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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Squirrel Nut Zippers--Got My Own Thing Now

Well, Legal Drug is now appearing. I've gotten around to most of you who updated over the last couple of days (with the exception of one or two of you--but don't worry, I'll get around to you soon!). I've been uploading and downloading scans like a true manga-freak. Yea, me!

I guess I've been on a manga kick for a while now. If I were going to shape up and make some anime-themed wallpapers, what would you all like to see? I'm still unloading my DVDs, but I think I'll be able to break them out this weekend. ...Even though I have nowhere to put them except my office floor at the moment. *sigh*

I know I was promising some Fruits Basket wallpapers back in May, and I think Sara-chan wanted some more Hellsing(?). Anywayz--I'm open to what you all would like to see. Though my most popular wallpapers seem to be Witch hunter Robin and Samurai Deeper Kyo (which staggers me, btw--glad you all like them!), I wouldn't be adverse to making more from those series, if that's what you all really want. So, be sure to put in your two cents!

More later!

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Billy Squire--She Goes Down

Because sometimes, you just gotta rock!

OK. I'm changing the BG to Legal Drug, so if you stop by, things might get kinda funky.

Today, I had a copyedit to complete. It was kinda nerve-wracking because the author is a frequent contributor to our journal. And I had to say, more politely than here, of course, "hey, your word choice sucks, especially if you're giving a positive review; oh, and your citations are a disgrace, are you sure you've submitted to our journal before?!" @.@

Anyway, I've got another one due on Monday. I hope it goes better because that author actually received and responded to editorial guidance. :D

Sorry, I didn't come by yesterday. I've unexpectedly had family stop in this week, so my O participation has been spotty, to say the least. However, I notice only a couple of you have dropped by the last few times I've updated, so I don't feel that bad about it. I'll get around to everyone later tonight. Now, I've really got to make those site mods!

I finally changed out my quizzes. Is it all terribly Geminian of me that I returned the Hatori Sohma result for both the Furuba character that I resemble most and the Sohma man for me?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Well, it seems that things are picking up on the Nakama Yahoo Group. Those yaoi fans who subscribe should check it out.

I didn't update the last two days because I thought my sis and I would go see The Island, and I could report back. But no. Anyway, I watched Rockstar: INXS and will be continuing with that tonight. I really hope Brandon is off tonight. He really can't front this band.

I also decided to buy some new manga on Monday. I hope that it's really good stuff, but I still haven't ordered Level C volume 3 because it andTarget in the Finder never seem to be available on the same site. I'm really frustrated with that, because Amazon is persisting in its claim that TitF isn't released until the 30th, when BeBeautiful has it in stock and ready to ship. Argh! I hope I don't really have to wait until the 30th to get this title. I mean, I've already read the scan, but I anxiously await my portable and authorized copy!

In anime news, I'll be checking out Kyo Kara Maoh and . I hope I really enjoy the anime as much as their manga equivalents!

Finally! Brandon is axed! The INXS fanbase can rest easy tonight. :D Is anyone else thinking that the INXS blokes are too easy on the guys? I mean, if Brandon didn't make obvious mistakes (such as forgetting the lyrics to the song), I bet he wouldn't have been sent home. And all the guys are so "sensitive" when they offer suggestions and criticisms, like he's some--excuse the Seinfeldism--"delicate genius" or something. What's with THAT?

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Monday, August 8, 2005

Bonnie Raitt--Have a Heart

OK. The DirecTV guy is here, and he's been installing our system for the last 2 hours. I'm not sure why it's taking soooooo long, but as long as I have clear reception for Rockstar:INXS tonight, I really don't care. It's just that I can't do anything else today. I was planning on going shopping for paper towels, etc., we're running low on some key household items here. Plus, I've been assigned laundry as another of my little chores. Man, sis pisses me off sometimes.

It's another bleak as hell day here. The pool bottom is lousy with dead leaves because of the storm, but I don't really want to go out and clean them up off the bottom on a day like this. Actually, i'd rather be curled up in bed with some manga. I've decided to reread Haru wo Daiteita on my computer instead of Eeerie Queerie (Ghost) in bed. Well, I'll be back around soon!

