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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Phew! I've had a seriously busy week.. The biggest thing that's happening right now is with motorbiking - it's taking over my life. I've just joined a club, and I'm in the process of filling in an extremely complicated application form for a race licence. It involves taking eyesight tests, fitness/health tests (signatures of respective optician/doctor required), an official stamp and signature from someone at the club (to say I'm a member) and I have to take a course and exam in racing. I'll also need to send in a certificate which shows I've done well in a training school, but I've got plenty so that's OK.

To sort it all out, I'm booking the test course for next Monday, and I've got to go to a racetrack on the next Friday and probably weekend available. I'm also in the middle of selling my bike to get another, older model, which will be converted into a track bike.

On top of that, I've got 30 pages of a sketchbook to fill up for September. That's roughly 60 hours of work if I do it properly.. Also preparing for my Japan trip (brushing up on language, trying to decide what I need to take and how I'm gonna work out expenses). That's getting closer all the time. Can't wait to go!

I'm working on the website as well (for my parent's business) but that's mainly my brother's job. I just have to come up with the artwork for it (difficult enough!), and then there's the move to the shop which is coming up within the first 2 weeks of August (we think).

Well, that's my moan over.. I've just gotta keep reminding myself that I'm the one who chose to do all this stuff ^_^;; It'll be worth it in the end! And maybe by the time college starts again I can relax a bit and start adding to my anime/manga collection once more ^_^

I hope you're doing well anyway - you're all on holiday by now, surely, so relax and have some fun! Do tell me what you've been up to - it's always good to hear ^_^ .
Really gotta go now. No pic today (if you ever got to see the last one) - Ja ne!!

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