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Friday, August 20, 2004

   We leave at Midnight... ^_^;
Hey guys! I wanted to post earlier this week, but my life was dull and uninteresting.. so I thought I'd spare you ^_^;

But I've got a couple of things to say now, so here we go: Yesterday was my dad's birthday (he's 42), so I teased him, but I also bought him a nice present to make up for it ^_^

Yesterday I also got my exam results - I had to go into college to pick them up. I was kinda nervous, but it turns out that I did well - much better than I expected, in fact. I don't want to brag, (well, maybe a little bit, but I deserve it!) but out of my 3 subjects, I got 3 A grades ^_^; . So I'm happy anyways. More importantly, my anime DVD came through!! I now have the Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special, and two episodes of Pretty Sammy!! It had to come from Australia, so I've waited a while, but it came just in time and was well worth it ^_^

So, to round off - tonight (midnight) I'm going down to London. I'll be at Heathrow airport at 9:00 am tomorrow, and at 11:00 am I board the plane to TOKYO ^_^ !! I can hardly believe I'm finally going - it's been two months since I booked. I'm coming back on the 30th, in the evening, so I'll probably post the next day to tell you about it. Maybe I'll have some pics too ^_^ .

Well, gotta go finish packing - see you all when I get back! Ja ne! ^_^

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