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Saturday, March 19, 2016

   Work's Out for Summer! Work's Out Forever!
I am typing this at 3AM, by the way. As if to mimic my late-night rendezvous on the computer in my youth. That I eventually got busted for. But hey, if you only had 30 minutes to an hour on the internet at a time, you would damn well lose some sleep for more, too.

I am awake now because I fell asleep at like 6 in the evening. I don't know why I was so tired, but I was just DONE, and I'm wide awake now thinking of how this is my LAST DAY AT THE DELI. And I'm finally excited because it's here! This is it! This is my last four hour shift, 10-2. And then it's over and I'm FREEEEEE.

I haven't felt genuinely this good about something in awhile, because something good is actually HAPPENING that is going to change an aspect of my life and things aren't just going to keep dragging on in misery.

I can't wait to just...not have to be there anymore.

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