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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

confusion! (my life is complicated)
Hey guys, I'm still alive!! (I'm guessing you were thinking otherwise..)

Okies, let's see - I've finally managed to get my hands on Hellsing volume 2 (DVD), but even more importantly, the TENCHI MUYO MIHOSHI SPECIAL!!! Today is a great day. I haven't actually received that DVD yet, but it's in the post. I can barely contain myself! (I've wanted to see the full version of it for roughly 3 years now.. I only ever saw the CN version once, too. I'm so deprived.. Until now! ^_^)

Oh yeah, I also took a course (difficult) so that I could apply for my motorbike race licence. I passed the exam though, so that's all gone through and I should be getting the licence any day now. This is also good! Course, I have to wear a bright orange Novice Jacket at first, but what can you do.

To round up the remainder of my life (not a lot is left after anime and bikes have been covered ^_^;;), I've been working for the business - stocktaking is incredibly boring! And trying to fit in some artwork somewhere. I'm having trouble getting onto the Internet right now, both because of my schedule and because it's being unreasonably slow. Some pages don't even load.

See you all when I can - that might be a while (gomen nasai!). But I wish you all the best ^_^
Ja ne!

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