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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

   Eek! Don't hit me! *hides in cupboard*
SEVERAL MINUTES LATER: *emerges slowly from cupboard* err, you guys still there? Well, I forgot to go around your sites.. *ducks* Sorry!! I swear I'm going the moment I finish this post (at precisely 11:00pm, as a side note ^_^;;)

Okies, what've I been doing.. Right, well today I spent a looong time on the phone with my grandmother (or 'Gaga' as we call her ^_^) as it was her birthday yesterday, but I wasn't around to call her. That's cos I visited my step-dad's dad in hospital instead (he's been in since before Christmas - stroke -_-) and didn't get back 'till late.

Ooh, I'm getting a new motorbike! Yay! I hate riding on the roads (bloody cars just don't see you) so I'm gonna convert it to a track bike and see how I do at racing ^_^ . You never know.. maybe being young and female will get potential sponsors to notice me more ^_^;;

Nothing else happening. Watched a load of the Toonami anime (Dragonball, Teen Titans, Ultimate Muscle and Outlaw star) of which all but one were episodes I'd seen before, and the one that wasn't (Ultimate Muscle) was only 'cos I'd missed it first time around. I wanna know what happens next!! *sob*

Well, gotta be off if I'm gonna get round to you all before I fall unconcious. Hope you're all having fun! Ja! ^_^

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Friday, July 2, 2004

Happy but Tired
Phew! Just got back from a trip to Oxford, as the University was having an open day. I wasn't really considering Oxford Uni., but it was nice to go to get an idea of what it would be like to get a Japanology degree.. seems I would learn the language (including reading and writing) and about the history and culture. I would also spend several months, possibly a year, in Japan. Sounds good! But apparently it's one of the harder courses.. lots of work outside lectures an' stuff ^_^;;

The college I visited was very pretty though. The University is split up into about 30 different colleges and buildings around the city centre, most of which were originally built in the 17th and 18th centuries. They're all stone built with massive wooden entrance doors, tunnels, courtyards and enclosed gardens etc. The sun was out when I went, and it was all very impressive - a really good working/living environment.

Obviously you have to be good to get into Oxford, and I might like to be closer to home. I don't really know what I'd want to study yet anyway - I want to fit my degree course to my career plans, but I don't have any yet ^_^; . I've got another 2 years to think about it anyway.

Other than that, I've been working on stuff for the business - mainly a letterhead today. Had to come up with about 15 different versions; one for writing on by hand, one for typing, one for e-mail, one for fax.. I'm so tired!! -_-

Erm, so I'll be around your sites this evening perhaps. As ever, thanks for your comments and everything ^_^
Hope that you enjoy your trip if you're going away, and enjoed it if you've gone. Have fun whatever your plans. Ja ne!


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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

   ... ^_^;;
Well, stuff's going ok.. saw my dad at the weekend and went into the country. We usually do, but this time it didn't rain ^_^

A lot of people seem to be on holiday right now, but they're still updating which kinda makes me look bad, ne? Ah well.. Believe it or not, I have been quite busy recently. The business is moving into a shop in August, which means that we're all working on the layout and website, buying and attempting-to-sell stock, and trying to figure out the computer accounting system, on top of the usual house-work, shopping, gardening etc. I'm pretty knackered right now, 'cos I'm in training ^_^;; . That means an hour in the gym, mountain bike rides an' stuff. Lots of sleep too. It's all to get more time on the motorbike, 'cos my parents won't pay for me unless I'm fit (so that I can go quick and it's worth the money).

Saving up for Japan right now (I have 400..). Seems like it's gonna be really hot ^_^ . I'm gonna pack light, 'cos Akira says we can buy most of the little things while we're there (like wash stuff). Hopefully I'll be spending a couple of days on the beach, maybe visiting Kyoto for a day (lotsa temples), seeing Mount Fuji National Park, and of course Tokyo itself. Man I can't wait - but it's still so far away!! ^_^;;

Right - it's my grandmother's birthday on monday, so I've gotta go work on a painting I'm doing for her. See yas all later! ^_^

ooh, cute quiz from Kamiya Usagi's site ^_^


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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Happy Father's day to all! Particularly to fathers of course, but none of you guys are (are you? ^_^;;).

