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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ah, the joys of... boredom? o_O;

Time: 11:30 PM

Song: None.

By: None.

Mood: Amuse.

So, Tuesday was a well-spent day with Sethos in the confines of my living room! She ended up showing at my front door at around 11:30 AM and then we sat around and talked while I ate my breakfast.

Retreating up to my living room afterwards, we sat there... and sat there. We basically watched T.V. at first and then we decided to have a movie marathon!

Which consisted of disney movies such as:

The Lion King
The Lion King 1 1/2

on Wednesday, we're gonna watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and just flat out be lazy teenagers! :D

Right now, we're watching this weird show about how teenage girls are unhappy with their bodies and want things like: smaller ears, bigger boobs, smaller boobs, etc.,

I don't know why we're watching this, but I'm hungry and the pantry is being inhabited by the cats and my uncle is sleeping downstairs... so much for getting anything to eat right now. xD

This is the worst time to be in the mood for Ramen.

And now our conversation is consisting of nipple piercings and how awkward it must feel to get it done by someone you barely know.

Ah, simple joys.

By the way! What's on everyone's Christmas lists this year? I didn't get very many answers in the last post. XP

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Time: 11:06 PM

Song: This is to the Fuckers!

By: Just ask me.

Mood: Content.

Meme taken from

Three names I go by:
1. Seth
2. Sethy
3. Okaa-chan

Three screen names I have had:
1. Spellcaster_Seth
2. Kawaii Seth
3. icha_icha_paradise_lover

Three physical things I like about myself:
1. My hair
2. My waist
3. My eyes

Three physical things I don't like about myself:
1. My legs
2. My acne
3. My nose

Three parts of my heritage:
1. Doesn't matter anymore...

Three things that scare me:
1. Dying without accomplishing anything.
2. Being alone in life.
3. My friends getting hurt.

Three of my everyday essentials:
1. Roleplay
2. Friends
3. Music

Three of my favorite musical artists:
1. Gackt
2. BT
3. Dir En Grey

Three of my favorite songs:
1. Night Of Fire
2. Simply Being Loved
3. Never Gonna Come Back Down

Three things I want in a relationship:
1. Truth.
2. No arguements.
3. Mutualism.

Three LIES:
1. I hate skinny guys
2. I love to be lonely
3. I'm heartless

1. I love the color green
2. I can be quite envious
3. I hate bitchy people

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to me:
1. Personality.

Three of my favorite hobbies:
1. Writing
2. Voice Acting as much as possible
3. Roleplay

Three things I want to do really badly now:
1. Become a voice actor!
2. Graduate and just move away...
3. Just tell Ian how much I miss him...

Three careers I've considered:
1. Voice acting
2. Author

Three places I want to go on vacation:
1. Japan
2. England
3. Anywhere with my good buddies

Three kid's names I like:
1. Devon
2. Eras
3. Jared

Three things I want to do before I die:
1. Get married
2. Have fun
3. Live life like I should...

Three ways that I am stereotypically a boy:
1. Don't care about what I wear
2. Pervy
3. Hate admitting I'm wrong

Three ways that I am stereotypically a girl:
1. I bathe
2. I have a attitude that's hell to deal with
3. God forbid, I care about my body

Three celebrity crushes:
1. Gackt
2. JC Chasez is pretty hawt
3. Sean William Scott

Three people you want to see carry on this meme:
1. Sethos
2. Nick
3. Ashly (Twin)

Yes, I have discovered the wonders of messing my with myotaku and I have decided to insert a frame all by myself. I feel so empowered when I learn things all on my own. <3

I can't wait to see what little creatures I got in my eggs up there in my profile... I hope at least one is a form of a dragon though... that would rock my rocks.

Enough about that, what'd I do all day on Monday?

Well... as everyone knows, I absolutely hate mondays... regardless of whether I have the day off or not. So I woke up around 11 AM and showered (Yes, I showered) and then watched some T.V.

Get this... I was so bored that I watched the movie Cats Don't Dance. Now isn't that just a little pathetic? I think so.

So later on, I'm in my room just hanging out and dad calls saying he needs help with groceries. I didn't help him put them away.... me and Nick put them away without his help.

