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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

   You left me to be chemically bathed! It stings...everywhere!
*looks around cautiously* Could it be? *runs to mirror* Am I still Sachiko or did I turn into someone else? Because I had such an incredibly pleasant day that is just doesn't seem like it could happen to me.

I mean, I registered at school. The very school that tortured me and broke me down to the point I started cutting myself. And it all went fine. I transferred out of advanced algebra. I have three whole classes with my best friend. I didn't run into HIM.

That's what I was most afraid of. My entire sophmore will be marred by the fact I met someone. And there was nothing wrong with him aside from the fact that he was unattainable and that's why I began cutting myself because I loved him way too much. ^-^; Gomen...but all that was a pretty big part of my life last year. He's one of my greatest friends, but I don't think I want to see him this year. I may break down and be in that same dark place I was. I still have scars on my arm.

Enough of that. I also rented College Road Trip, Penelope, and 21. I watched the first two already. CRT was okay. Donny Osmond was the best part, and I will admit I fast-forwarded through some of it. Penelope made me cry it was so amazing! James McAvoy is one of my favorite actors and he's SOOOOOO handsome! *dreamy sigh*

Max Keeble's Big Move was for sale on VHS so I went ahead and bought it. Joshy had a pretty decent part, and I'll admit, I can't resist that little lisp he used to have. It was adorable.

*laughs at yesterday's comments* I'm glad Stixx-san and Sparkle-chan can correctly assume about the whole "Josh preventing nightmares yet creating something else" thing. It's like a "wink nudge nudge" moment.

This is such a cute picture of Drake! I just wanna squeeze him!

*stops breathing* Oh...my...god...fangirl...overload...too...sexy! *faints*

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

   Little fruit, little sammy, lotta limeade equals happy Josh!
My brother decided he wanted to play The Sims 2, so I made a new me, a Kenny (that's his name) and furnished our house. He plays a bit too literally, though, thinking he HAS to eat breakfast and dinner and HAS to shower everday and whatnot. I have the cheats for max all motives, so my Sim never sleeps and just makes friends. Kenny likes to ignore his goals. ^^; He's a newbie, though, and I'm sure I was that way, too. Until I got cheats and used them.

Yesterday was so gosh darn awful. I won't bore you with the details, but I hope today fares much better. It seems impossible since I have to register for school, but I will keep my iPod blasting and hope for the best. We are so behind on the school stuff...it's so frustrating! >_< It ruined my whole day. But today I'm gonna be zen about everything.

Every magazine I pick up eludes to the impending Drake & Josh reunion, which never fails to cheer me up. There are so many reasons to live now I can't even count them!

I'm in the mood for blood:

I have a (good) weakness for anime blood, but real/movie blood makes me sick. I managed to see some disturbing anime ones, though. DX

What can make me feel better and prevent nightmares?


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Monday, July 28, 2008

   Exit stage right, Picklechip!
Ah, man, the thunder is still rumblin'. I wanted to hurry up and post before I went to bed, though, 'cause I forgot we might be going out to Golden Corral or getting groceries or doing both. It'll be late in the afternoon before I get back on here, I'll bet.

It's just past midnight and I'm not tired. But I have to get up at 6:15am to tape Ice Age 2. Joshy voices a possum in it.

I don't have much to say. My legs are sore from exercising (I'm prepping for P.E. come August) and I had a queasy stomach almost all day. Boo hoo for Sachiko, ne?

I have a question before I go: If you could be any manga/anime character, who would it be and why?

Me? Sailor Moon, dawg. In a heartbeat I would assume that responsibility.

Uh...quick pic to appease the Josh obsession:

This one is from this year's Kid's Choice Awards...but I was a jackass then (AKA not obsessed with Josh yet) and didn't freakin' watch him. I saw him for two seconds AND THEN TURNED THE CHANNEL.

Man, there are so many moments I would change in my past.


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Sunday, July 27, 2008

   Uncle Monkey!
I made a world on TheO, but I don't think I'll do anything with it in the near future. It's just kind of sitting there if I need it. I'll inform you all if I change my mind.