To clarify, I am anxious to watch the rerun on VH1 tonight, because when it aired yesterday, I didn't have access to VH1. Why did the clinics get pushed onto VH1 instead of CBS, anyway? Oh well.

My co-worker who deals with internet issues is an idiot. He thinks I am an idiot, so he can't take me seriously. He mistakenly believes I've never used a SPAM filter before. Duh. It's part and parcel of email-life. If I didn't receive an email, the first place I'd look is the SPAM trap. Idiot programmer geek!

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Sunday, August 7, 2005

Mansun--Electric Man

I have not much to say. Missed Inuyasha because of the stupid satellite people not being able to come install the dish until Monday! My sister is working this weekend, and I've been reading and watching Furuba in its various forms. Sure wish that anime would have a sequel. Let's see, I'll babble for a moment or two...

Some of you may have noticed that my music heading consists primarily of Mansun tunes, and you may think that I only listen to a couple of bands. It's not so! Much to my misfortune in the cool-ness arena, I seem to be a slave to my iTunes playlists. This is usually the one I listen to when I'm online. Let's change it...Hmmmm, off my Fuzzy & Furry list, Candlebox--Cover Me. How's that? It sure is a change from Mansun, ne?

Ah...Ok. Why pretend? I'll just come back later today, when the sky isn't overcast or when I have something to say. Later!

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

The long awaited manga wallpapers!

Yeah, right. Heh. I know you all probably aren't that interested but here they are, all the same. :D

Here is this Haru wo Daiteita BGHere's a Legal Drug WP that you may see as a BG here soon:
This one is from the manga Innocent Bird:And here's another Legal Drug one that may appear soon as a BG:

Well, Stanley is calling for my attention, and I need some coffee, so I'll stop in again later! BTW, I've disabled the links I had to my previous set of manga wallpapers. If you really liked one of them but didn't have the time to download it, PM me, and I'll send you the link.

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Friday, August 5, 2005

Marty--Take Me Out

Well, I think I have finally got around to everyone on my list. Also, I've changed the text color from pink to blue. I haven't finished my copyedit, though. I guess, it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

I wish Rockstar: INXS came on tonight. I've been watching it religiously. Anyone else? Who do you think will win the contest? I'm pulling for Marty. He's super-hot. I've even been listening to his rendition of "Take Me Out." I can see him leading INXS, and MiG too. I've been impressed by JD's ability to rearrange songs until they fit his style, but I really can't see him fronting the band. He's too much of a fan, I guess? Anyone else think that Brandon should have been axed with Tara last night? He really is lame with that one trick pony. Hello, Chris Robinson wants his style back. His "If You Could Only See" especially sucked ass. He's soooo wrong for INXS. It's a shame that INXS seem so impressed with that vocal coach's assessment of his potential. Can they really afford to take the time and potty train Brandon? I mean...come on.

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Franz Ferdinand--Take Me Out

Well, I can't believe I made it back online this week, what with my track record lately and all. I've got a copyediting assignment that I'm working on, but I'll definitely make the rounds tonight. As you can see, I just got my hands on the Haru wo Daiteita 2005 Calendar images and am working up some wallpapers. I went with some weird pink as the text color, but I'm not sure that it really "works it" yet. Anyway, I adore Youka Nitta's style, and so I thought I'd share--hope you enjoy!

Went to my granddad's b-day party on Sunday. He turned 80 while no one was looking. My cousin told the most horrible/funny account of her trip to the doctor. As bad as I think it is for a doctor to call her patient an uneducated fool, the shoe sometimes fits, however inappropriate the time for such revelations.

[Some history about my cousin--feel free to scroll down past the bracketed portion:
My cousin took community college classes over and over again until she finally passed enough of them to go on to a 4 year college. Most people take community college classes for financial reasons, or because they know that they will adjust well to them and that such classes will catch them up on any type of remedial knowledge they may not have received in high school. After community college, she attended a college that gave her the most credits for finally skidding by with very low scores, even after she took her community college classes multiple times (lax professors didn't want to deal with her again, my cousin freely admitted at the time). Then, she proceeded to do the same at a 4 year university. When she finally graduated--as an education major, mind you; this from a girl who sees no value in the written word and can barely string two standard English sentences together--she couldn't pass the test that would allow her to actually teach in the state of Tennessee. What does she do? She goes to another state which doesn't require such a test. Now, this girl, whom I love dearly but cannot credit with lots of brain power, is teaching you or your children. I implore you. Please, do not take your education as a joke. End of brief history.]