Okies - concert was totally great. Yes played from 7:30 to 11:00 with just a 10 min break - impressive, considering their age ^_^;. Got a bit lost on the way back from Manchester (my fault - terrible map reading skills) so didn't get home 'till about half one. That's why I didn't post yesterday, btw.

Tomorrow I'm going to a Japanese club to try and pick some stuff up for my trip (got my tickets now and everything). Hopefully there will be people there who are as awful as I am..

Hope everyone's doing good, I'll be visiting as many of you as I can today to see what you've been up to this weekend. See yas! Hugs for everyone ^_^ !

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Friday, June 18, 2004

me day dreaming.. I was bored, 'kay? ^_^

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   Hiya peeps! ^_^
I'm back! Although it's taken me a while to post.. you know I just typed a really long update, describing in detail my day's activities, then my dad rang up and when I got off the phone I closed the Internet! So my post was gone -_-; . I'm so stupid sometimes..

Okies, let's try again - Today I went into town to withdraw money for my Japan flight tickets. It was so scary! I got all paranoid waiting for the bus 'cos I had 450 in my back pocket and the person behind me was standing really close. I hate buses ^_^; . Today I also had my legs waxed (silky smooth ^_^), but it rained on my way home - you're not supposed to take a bath so I had to sit around damp and miserable for a few hours.. ^_^;;

Ooh, tomorrow Akira is coming up from London! OK, so he's mainly coming so that I can give him the money I owe him for the flight tickets (you know we're flying economy class by Russian air - does that sound dodgy to you ^_^;; ?) but we're also going to a concert, so I don't mind ^_^. We're seeing Yes in Manchester - they're a 70's rock band, kinda between Deep Purple and Genesis (heh). Should be a laugh! What're you guys up to?

Right, final word is to all you poor people taking exams right now - Good luck! I hope you do really well. Just go in there and nail 'em!! The summer is worth it ^_^ . Ja!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

   Uploaded 2 new pieces of fan art today. How's that for productive? Even if one of them is only half done. They're both 'original anime'. I draw, or at least doodle all the time (just about every page of my college notes has some anime eyes or chibi characters on it). The trouble is, that develops my own style of drawing - which makes it harder to go back and draw other people's characters. Thinking of submitting some stuff for an actual anime soon though - most likely Tenchi. See yas then!
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Yay! I got three brand new manga today ^_^ . My shop finally had the 4th volume of the new Tenchi series, and I also started my Rurouni Kenshin and Inu-Yasha volumes! So far my fave Kenshin character is Sanosuke - just the typical super-cool, super-hot martial arts-type dude, it seems. Wonderful. Also, it's good to finally have a manga drawn by the infamous Rumiko Takahashi - and it seems she deserves it. I'll probably have to get the anime too.

Well that's it for today. Won't be here tomorrow, 'cos I'm going to Appleby horsefair. Very obscure event, but very traditional - all the gypsies come together to trade horses basically, and they're real gypsies (i.e. live in caravans, travel all the time, of Romanian decent etc.). Should be fun anyway (I'm only going 'cos my mum's into horses btw).

Ja! ^_^

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Okies, I just went round and left a comment on every site in my friends list (except a couple who haven't updated in months.. hope they're ok *worry worry*). Anyways, spent today lounging in my garden, shopping (got some sweet denim shorts ^_^) and the last 3 hours here. I'm tired, but it's been a good day really ^_^. Ja!

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Man, I finally got my background to work! The computer kept cutting out the end of the file address (the 'pg' of '.jpg') - no idea why, but re-saving the pic and deleting the previous one seemed to work..

Yeah for Vegeta! Damn he's fine.. ^_^

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