Then he had us doing all this other stuff. And I was like, "What the hell is this? A service center?" And dad was rushing around like he had something important to do. .-.

Then after dinner sometime, Ali calls and decides he wants to babble on and on about his crushes on random guys. Yes, Ali is gay and doesn't mind me telling people.

The funniest thing is the fact that he can carry on a one-sided conversation the whole time we're on the phone. I don't say anything and he just continues rambling on! Oh, he's such a funny guy though. Talking about the stuff him and his last boyfriend did.

Then we got onto the subject of Doom's Day (Valentine's Day) and how much I hate that very day. He loves it because it's all frilly and happy and lovey.

I pointed out that not everyone has someone to love on Doom's day and he got all huffy because I entitled it Doom's day in the first place.

Then we went back to his one-sided conversation while I worked on what I'm gonna do with myotaku after Thanksgiving... things are looking great so far!

So what's on everyone's Christmas/Other assorted holiday close to Christmas lists?


1. Mp3 player of sorts.
2. Materials for Hinata costume.
3. BT: Emotional technology CD.
4. Paranoia Agent box set.
5. FLCL Box set.
6. Corpse Bride stuffs.
7. New sketch pad.
8. Shadow the Hedgehog! (Shutup! I like him.)
9. There would be more stuff written here if I currently had the list I wrote down.

Well... that's close enough to the idea. xD

Talk to all of you later!

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Monday, November 21, 2005


Time: 11:05

Song: At the Beginning

By: Wouldn't you like to know?! -.-

Mood: Comfortably pissed off.

Watch this every time you're feeling down.


Be sure to turn your speakers up.

So anyway, after having a short talk with Phlinx, I have realized a lot of things. And these things have made me much happier now that I can be confident about them.

You see, I shouldn't care at all if some bitch begins to spread rumors about me at school or if I lose a lot of friends for something that wasn't even my fault. The point is... after High school... I won't even talk to a quarter of anyone I knew in High school.

Times may get hard and I may sometimes snap and go off in this journal, but that doesn't matter... as long as I keep that nice little fact bright in my mind. There are a select few people I actually want to keep in touch with.

And I can guarantee that most of those people are very unlikely to know it's them in the first place. I'm not going to name any names though. <3

So as long as I can get through this year without certain unmentionables bugging me, I'd be very content with life and wouldn't want to go on some sort of a rampage throughout school and hate everyone and everything.

So, a change of subject, ne? How does everyone like to spend their Christmas? I like to spend mine at home with my family and talk on the phone with some good friends of mine.

One thing I hate the most about the holidays (Nick, don't you dare tell mom about this! She'll have my head. xD) is the fact that we have to spend a few days in Hicksville (San Angelo) receiving presents from relatives that we don't even know well. I swear every time grandma buys something for me and Nick, I just wanna look at Nick and be like, "Wanna trade?" .-.

I do love Christmas time though. 'Tis a great time to be nice to all the little cockbite fucktards out there who hate me and probably have a good reason to. <3!!

I would have more to talk about, but my conversation with Phlinx became less inspirational as we trailed off and had a talk about Hentai and how much I dislike "Nipple sex" and Tentacles. :3

Wondering where Lynch went? He's taking a little break at the moment. Call it something of a little vacation. *Pats a little box.*

Lynch: Fucking bitch! Lemme outta here! *Froths in the box.*


Ta ta for now everyone. <3

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Friday, November 11, 2005


What goes well, ends well, I guess. It's true... Ian and I broke up and I'm alright with it. As long as he's happy and we're still friends.

I was a little broken, but I'm repairing nicely thanks to my loving friends. Here's the request list!

Sethos - (Sabre)I have the name written somewhere. (DONE!)

Tala - (Wolf) Name: ?

Lemony Slash - (Wolf/dragon hybrid) Name: Got it in PM. (DONE!)

Zappa - (Wolf) Got colors in comments.

Tori - Wolf. Got colors in PM.

Chris (Daughter) - Sabretooth kitten.

mrspackman - (Sabre.) Info in PM.

