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Friday, July 18, 2008

   Is it your turn to take a field trip with Zuko?
Ah...huh. So...how is everybody? Me? I'm fine, just fine, thanks. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought a new lil Tinkerbell purse. I cleaned my room and put a few new Drake and Josh pictures up on my wall. And I watched Dumb and Dumber. That movie had no point, but whatever, it was okay.

Today...I plan on cleaning some more in preparation for Takara and the Avatar Party tomorrow. Gonna be grrrreat.

Yup. That's it. Sorry. Wait, you're probably thankful it's already over.

Certificate of Marriage

This is to certify that
Nate River(Near)
were married on
July 18, 2008
Marry Your Favorite Character

Ja mate ne!^^

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

   Take a bite out of the silver sandwich.
Well...not much to say at this time. Stewart's birthday went adequately (what can I expect from my life?) and Avatar was just as hilarious as it was the first time I saw it. Finally, tonight will begin the episodes I haven't seen. And from the sound of the promo, it will be a Katara/Zuko bonding episode. Aang and Sokka already had theirs, and I don't think Toph needs one since she wasn't really threatened by Zuko at all in the second season.

Oh, by the way, a shipping note: I am not for Katara/Zuko one bit. I believe in Katara/Aang and Zuko/Mai...even if I just accepted that last pairing once I heard Mai say to Azula, "I love Zuko more than I fear you." She is now worthy. I guess. *mumbles typical Zuko fangirl stuff*

Sorry to everyone who doesn't know Avatar about this post. The only other things I did yesterday was watch Scare Tactics and Drake and Josh.

Ja mate ne!^^

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today is the 56th birthday of my most favoritest person in the entire world: Stewart Armstrong Copeland! He's the drummer for The Police (my favorite band) and I don't expect anyone but the lovely Kitsune-san to know this.

And I have to thank her for making me chuckle about the way Sting's aged... :P (Sorry, Stingo!)

So, today will be filled with cake and The Police. We ordered one on Monday and we're picking it up today. Yes, I force my mother to order a cake for his birthday every year. Why shouldn't I?! I love him more than anything!

I'm off to be completely happy now. Here's a pic of him WAY back in 1983 in the Sychronicity video. For my benefit. ^^

I love Stewart!!!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

   Why am I so bad at being good?!
Wow. Thanks for all the concern about lil old me and my panic attacks. Things went fine yesterday, so everything is a-ok with me.

I got all caught up in Gaia this morning...my friend had Fai's coat and I wanted it so I had to go broke in order to get it. There's probably even more Tsubasa stuff I missed out on after getting Syaoran-kun's goggles and cape.

I wish I had more to offer you, but I haven't done anything beside write a little bit in my rewrite of my Avatar fanfic and go through about 15 issues of old Nick Magazines.

I could mention the hilarious Zuko stuff on Avatar, but for those who watched it...*coughStixxcough*...you don't need a reminder. But I WILL mention the insanely awesome commercial for the comet movie, where we hear Aang say the word "kill."

WHOOT! Maybe someone will finally die on screen with no cover-up words or anything! 'Cause Aang's gotta KILL Ozai!

This image of SyaoranxSakura is so badass!

Ja mate ne!^^

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Monday, July 14, 2008

   I know you're not supposed to cry over spilled tea...
I am waiting patiently for one thing and one thing only.

No, wait, that's a lie. I'm waiting for TWO things. Oh, no, THREE things!

Drake and Josh, Avatar, and WWE Raw.

Me thinks today will go pleasantly. I'll get the very last Drake and Josh episode I need and complete that series, watch "new" Avatar with Zuko bein' cuddly, and Kane being insane on Raw.

I know this post isn't very interesting, but the only thing I did last night was fight with my mom and have a serious panic attack. And who wants to hear about that?

Oh, I'm very thankful for all the wonderful people who stop by my site and offer a comment. I love all of you guys. *^^*

Ja mate ne!^^

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

   I am the Hourglass!

I'm not sure how many people have ever seen Harriet the Spy or read the book, but the movie was a pretty important part of my childhood. (Pretty much anything involving Nickelodeon was.) I'm watching this movie again and I'm so happy I can appreciate it on a deeper level while feeling nostalgic and missing the happier times. T_T

So...anyway...going to church today. Hopefully we'll make a trip to Sonic...

Psh. That's all I got! There's nothing to say about last night's Code Geass.

O.o ...If I had Suzaku and Lelouch with me, this summer would be a whole lot better.

Ja mate ne!^^

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

   Alvin Yakatori?
Avatar starts monday. I'm almost done rewatching the first ten (or eleven) episodes of Book Three. It was nice to see "The Painted Lady" again, because the first and only time I watched it was at Takara's house about a half hour after I broke my foot. So I didn't enjoy it.

I honestly don't have much to say. I watched The Soup and Queen Bees last night. I didn't want to watch Queen Bees, the reality show about stuck up girls who have to change, but they were so conceited and horrible I couldn't look away. I hate reality tv...

*sigh* I'll just love me some Josh right now...nothing else to do this fine summer day!

Ja mate ne!^^

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Friday, July 11, 2008

   It's better. Much better!

I bought Superhero Movie yesterday. It stars Drake Bell from the Nickelodeon series Drake and Josh and I am very loyal to him and to Josh Peck. Which is why I bought Drillbit Taylor...which turned out to be good despite the fact Josh wasn't in it enough...

Okay. I am not about to go on a Josh Peck rant. But I will mention if you're old enough you should go see The Wackness in theaters when it comes (if it hasn't already) for me, since I'm still not allowed to see R-rated movies. But on October 16th of this year...watch out. I will be seventeen.

Oh. Superhero Movie was really good. The ending songs are fantastic, done by Drake and Sara Paxton.

Didn't I have something else to say? Guess not. Random picture of Nataku from Houshin Engi time!

Ja mate ne!^^

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

   Life was easy when it was boring...
Grr. My computer is being so freakin' stupid right now. I have just a few simple things I want to do, but suddenly everything becomes impossible!

I was in a fairly good mood since I just woke up. Now I'm all mad at the world...

Veggie-sama can just blow my computer to bits!!!

Ja mate ne. >_<

EDIT: Oh my GOD. Now I got a letter from my school saying I got a D in Algebra 4A when I haven't even TAKEN that class yet. That's coming up second semester this year.

There are only three possibilities here:

1. It's just a mistake.
2. They typed 4A instead of 1A or 2A, which I think I bombed one or both of those freshman year.
3. It's a letter from the future.

I pick #3...

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

   For the love of Zuko...
I wonder how long this diligence on MyO will last. I'm getting attached to this little blog again...

Anyway, not much is up with me. I'm basically ignoring the world outside of my room, watching so much Avatar my eyes could explode. I have to rewatch every episode in preparation for the "new" episodes premiering next week. (Four of which I've already cheated to see...I don't shell out money for the individual DVDs. I buy the box set.) I'm still only in Book Two!

Meh. I'll get there. Anything for Prince Zu-Zu!

Ja mate ne!^^

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