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Friday, July 9, 2004

   Umm.. *trying to think of something*
Alrighty then. I haven't really been doing much lately. Did some work today (Summer art project), which, much as I enjoy it, is extremely tiring. I'm trying to change my background to a Tenchi pic, but it's not happening right now so I'm just gonna leave it ^_^;;

Those of you who knew An1m3 Ang3l will have (probably) noticed that she has now deleted her site. I'm sorry to see her go - she always had a great site and it was a sudden blow. She will be sadly missed..

Ok, I have to get up early tommorow.. oops, I mean, early today, (12:15 ^_^;;) so I'd better be leaving you now. I'm spending the weekend with my dad ^_^

See yas! Love to all! ^_^

This is a pic that I've had for years, but I love it so I'm putting it up here. Hope ya can see it.. ^_^;

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