Requests end at 7:00 PM tonight! Send a private message my way!

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Request List.

So far... this is the request list.

Sethos - (Sabre)I have the name written somewhere. (DONE!)

Tala - (Wolf) Name: ?

Lemony Slash - (Wolf/dragon hybrid) Name: Got it in PM. (DONE!)

Zappa - Species? Got colors in comments.

Tori - Wolf. Got colors in PM.

Chris (Daughter) - Sabretooth kitten.

Anymore? Just PM me... I'll be having some down time soon to take care of them after I figure out what's going on with Ian...

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Seth's imagination presents....

I'm sure you have already noticed that my beloved Himi has disappeared at the top of Myotaku. If not, then you're such a n00bzer when it comes to knowing Sethy.

Well... Himi was a creation that is the manifestation of my inner personality. Her passive looking features showed everyone that I would do everything in my nature to keep from hurting anyone with my words. Her odd hybrid species (Purple hyena-timber wolf mix) showed that I am indeed quite an odd breed of human. Her symbolism to me was very accurate... at the time.

I've putting a lot of thought into my actions lately and I have realized that Himi has grown old and she is no longer an accurate symbol in Myotaku.

Now I present to you... Lynch. Lynch, too, is an odd breed just by looking at the grin on his face and by looking at his colors and skeleton-like tail.

Why the name Lynch, you ask?

Lynch (lnch)- To [b]execute without due process of law[/b], especially to hang, as by a mob.

Now I'm sure some of you have seen the change in my personality. Meaning that I have not been taking shit from anyone lately and I am showing (without hesitation) my opinion about things. Some think it's mean while others think I have a right to do so.

Himi was quite nice, an example of good behavior and keeping everything in (thus the sad look on her face).

Lynch is the definition of "If you're my friend, you'll understand why I'm saying this."

I refuse to hold anything back just to keep some overly sensitive people happy with themselves. I will no longer downplay my talents for others just to make them feel good about what they CAN'T do.

I hope everyone likes Lynch... because he'll be here for a long time it looks. <33

(I am now opening requests to make a creature that represents you for your own otaku as well. I so Sabres, Wolves, and horses. I'm much better at sabres and wolves though. Just send me a PM with what you want. Please includes: Colors, accessories, facial expressions, etc.)

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Monday, November 7, 2005

School Shooting?!

Here I am at an empty school.

I awoke today with my alarm clock blaring that stupid "My Humps" song and growled as I hit the snooze button for the next fifteen minutes.

It was about 6:15 AM when I finally dragged my rotting carcass out of bed and took myself a nice, hot shower.

I was kicked out of the bathroom by my dad because Nick needed to catch his morning shower and I was holding him up. Dressed and wet, I trudged to my room and plugged in my hair dryer. I was blow-drying my hair for a haphazard look when my dad banged on the door. I was so irritated with my dad for interrupting me... again.

I shouted at him that I am almost done and he walked in. He looked at me and said, "Yugi called. She said her mom's not letting her go to school because of rumors of a school shooting. Do you want to go to school or stay home?"

I looked at him calmly and stated, "Sure." So we walked downstairs and into the truck where I called Yugi and told her my decision. After hearing her flip out about me attending school, I hung up. I already knew today was going to be special.

Upon walking into school, nobody was there but Brandon and Evey. Soon enough my freshmen, Kagura, showed up. Evey went home and so did Brandon. My freshman kept me company and together we learned more about the situation.

As everyone showed up, those didn't know heard about it and found out that those who stayed home would have an excused absence. I decided to stay, even after Joe called me crazy.

Everyone was freaking and this was my whole joke (because everyone knows that I never take anything seriously).

Friend: So did you hear about the shooting?

Me: Did you hear about the bombthreat tomorrow? A gay jewish black dude is coming to school to shoot everyone on wednesday. The KKK's coming on thursday. And Jesus is coming to say 'hi' on friday.

Friend: XD!!

So here's my day so far:

1st period (English): There was three of us. We watched Brother Bear. Someone knocked on the door and we all dropped to the floor. XD

2nd period (Geometry): There was four of us. We watched "Homewrecker" with Ryan Dunn.

