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Monday, August 25, 2008

Time - 6:53pm
Music - I'm Sorry (Flyleaf)
Today's Fact - I hate life. >_<

I'm feeling all pessimistic and grumpy. I wasn't going to update, but commenting only took 7 minutes! So I had the time...I have nothing "good" to impart to you, however.

I did come up with an idea for a story, though. And I found the plans for a cool story in an old notebook and I want to pursue that. I REEEEEAAALLLLY need to start writing more. *sighs* I feel so crappy right now.

EDIT: 7:07pm

I feel sooo much better. I just saw an adorable video of Stewart Copeland. *squee*

Sachiko out!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

   Distracted...by avatars...
Time - 9:14am
Music - I'm Sorry (Flyleaf)

Attention! Hieiartemis is now:

Iconator.com is soooo distracting. I couldn't stop looking at avatars, even though I was fully aware I was wasting precious seconds of my life. Isn't it funny how that goes?

We went out yesterday, but I was at odds with my mother, so I wasn't in a good mood. A Laurel & Hardy marathon (I don't expect anyone to know who they are) kept me busy taping all day...and there were even The Three Stooges for an hour and a half. >_< I was chained to my TV FOREVER. And I had to tape Code Geass so I could go to bed at midnight, so I haven't seen it yet. Why can't it come on at eleven?

Sachiko out.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

   Finally, the weekend...
Time - 9:01am
Music - I'm So Sick (Flyleaf)

I am so glad it's Saturday. I don't really feel well, but I'd rather feel crummy at home than at school >.< It certainly has been a long week. But I suppose the first full week would seem that way. Man...is it summer vacation yet?

I haven't done anything worth talking about. Besides finally buying the Flyleaf EP re-release CD yesterday. Whoot.

Sachiko out.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time - 3:17pm
Music - I Can't Stay Away (The Veronicas)

My brother now has Driver's Training after school, which means the computer is free while he's gone! *throws confetti* He always jumps on before me and I hate it, but now I can get on right when I get home. Ha ha! It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't constantly stop the timer (computer time is reduced to an hour during school by my mom) and his one hour turns into two.

So. The Steely Dan concert on Monday night was...boring. T_T I had never willingly listened to their music, since they're my brother's band, so I was really, really bored. And tired, since we didn't get home until 11:45pm. But the Fox Theatre was absolutely beautiful! I can't wait until we go back in September.

School has been extremely dull and lifeless. Nothing bad has happened that I can remember. It's just sooooo horribly boring taking notes and listening to things I hate, like Algebra and Advanced Physics. >_< And I realized I'm taking two English classes this semester (Junior Honors English Advanced and Journalism) so I'm getting my six semesters of English out of the way more quickly than I thought. Next semester I get to take a computer class, which I'm looking forward to.

I guess that's good for now!

Sachiko out.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Time - 2:52pm
Music - None
Today's Fact - No time!

I have zero time today to type an adequate post, and I don't expect to be on tomorrow because we have to go to a concert and I probably won't have time!

I can say I'm happy because I've finally found Sailor Moon Stars on the computer so I can watch the end of my favorite anime at long last.

And I can say I'm going to murder my brother. >_<

Sachiko quickly out!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

   It's Saturday!!!
Time - 9:42am
Music - I Can't Stay Away (The Veronicas)
Today's Fact - I luff bunnies!!!

I'm in a great mood 'cause it is Saturday! I plan on doing a whole lotta nothin' today. Well...except for that stupid homework I have in Advanced American History, Junior Honors English, and Alegebra. But, otherwise, I'm gonna relax all day.

I saw one of the most adorable Leave It To Beaver episodes ever this morning! I couldn't sleep in because it came on so early, but I don't care because it was adorable.

No one can ever tell me that Beaver in a bunny suit isn't one of the cutest things EVER. I love it!

Hey...no Code Geass tonight! I guess this means I can go to bed early...

I am so glad it's Saturday. *shakes head* I'm happy for the first time in three or four days.

Sachiko out!

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Friday, August 15, 2008

   Getting better...
Time - 3:58pm
Music - None
Today's Fact - I still don't know anything anymore!

I didn't really mean to get on here and post yet...but I might as well.

This day went down and up and down and up. It was the anniversary of when I met He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named AKA the guy I'm still in love with AKA the guy I can never have, etc. The pain was surprisingly minimal. I had a few moments of pure sorrow, but I kicked my emo butt out of it, I guess. I feel okay right now. ^^

Can I be, like, a total girl for a moment? There's a boy in a few of my classes that I've known since grade school who is the nicest, sweetest boy in our whole grade and I was paired up with him today for something in Physics! I love him sooo much. He gives me hope for my generation.

...Because the guy I'm totally in love with is, um, totally too old for me. So...yeah, I hope more boys like the nice one exist.

Thanks for your comments yesterday! You guys are so understanding. *hugs the three of you* And, ohmigosh, Kitsune-san is like the coolest person ever now, once living so close to relatives of THE Jerry Mathers!

And from this moment on, Joshy is now Joshy-mon. He would be an awesome digimon. *hugs Sparkle-chan again*

Oh, I forgot. I've been working on making my own avatars (I think Stixx-san suggested it a looong time ago) and I'm having fun! I can't do anything fancy, but I'm getting good at just standard ones. I have to make my own Leave It To Beaver ones, after all. *points up at current Wally avatar* Once I get better, I'll work on Joshy-mon ones.

Sachiko out.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time - 5:31pm
Music - I Can't Stay Away (The Veronicas)
Today's Fact - I don't think I know anything anymore.

I don't know what to say. I felt obligated to update, but everytime I've tried to type about what has me feeling so confused and sad I just can't get the words down right.

I don't know what to do. I'll be okay, I guess. None of this is new...it all has to do with the same person from last year. Sorry. I wish I knew how to tell other people, but no one else seems to understand. I barely even understand myself. I'm weak, I guess.

EDIT: 6:20pm

AWWWWW! This makes me feel so much better!!!

Sachiko out.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time - 1:48pm
Music - When It All Falls Apart (The Veronicas)
Today's Fact - Hi-tops are awesome.

Wow. I survived the first day of school and it went SO WELL. I mean, it was damn near perfect! I can't believe not one bad thing happened. Can I really be hopeful about this year? Seems impossible. I guess I'm too jaded to get excited. I mean, I was only there for three hours. But I saw everyone I wanted to see (even one person I swore I never needed to see again...)

Well! I never expected to be so at ease. I'm a little afraid...this rarely happens to me...I hope I didn't jinx myself! >_<

This is how I generally look when it comes to school.

P.S. Yay, Sparkle-chan's back!

Sachiko happily out!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

   Gee, Wally.
Time - 8:13am
Listening to - MJ Morning Show
Today's Fact - It's the last day of summer vacation.

I guess until I get on the school schedule I'll be a little behind on MyOtaku. Tomorrow is the day I go back, but I've already been adjusting betimes and wake up times. When school starts I'll have to post in the late afternoon, so I hope no one forgets to visit me just because it's such a crummy time to update. >_<

I didn't take pictures of my jackets yesterday! I'd do it now, but it's early morning and I'm even more unphotogenic than usual. I didn't have much time yesterday, since we were in and out of the house. Then I got sick from eating just a bit too much DQ.

And I watched more Leave It To Beaver. It doesn't affect my love for Joshy, though. I still check the Josh community on Livejournal everyday.

I guess there's not much from me. I'm just kind of waiting for school, I guess. But I'm not ready to go baaaack...

Sachiko out.

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