Code Geass was pretty sad. I never liked Shirley (partly because her voice sucks and partly because I'm a jealous Lelouch fangirl) but my heart ached when Lelouch erased her memories of him. Then my evil brain said, "Yes! That wench is out of the way now!" ^^; Anyway, it was a sad, yet interesting episode, what with the other Geass user who is apparently in love with C2.

I really hope Adult Swim picks up the second series of Code Geass once the first one ends. Thanks to a horrible spoiler website (that I love and steal my pics from) I know that there are about 25 episodes in series one and we just saw the 14th. Ack!

*groans* I'm lazy and I don't want to go to church...

Lelouch: *activates Geass* You want to go.
Sachiko: ...I want to go. *blinks* What happened?
C2: Lelouch just used his Geass on you.
Sachiko: What?
Lelouch: You have a big mouth.
C2: Don't insult me.
Sachiko: Well...ha! Now Lelouch can't ever use it on me again! He can't make me love him more than Suzaku.
C2: You love Suzaku more?
Sachiko: ...I don't know!!! *cries* Too many bishounen!

Special note to Sparkle-chan: I can't show you all the twelve or so pics of my Drake & Josh collage, but I can show you the so-called "gayest" ones. You saw one yesterday, when they were holding hands. Here are the two best ones.

A kiss on the cheek:

And a kiss on the mouth:

Need I say more?

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

   Sorry Lucy, Ethel ain't playin'!
Ugh...*rubs tummy* I ate one too many of my brother's Wheat Thins. I couldn't help myself; they were damn tasty.

So, Friday night is my big TV night. There were two new episodes of iCarly, which must be the OFFICIAL season one finale. The first one was hilarious. The second one...not so much. But I still liked them. I missed my Spencer and Freddie! Here they are:

Psych was also on. I love that show. It is so intelligent and funny. Andy Berman (voice of Dib from Invader ZIM) wrote it and he's wicked talented.

True that. Knuckle touch!

Anyway, we made a trip to Borders and Best Buy again yesterday. I broke down and bought that Drake & Josh Go Hollywood DVD because I felt buying it for the extras was important enough. And I bought a magazine with The Police in it. WHOOT! ^-^ But I forgot I wanted the Flyleaf CD...grr!

Yes, Stixx, I know about the live-action Avatar movie! I cannot wait for July 2, 2010. Takara and I are gonna have quite a day...which may end in twin heart attacks. Oh yeah, I've seen pics from the Dragonball movie. I am a fan, so I gotta see it, but...weird. Very weird.

On my wall, I have a collage of Drake & Josh screencaps. My mom saw them and accused me of only liking the scenes in which the boys hug or kiss or "act gay." That is so not true!!!!

Please enjoy this picture of Drake and Josh holding hands. *fangirl squeal*

I am sorry, but that stuff is kawaii!

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Friday, July 25, 2008

   I helped you when you got your foot stuck in the toilet!
I took a picture of myself and put it in my intro. ^^ I bought some new clothes and accessories yesterday, and I was just in the mood to grab the digital camera and start snapping shots. Enjoy the real Hieiartemis.

Does anybody like the medical spoof Scrubs? I've watched it on TV before and bought the first season box set almost a year ago, but I just got around to putting the first disc in my DVD player. XD Obsessions get in the way and I can't focus. I'm so glad I finally started watching it, though, because it's amazing. For a comedy it's so deep almost every episode so far has made me tear up! Now, that's good television. :P

I was checking The-N.com (the cable channel's website) and I saw some cool stuff. There are plans for a live-action Cowboy Bebop. I never got to watch that anime (but I know I would've liked it. T_T) I love live-action stuff.

Oh, and Russia is considering making emo-ism illegal. How can you just ban a label? Wanna hear what they consider an emo?

"12-16 year-olds with black and pink clothing, studded belts, painted fingernails, ear and eyebrow piercings, and black hair with fringes that 'cover half the face.'"

Yeah..I guess that's accurate if you agree with labels. And the virtual emo I made a long time ago does fit the bill.

See? Ain't that somethin'? *shakes head*

I'll leave you with the usual mandatory Drake & Josh picture.

Say it with me: awwww!!!


