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Monday, August 11, 2008

Time - 8:41am
Listening to - The MJ Morning Show
Today's Fact - I love The Beaver.

I watched a lot of Leave It To Beaver over the weekend and I adore it! I know I liked it when I was younger, but now I'm kind of rediscovering it, I guess. Mom bought seasons one and two on DVD, so I can watch an unhealthy amount daily. That's my favorite way to watch a show.

So...not much else to say. I was planning on looking through my old fanart and try to submit something else, but I don't have anything as "good" as my Zuko. Well, maybe...I might not even have time today. We have to go grocery shopping and my brother has a date of sorts, which my mom has to drive him to.

I bought some kick-ass jackets yesterday. I'm tempted to post pictures of them since I love them so much...maybe tomorrow. I don't feel like doing anything resembling work today.

Sachiko out.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

   When I'm with you, everything's all right.
Time - 12:01am
Music - Soul Man (Drake & Josh cover)
Today's Fact - I had the brightness for my computer screen at ONE HUNDRED! What is WRONG with me?!

Well, whaddya know? I submitted a piece for TheO and it was accepted! Go check out my picture of Prince Zuko, if you please. Bear in mind...I am not an artist. Sometimes, the urge to do fanart strikes me, like it would any good otaku. That's my excuse, anyway.

So...I didn't do anything today besides fight with my mom and buy The Sims 2: Pets. I've only played it for 20 minutes, but I like it already. I love creating Sim dogs!

I saw a picture of Josh on location for the filming of the Drake & Josh reunion movie/Christmas special and he looks HOT. I have no worries that I will be in fangirl heaven come December.

Well, I realized why my eyes were hurting so badly from the computer screen...the brightness was at one-freakin'-hundred. I turned it up to take a picture of something on my cell phone and never turned it back down. Now it's at a nice 64, and I may lower it even more. *rubs eyeballs*

Sachiko out.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

   I'll be watching you...
Time - 12:05am
Music - Every Breath You Take (The Police)
Today's Fact - I will always cherish Stewart Copeland.

I watched Drake & Josh. I played The Sims 2 for another 2-3 hours. I pulled a prank on my brother by changing his default picture on MySpace to a picture of Drake and Josh. It was pretty funny and he's keeping it for now.

I also witnessed The Police three song encore for their final concert in Madison Square Garden streamed live on bestbuy.com. It broke my heart.


Sachiko out.

EDIT: Time - 9:46am

I'm feeling a bit better. I did have a long, continuous nightmare about school, though. Now I'm afraid!

I was also thinking of breaking down and submitting more art on TheO. I've done some decent stuff since...well, 2005 or 2006. It's all just sitting in my notebooks...maybe I'll finally tear some out so they'll scan correctly!

Sachiko out. (Again!)

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

   Nice boys don't take eggs from foreigners.
Time - 12:00am
Music - Untouched (The Veronicas)
Today's Fact - I will never remember to buy toothpaste before I run out. >.<

I am so happy! Wednesday did turn into the happy medium! I found out some things that make life worth living after school starts. *^^*

1) Finally, there is confirmation that my favorite band, The Police, is releasing a live DVD! AND tomorrow, on Best Buy.com, I will get to see the three encore songs from their LAST SHOW OF THE TOUR from Madison Square Garden. I mourn the loss of my favorite band (they're done forever after this aside from some TV appearances), but at least I get to see the last hurrah.

2) The Amanda Show is returning to The N in September! That means I get two seasons worth of Joshy that I haven't seen in many, many years! (Not to mention more episodes of All That will premiere.)

3) There is a possibility of another Ned's Declassified series! And I had NO idea that Devon Werkheiser AKA Ned was a singer. That blew my mind. Little Neddie can sing! ^////^

Nothing else happened Wednesday. Kenny and I played two hours of The Sims 2 and the sound of the doorbell was echoing in my head. @_@

Sachiko out! ^______^

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

   I loves my Joshy.
Time - 12:21am
Music - "Untouched" (The Veronicas)
Today's Fact - It's weird to discuss men's facial hair with one's mom.

Love love LOVE this duo - The Veronicas. They are both so beautiful and I really like their voices. I'm not usually into the techno-y music, but there's something about the song "Untouched." I switched my playlists so you could hear it.

Hm. Another suckish day. I just haven't been in a great mood. My family's constantly on my nerves, but I'm not mad at them. I need more time to myself. >.<

I don't really have much to share with this post. I didn't do anything Tuesday besides go to the grocery store in the heat. XP Monday was manic and Tuesday was bleh...will today be the happy medium at last?

Well, I gots to go to bed. Hopefully I won't dream about Drake Bell again. Nothing is happening in those dreams, mind you...at least, not the second one, but I'm uncomfortable dreaming about him instead of Joshy. I mean, wazzup with that?

And there you go. Sachiko out.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Time - 12:07am
Music - Stay My Baby (Miranda Cosgrove)
Today's Fact - Two hours of the Teen Choice Awards can damn near kill a sane person.

Monday just kind of pounced on me. A whole lot suddenly came up and I had more to do than usual. I made it through without a scratch, though.

