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'Copperia no Hitsugi' from Noir (great song ^_^)
Greetings fellow otaku!

It's about time I changed this intro around a bit, so:

Welcome to Katori-chan's page! If you have time, please have a look at some of my art and sign my guestbook - I promise I'll visit your site ^_^; !

Katori-chan is now a free woman, (or at least free from exam work), and so has no excuse for not updating her site ^_^;

Right now, I'm working on some fan art for submission (I've submitted the uncoloured version) and listening to Shooting Star from Onegai Teacher ^_^ . Otherwise, there's not a whole lot happening. Leave a comment or two, if you like.

Arigato Gozaimasu

I love Excel Saga ^_^

Monday, September 13, 2004

Tokyo Rocks!! I had so much fun! OK, first I should say I'm sorry for not posting straight away.. I went away with my Dad pretty much as soon as I got back..

Anyways, the flight was pretty dull. And uncomfortable (why do they put seat tilt on when if you lean back you'll crush the guy behind you?). But it was well worth it! There was so much to see when I was there. I think I could stay in the Shibuya or Roppongi districts for a month and not see everything, nevermind the rest of Tokyo.

So.. I saw a festival parade and a Shinto shrine the first day I was there.. it was so strange seeing people wearing traditional clothes, playing traditional music and the little wooden shrine in the middle of a city. Great fun though!

I also visited Tokyo tower (of course - afterall, it's in the first Tenchi movie! ^_^;), and the Roppongi hills (a really high building with a restaurant at the top). While I was there I saw a Hello Kitty exhibition! Yep, that's right - to celebrate Hello Kitty's 30th birthday, a load of professional artists had come up with some amazing things - paintings, sculpture, photography, short films etc. all about Hello Kitty. It was fantastic! I'm a fan, so I got lots o' kewl souvenirs ^_^

I also saw an exhibition and a trailer for a new film by the same director of Akira. It's called 'Steamboy' and it looks great. It's based in a sort of fictional Victorian England. The computer graphics and animation techniques they're using to show buildings etc. are so good I got kinda homesick.. I can't wait for the English sub version!

I went into the country as well, to a little town (some distance from Tokyo) called Okazaki. It's where the Shogun clan originated.. (his family y'know), and there was a museum (with swords from the time!), statues and, of course, a castle. Japanese castles are so different to English castles.. beautiful in an entirely different way, considering they were built for the same purpose. I think that was one of the highlights of my trip ^_^ (reminded me of Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin).

What else? Oh, I should probably say that I love Japanese food. I went in loads of restaurants, and everywhere the food is prepared so skillfully, and with real passion. You can see why there are manga about cooking, when there is so much thought and effort put into even the simplest meals. Looks great too, and it's healthy, and really relatively cheap! I generally paid between 500 and 700 Yen, so about 5 or.. however many dollars ($7?).

And finally, the people! They really are as nice and friendly as everyone says! And as clean - I barely saw any graffiti or litter the entire time I was there. Not even on the subways (shiny!). You could eat off the streets, if the cars and bikes would stop for a minute.. So many business workers don't finish 'till nearly midnight, and the roads are packed (but still flowing) basically 24 hrs a day. The people are predominantly thin and fit too - probably the food, and all that energy spent on Karaoke ^_^. There were loads of really nice-looking guys, with fantastic hair and skin ^///^. Sorry, I just have a 'thing' for them!

That's about it then (mainly 'cos this is already a long post). I'll try and put up a couple of pics.. some are from around Mount Fuji, but you can't tell 'cos it was cloudy -_-;;

Ja ne!

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Friday, August 20, 2004

   We leave at Midnight... ^_^;
Hey guys! I wanted to post earlier this week, but my life was dull and uninteresting.. so I thought I'd spare you ^_^;

But I've got a couple of things to say now, so here we go: Yesterday was my dad's birthday (he's 42), so I teased him, but I also bought him a nice present to make up for it ^_^

Yesterday I also got my exam results - I had to go into college to pick them up. I was kinda nervous, but it turns out that I did well - much better than I expected, in fact. I don't want to brag, (well, maybe a little bit, but I deserve it!) but out of my 3 subjects, I got 3 A grades ^_^; . So I'm happy anyways. More importantly, my anime DVD came through!! I now have the Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special, and two episodes of Pretty Sammy!! It had to come from Australia, so I've waited a while, but it came just in time and was well worth it ^_^

So, to round off - tonight (midnight) I'm going down to London. I'll be at Heathrow airport at 9:00 am tomorrow, and at 11:00 am I board the plane to TOKYO ^_^ !! I can hardly believe I'm finally going - it's been two months since I booked. I'm coming back on the 30th, in the evening, so I'll probably post the next day to tell you about it. Maybe I'll have some pics too ^_^ .

