting a ride with Sethos’ older brother, so I was a little nervous about my parents finding out in the end, but they didn’t. I decided to have fun and messed around with Cy’s windows. I kept rolling up the window and rolling it down and then proceeded to stick my head out the window and shout things at random people as we drove by. We all had fun in the car. I still can’t believe Cy’s a substitute teacher!

We were waiting in traffic and Cy was rummaging for his map and moved forward a bit too much. We ended up hitting the back of some guy’s car and we freaked out as we saw the door open. The guy, dressed in gangster clothes and looking like a very angry Mexican, began walking out of his car and I thought we were either going to get our asses kicked or get shot. He just looked at the back of his car, noticed no damage, and got back in his car and sped off. We spent the next fifteen minutes laughing our asses off about it and making jokes.

We eventually got to the mall and I REALLY had to pee. I think that angry gangster almost made me piss myself. I quickly ran inside and relieved myself. I went to Cyberzone and everyone was there having a good time. Eventually, Sethos, Canuck, Nathan, Cy and myself all got bored and decided to go up the escalator and down the other escalator. Each time we came up, we walked a different way.

Canuck came up with this crazy idea and pulled his shirt down over his knees, making himself look like a midget. We skittered (Literally) from one escalator to the other and everyone in the food court was cracking up at him. We got to about sixteen laps with the escalator and retired to get some food. Canuck ended up buying us some food from Arby’s. I got four mozzarella sticks, but my stomach still felt horrendous so I only ate two and the other two went to Cy.

We sat downstairs and somehow got onto the topic about Lesbian Dolphin Sex and Anal Dwelling Parasites. I dunno how it happened… it just did. My dad called and said he was to be picking up my littler brother and I in about fifteen minutes. I ran into Cyberzone and hugged those who wanted one. Danzig hugged me and reminded me to tune into the rave ninja radio more often. XD;

I hugged Ian for a really long time and told him to call me more often. It’ll hurt like hell to talk to him so much again, but I miss him too much and at least want to keep him as a really good friend or perhaps a brother-like figure. He basically said that he felt like I didn’t want to talk to him, but I told him my phone’s always open for receiving calls and hugged him again before leaving. I hugged Sethos and headed for my dad’s truck.

We sat in the truck listening to music while my dad went in and got us Taco Bell. I almost broke down crying when I flipped channels on the radio and there were nothing but break up songs or love songs on. Finding some System of a Down song on the radio, we left that on. I came home and ate as best as I possibly could, walked upstairs to tell mom about my day in very discreet detail and headed for my room where I logged on and began typing this.

I really don’t know why I choose to hang onto memories of Ian and me when we were together. I guess it was just because I enjoyed being with him so much that it just hurt to know that things will never be the same between him and myself again. Feeling like I’m breaking down isn’t much fun, but when I think back to everything me and him did together…

… I don’t regret ever being with him in any way.

I just thought it would be easy to forget about him and attempt to move on with my life; pretend that I hate him for making me cry more then I have ever in my life time. It wasn’t that easy and I find that even though there’s a fine line between hating and loving someone… I just can’t bring myself to hate him. I’m not going to be the annoying ex that can’t seem to let him go and be free and live his life; I’m going to be the supportive friend that everyone needs.

Thinking back to how my relationship with Ian was… I think my decision I’m about to make here is final. I really enjoyed my relationship with him and I enjoyed it when people weren’t able to get into my business about dating him. All was fine and no one got into anything about us and spread rumors. Though this decision may hurt a few, I really hope they all understand. From this day on, I will refuse to go out with anyone at my school unless I really love them and can’t stand to live without them. It may sound stupid, but I’ve noticed that my most successful relationships were with people OUTSIDE of my school and away from everyone. Plus, if they’re farther away from me… I actually have the opportunity to miss them. I have a tendency to get tired of seeing someone at school all the time. Don’t flame me for that decision because my love life is my own and not yours.<3

Who knows? Maybe the future seems brighter for me later on. Oh well; enough being all sad and what not. I’ve vented as much as possible and feel better now. I really doubt that any of you read ALL of this though. Probably just skimmed through it. Go on, admit it! XD

So the winner for the next layout is: Ryuichi Sakuma.

Still dunno when the layout will be up though.

Seth: Can I talk now?

I never told you to be quiet, hun.

Seth: I hate seeing you cry.

I hate it too… but such is life, no?

Have a good weekend, kiddies.

Kawaii Seth<3

Now for a funny video to lighten the mood! :D

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Friday, January 13, 2006

The week is almost over.

Time: Dunno

Song: Satisfaction

By: Benny Benassi

Mood: Tired and thoughtful.

Short post today, guys. I have a question for all of you to answer.<3

Seth: *Walks into his room.*

What should my next layout be?

Ryuichi Sakuma (Gravitation)



Yaoi in general

Other (Please state what your "other" is.)


Kawaii Seth<3

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Thursday, January 12, 2006



Song: Turn Off the Lights

By: Hollywood Undead feat. Jeffree Star

Mood: Lazy.

!So once again, I refuse to display this songs lyrics due to the fact that the band is very onbscene and the lyrics very explicit; probably the main reason as to why I like them, hm?!<3

Ah, I'm sitting here with an infamous lunchable in my lap... with its fake meat and crappy tasting crackers. Why would I eat it? Because I'm freaking hungry.. Dx

So the only final I had today was Geometry... then Ashley, Edison, Vincent, and I got to sit in the cafeteria for two and hald hours! Sweet, no? (Boooring... -.-)

*Sluprs a jell-o pudding thingy she discovered in her lunchable.*

Seth: Gross... *Covers mouth to keep from throwing up.*

Oh, shut up Mr. Egyptian! You've eaten worse things then this! xP

Seth: Oy vey...

Well, gotta head off! Go download Hollywood Undead songs! They rock my socks and zero_li_enna's too! *Tosses a heart at zero.*<3

Kawaii Seth<3

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Never going down...

Time: 4:30 PM

Song: Never Going Down

By: Hollywood Undead (Recommended band)

Mood: Content

!I refuse to post the lyrics to my song simply because of the obscene and VERY explicit lyric wise. Wanna read the lyrics? Go look for them on google!.<3

Let me talk about Hollywood Undead real quick. I got into the band thanks to my friend Joe at school (who's very obsessed with the band right now and it's kind of annoying, but hey... everyone's got their likings and such.) who said he found this band on myspace.

Now, this is just my opinion, but I don't like myspace at all for some reason. EVERYONE seems to have one and I just don't want to be pulled into that sort of thing. I thought myspace was only for promoting your band's music and what not... now it's become kind of a dating thing now. (Considering how many of my friends have gotten messages from random people asking them out.)

Now, Jeffree Star is featured in a lot of their songs. Jeff is a crossdressing male with a secksy voice. Hollywood Undead is made mostly of gay men, but the music is very explicit and what not. Some of their music, such as the song "My Black Dahlia", is very deep and what not.

I like them, so that's all that matters, I guess. :3

Seth: I never really listen because-

Hai, you always read sweetie.

Seth: Yes, I do. *Pushes new reading glasses up and begins reading again.*

Today was pretty good; it was meant to be an early release day, but I had to stay for Winterguard practice until about three o' clock PM and what not. We got pretty far in the routine and had fun doing it. (Haha... doing it...)

I had two finals today: English and Latin... woo.

English: 43 questions
Latin: 150 questions

At least I got to sleep a bit more after taking the tests and stuff. And I also had fun making Maki laugh at the table in the cafeteria when the teacher's kept trying to kick us out. ;D

Gotta go for now. Toodles.

Kawaii Seth<3

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