Did I tell you I'm re-reading The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank? It's been years and I finally found my own copy at Wal-Mart. It's just as good as I remember, maybe even better, because she reminds me even more of myself in the way she expresses her feelings.

Good news: I bought Death Note Volume 5 at Best Buy yesterday. I had to wait on the Flyleaf CD. I want to keep up with the DVDs so I don't get behind and end up sacrifcing the series for something else in the future. It happened with the Tsubasa manga after I bought ten volumes...I'll never catch up with it. T_T

Livejournal is a beautiful place. I've found so much Josh stuff that I can't even get it all organized yet. ^///^ So many pretty pictures.

Things like that make fangirling a worthwhile practice.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

   Who put the taco in my underpants?
Time - 12:05am
Music - 1st Code Geass Theme (Colors by Flow)
Today's Fact: The word "underpants" will always be funnier than "underwear."

This day was really koo-koo bananas. I mean...I never expected something to happen EVER...and it totally did, just right out of the blue. Let me tell you about it:

I have an ex-boyfriend and his nickname is Mikku. Well, for a long time now (about three years) I've pretty much hated him/never forgiven him for breaking up with me. I am a bitter girl, but it's a complicated story. Anyway, we were talking on MySpace and suddenly he just up and apologizes for "breaking my heart" and hurting me! I mean...for three years things have been so rocky between us. He's tried to be my friend, but it all felt so weird. And I never expected him to be so open about the whole thing when we were discussing it. It felt like this huge weight was just lifted right off of my heart. I am so happy we've both matured and can now officially forgive and forget.

Code Geass was...weird. And that's all I'll say. But I do like C.C. a little more.

I miss Code Geass' first opening theme! It was kinda dancy. And I miss Death Note, too. T_T I'm still usually messing around in my room after CG and I catch the DN theme and I dance to it, too. The first one. The second one is all scary and stuff. >_<

Um...I forgot to mention I watched 21 a few days ago. It was kind of slow, but it had a decent twist. And the main guy was pretty cute. He was like Lelouch only with blackjack.

My head still kind of itches, but it's not too bad. I kept saying I was doing my Gaara impression all day, what with the black eyeshadow I put on and whatnot.

...And, everyone, I promise to keep on breathing. I'm sorry I worried you all. Josh's #1 fan will not become so overwhelmed in her fangirl mode again.

Sachiko out.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

   The clipboard does not lie.
Time - 12:02am
Listening to - Drake & Josh (Josh Runs Into Oprah)
Today's Fact - I think I love Josh Peck more than I love breathing...@_@

I'm beginning to feel all nauseated from the smell of my hair. It's reddest fire red now, an improvement over the last time I dyed it. But I think this is the last time I'll do it. I like my brown hair more. I can't tell my mom that, though, or she'll kill me.

Plus, I believe I'm at least a little allergic to the dye she used. My head stung everytime she touched it and it's still kind of irritated. Ah, well. I'll try to have a picture up sometime soon.

Boring, boring life. All my news is Joshy related. I FINALLY found a site for them that has news and stuff! And after my complaining about the lack of Josh icons I found some totally awesome ones. I even got to change my avatar. But maybe I will learn how to make my own...

I trimmed down my intro. I like it better now. I hope my approval lasts 'cause I mess around with it almost obsessively!

*gags at hair smell* My God!!! Help me, somebody! Save me from my own head!

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Friday, August 1, 2008

   Banana hammock!
Time - 12:02 am
Music - "My Hero" (Foo Fighters)
Today's Fact - The first Sims game for the PS2 pretty much sucks.

We went to a store in our town called Kyle's Baseball Cards & More yesterday. I get most of my Three Stooges collectibles there. Anyway, they had The Sims for PS2, and I mean the first one, and it was just $3. I knew I had to buy it. Too bad it's really, really boring. And it eats up an insane amount of space on my memory card. T_T We have to buy another one.

I swore I would only spend two hours on the computer and it turned into about five. I started messing with my iPod shuffle and it turned into a project. My eyes are hurting from this screen. @_@

There are so many songs on my iTunes that aren't even mine! So much is my brother and mother's stuff from when I made mix CDs from them and ripped songs. I hate cleaning that stuff out. I just got my picture folder all organized and that took a half hour, probably.

...And that reminds me of how behind I am on saving the Drake & Josh screencaps from that gallery...*groans* The gallery doesn't even have all of the episodes, not even my favorite.

Did you know there are enough Drake Bell icons to literally make your head spin? Mine just did...where's the love for Joshy?

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

   Isn't love funny?

I didn't do much yesterday 'cept chillax. Kenny and I played more of my Sims game because he hasn't gotten tired of it yet. We didn't do anything interesting, really, aside from his Sim chasing mine so he could slap her and me convincing Kenny to launch a rocket in the house which killed him. :P It was hilarious! (And, no, I wasn't trying to be mean to my bro.)

My momma is going to dye my hair red again. I can do it tomorrow or Friday, depending on how the allergy test comes out. I want it to look like this:

I wish Kurama-kun was my big brother. I always imagined he'd make a good one. And I'd get to hang out with Hiei!

I added some stuff to my intro that I didn't need. But the otaku fangirl inside of me saw the shiny banners and whatnot and said, "I NEEEED IT!"

I found this, too:

Hee hee.

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