Well, gotta go finish packing - see you all when I get back! Ja ne! ^_^

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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

confusion! (my life is complicated)
Hey guys, I'm still alive!! (I'm guessing you were thinking otherwise..)

Okies, let's see - I've finally managed to get my hands on Hellsing volume 2 (DVD), but even more importantly, the TENCHI MUYO MIHOSHI SPECIAL!!! Today is a great day. I haven't actually received that DVD yet, but it's in the post. I can barely contain myself! (I've wanted to see the full version of it for roughly 3 years now.. I only ever saw the CN version once, too. I'm so deprived.. Until now! ^_^)

Oh yeah, I also took a course (difficult) so that I could apply for my motorbike race licence. I passed the exam though, so that's all gone through and I should be getting the licence any day now. This is also good! Course, I have to wear a bright orange Novice Jacket at first, but what can you do.

To round up the remainder of my life (not a lot is left after anime and bikes have been covered ^_^;;), I've been working for the business - stocktaking is incredibly boring! And trying to fit in some artwork somewhere. I'm having trouble getting onto the Internet right now, both because of my schedule and because it's being unreasonably slow. Some pages don't even load.

See you all when I can - that might be a while (gomen nasai!). But I wish you all the best ^_^
Ja ne!

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Phew! I've had a seriously busy week.. The biggest thing that's happening right now is with motorbiking - it's taking over my life. I've just joined a club, and I'm in the process of filling in an extremely complicated application form for a race licence. It involves taking eyesight tests, fitness/health tests (signatures of respective optician/doctor required), an official stamp and signature from someone at the club (to say I'm a member) and I have to take a course and exam in racing. I'll also need to send in a certificate which shows I've done well in a training school, but I've got plenty so that's OK.

To sort it all out, I'm booking the test course for next Monday, and I've got to go to a racetrack on the next Friday and probably weekend available. I'm also in the middle of selling my bike to get another, older model, which will be converted into a track bike.

On top of that, I've got 30 pages of a sketchbook to fill up for September. That's roughly 60 hours of work if I do it properly.. Also preparing for my Japan trip (brushing up on language, trying to decide what I need to take and how I'm gonna work out expenses). That's getting closer all the time. Can't wait to go!

I'm working on the website as well (for my parent's business) but that's mainly my brother's job. I just have to come up with the artwork for it (difficult enough!), and then there's the move to the shop which is coming up within the first 2 weeks of August (we think).

Well, that's my moan over.. I've just gotta keep reminding myself that I'm the one who chose to do all this stuff ^_^;; It'll be worth it in the end! And maybe by the time college starts again I can relax a bit and start adding to my anime/manga collection once more ^_^

I hope you're doing well anyway - you're all on holiday by now, surely, so relax and have some fun! Do tell me what you've been up to - it's always good to hear ^_^ .
Really gotta go now. No pic today (if you ever got to see the last one) - Ja ne!!

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Friday, July 9, 2004

   Umm.. *trying to think of something*
Alrighty then. I haven't really been doing much lately. Did some work today (Summer art project), which, much as I enjoy it, is extremely tiring. I'm trying to change my background to a Tenchi pic, but it's not happening right now so I'm just gonna leave it ^_^;;

Those of you who knew An1m3 Ang3l will have (probably) noticed that she has now deleted her site. I'm sorry to see her go - she always had a great site and it was a sudden blow. She will be sadly missed..

Ok, I have to get up early tommorow.. oops, I mean, early today, (12:15 ^_^;;) so I'd better be leaving you now. I'm spending the weekend with my dad ^_^

See yas! Love to all! ^_^

This is a pic that I've had for years, but I love it so I'm putting it up here. Hope ya can see it.. ^_^;

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