3rd period (Biology): There was three of us. This is the class I get all the work in. She put all three of us to work.

4th period (Latin): There was four of us. We watched Greese.

5th period (Lunch): All six of us sat around and joked about the whole thing. There were no more than thirty people at lunch... it was great!

And that put me in my sixth period class. Woo! Today has been awesome. I can walk in the hallways without getting run over! All those friends who went home are missing out!

I have accomplished jackshit today all because of a silly rumor about a school shooting! Hellz yeah!

Typical of me to have this kind of attitude during something like this, ne?

Today's been so fucking awesome that it's undescribable! No drama, no work... nothing! I've had so much free time that it's unbelieveable... ah the joys of life.

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Sunday, November 6, 2005

It's all over.

Time: 1:00 AM

Song: We'll Go Dreaming

By: Ebbing Tyd feat. BT

Mood: Light-hearted.

Well... our last game was on Saturday and we had a decent time, even though the sun kept blinding us during those four hours.

Now I'll actually have some more free time then I have had all year... hazaa! Now I get to show you pics of marching season!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This picture really isn't from this year, it's from last year's parade. Gosh I'm walking funny.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here's everyone of us that marched the parade last year. <3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This was taken during this marching season. That move was so uncomfortable at first.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is by far my most favorite picture. They caught me on camera during a hyper time because I was happy we scored a first divison. <3

And that's it for now, kiddies. Talk to you later.

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Friday, November 4, 2005

Marching season...

Well... at school once again and thinking about how fast this year is going by. Soon enough, I'll be graduating and leaving off to college and what-not.

... I'm not looking forward to it...

The real world is quite the scary place and at my year in High school, I'm kind of hesistant on entering the real world.

Bah... this day has been so horrible and I'm ready to go home and spend some time with myself before heading over to Malicia's house to help set up for her baby-shower. Dr. Malik should be returning soon enough... thus more work will be piled on me. <3

So how is everyone? xD;

I can't wait to relax this weekend. Amd after the game this saturday, no more marching practice for me! Whoot for free time!

So... hows about I ask everyone this question?

If you could be an anime character...

1. What figure?
2. What hair style?
3. Clothes?
4. Color of hair?

For me... it's as follows:

1. I'd be a thin chick with a small build.
2. My hair style will be much like the one I have now, but more haphazard.
3. Clothes: Black and green phat pants, torn shirt with safety pinned long-sleeves, upside down triangle markings that are green, green and black cat ears, and a black tail with some hella style platforms. <3
4. Hair color... black with neon green streaks. :D

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

Warning... this post may seem very mean to some of you.

Can't disclose song and time due to the fact that I'm at achool.

It has come to my intention that some of my irl friends have been getting these Myotakus just to see if I talk shit about them or not. And it's really getting to me...

People... Myotaku is a way for me to keep in touch with the people I never get to see and/or talk to on a regular basis. It may seem like I like my con friends WAY more than school friends, but thar's not the case. I need all of you to know that I truly love all of you, but speak of my con friends highly due to the fact that I miss them.

And please know that Myotaku communities are for anime fans... not for causing drama to a certain person at school AND online. I enjoy the fact that this has gotten so popular... but someone has spread the rumor that they only joined this community to learn more about me.

What the fuck?

If anything, my personal blogs will piss all of you off on a regular basis. I'm no one special, so why try to crawl deeper into my mind? All you're going to do is get dissapointed.

I guess I'm just being obsessive compulsive about my whole, "I hate popular stuff" and what-not, but just keep in mine that I don't like being harassed online as much as I am harassed at achool about things that make no sense to me sometimes.

And do know that if you joined this site to get an "insight" of my mind... you will be very dissapointed. Take this as just a "I warned you" type thing.

I say that because the people who are used to reading this journal know what my posts are like. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're incredibly mean, and sometimes they're just kind of... there.

I love everyone the same... so don't think that knowing me on Myotaku is going to bring you closer... because it's not. :/

On a random note: Soggy bread tastes funny.

On another note: I'm cleaining out my friend's list. If you don't appear on my friend's list later on and want to, inform me. <3

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