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

   Shake your groove thing, yeah yeah!
I really haven't done anything. Played The Sims 2 again until I got bored. (P.S. to Ryozu-san, yes, I made a Sokka on my game. I have a Zuko, too. Bought the game during an Avatar obsession.)

That's about it. Bet you can't guess what I watched as usual. *points up to Josh icon*

I know one thing I won't attempt for awhile: a 120 piece puzzle on Gaia. That damn thing was hard. I had TurboNick on, listening to Drake & Josh, and it took me an episode and a half to finish.

My neck is hurting from all this internet usage. *rubs neck* I need a life.

EDIT: I'm grateful for the blood transfusion in your comment yesterday, Stixx. Thanks to you I'll live!

Everyone please take some time to admire the Seto Kaiba icon made for me by the talented RagingFlameSprite. It's sitting in my intro right now. *points up again*

Who wants a cookie?


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

   I've seen love die way too many times.
They didn't have The Wackness soundtrack at Wal-Mart, so that means a censored version doesn't exist which means I should've kept my mouth shut to my mom and just snuck away with uncensored version when I had the chance. Now I'll never get it...*slices wrists* IT'S SO UNFAIR! I don't deserve to be his fangirl! *dies*


I remember the early days of my anime otakudom. I could sneak just about anything past my parents. I'm getting weak or something...not up for the fight anymore.

After the 6 'o clock episode of Drake and Josh, I put The Sims 2 into my PS2 and stopped playing, like, four and a half hours later. It got addicting all of a sudden. I made three new characters: Drake, Josh, and Adrianna the OC (my new favorite name.) They all fell in love with each other until Drake and Josh started fueding. Dunno what happened. And Josh caught Adrianna cheating with Sokka and now he doesn't trust her anymore. T_T It's so hard to get back on his good side. Oh, I forgot Sokka was his best friend...that explains the extra hurt.

Gaia jigsaw puzzles rule!

That's all I did!

*cries* Why must I love him so?!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

   You'll shine brighter than anyone does.
I feel incredibly loved what with the 8 comments and all yesterday. That must be a record for my little site. Thanks a bunch, mis amigos.

I felt like crap all day yesterday. I needed way more sleep than I got. We went to the grocery store, ran an errand for my grandma, ate at the Golden Corral for the bazillionth time, and went to Best Buy. All while it was, like, 100 degrees.

I didn't but anything at BB, though. They didn't have anything Josh Peck related besides The Wackness soundtrack, which was uncensored so I couldn't even get that.

Today I plan on doing absolutely nothing. My body feels much better, luckily, so I'm not in pain anymore. Or, yet. It's still early.

OMG! This is too adorable!!! My fangirl heart may explode!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

   Long road to ruin there in your eyes...
Okay...I am somehow STILL AWAKE after the insane two days I just had. I made it through comments, so now here I am for the earliest post EVER. If I don't do it now, it won't happen until way late tomorrow 'cause I hope to sleep in...

Anyway, Saturday and Sunday. Those were the most eventful days I've had all summer. Seriously.

The Water: A pipe busted or something and my entire city suffered from a loss in water pressure. That meant flushing the toilet with a bucket of water and letting the dishes pile up. The boil order is STILL in effect as far as we know. No restaurants (aside from DQ) were open.

Avatar: Ah...man. Takara and I nearly lost our minds with it all. I cannot even begin to discuss the hour and 35 minutes of it. *sniffles* I'm not ready yet. But, someone answer me this...WHAT HAPPENED TO AZULA?!

Josh Peck: *fangirl squeal* He was on Comedy Central being totally sexy!!!

Foo Fighters concert: My GOD! The music started at 6:50pm and ended at 11:00pm! There were two support acts (Yearlong Disaster and Supergrass) and then the Foos...they REFUSED to let us leave. The lead singer even taunted us, saying the longer he stood talking and not singing the longer we'd have to stay. Sure, it was hilarious, but my legs are killing me and my bladder suffered quite a bit. It was totally worth it, though, because they musically kicked my ass. FOO FIGHTERS WEAR MULLETS!

*deep sigh* The end.

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