She perceives the doctor to be condescending to her. Which said doctor probably was. My cousin is smart enough to recognize when people think she's stupid, but she doesn't try to prevent these occurrences by modifying her behavior or her language. She decides, after the doctor tells her that her account of her symptoms is "disorganized" and "impossible to follow," to cuss at the doctor, demand some sort of medication for her ailment, and leave on her high horse without a proper diagnosis. Do you know the reason why she related this story? Because she thinks she was misdiagnosed. Now, I'm no rocket scientist myself, but if I were to give a confused account to the doctor of my symptoms and then cuss at her when she sought clarification, and demand any ol' medication without clearing up the doctor's confusion, a misdiagnosis wouldn't surprise me. You?

Well, enough about my family. I've got catching up to do with my friends here!

I also see a long PM from nausicaa0 in the messages list, which I hope I shall have time to respond to in detail. I'll be coming around to your sites just as soon as I can grab some lunch and some coffee (yes, the addiction still runs strong). Unfortunately, typing this up has taken longer than I thought, and at 3PM, I'm famished!

BTW: went to IHOP for breakfast. I <3 pancakes.

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Friday, July 29, 2005

   Mansun--I Can Only Disappoint You

Today, I went to see War of the Worlds. It was really well done, even though the story is spotty in lots of places. If you like SciFi (and what anime freak doesn't?), check it out.

****begin tirade****
Had another absurd, chore-related spat with my sister. She goes to work from noon-9PM, OK? Before she leaves, she reminds me to check the pool and asks me to empty the bucket on the dehumidifier in the basement. No prob. I'm on it--after I get back from the movie, which starts at 1PM. So, she must know that I shower and get ready in the hour I have between her leaving and my heading out. She calls me at 6PM to "see if I got in OK," even though she asks me what I'm fixing her for supper. Well, I just got in. After going to the movie, I went shopping with my aunt for my Grandad's b-day present (Sunday), and we grabbed a bite to eat (which we took back to my house). I'm literally seeing my aunt to the door when she calls. I ask you, have I had time to complete my chores? No. When she hears that I haven't gotten to them, she starts assigning me more chores to do. Like, isn't that somehow counter-intuitive? Assigning me more odd jobs since I haven't had the time to do the ones already on my list? I'm fuming. I tell her off. We'll have it out when she gets home; I just know it.
****end tirade****

Anywaaaay, I'll stop here for now. I'll come back around after I complete my assignments and feed The Baby. :(

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Long time no type...

How is everyone? Well, I hope. Catch me up on the events of the last 5 weeks, if you can spare the time. Hopefully, summer break will have most of you visiting intermittently anyway. I feel guilty for not being such a great friend lately. However, we now have DSL service! I can get on and visit and not wait sooo long for all of your pics and stuff to load. Maybe, it will be easier for me to visit now.

Really, I am sorry for the extended absence. I'm now mostly settled into my new home. Moving was really hectic, and I've still got stuff at my parents' house. It's low priority crap (like cassette tapes that I haven't listened to since I was thirteen, dolls suffering from corrosive plastic syndrome, sappy poems from my teenage years that are so much trite rubbish now, figurines from my granny--that sort of thing).

Living with my sister is really cool. Because we're twins, we have lots in common and are really great company for each other. There's a downside, though. Because she works full time at a really stressful job, and I work part-time as a copyeditor, she expects me to do all of the household chores. I'm fine with that, but she expects me to do these chores on her schedule, not mine. That sucks. I'm not her. We do things differently. If I feel yuck-y, I don't do anything. Apparently, this is a problem. Apparently, if I'm not actually dying, the chores should be finished. Hello, Mom! Anyway, her bitching at me is wearing thin. Can't a girl have a bad day every month or two? Grrrrrr.

In other news, though I haven't watched too much new anime (keeping up with series), I've been reading lots of manga and scans. In particular, I've caught up with Gravitation, Fruits Basket, and Descendants of Darkness, and I've been reading lots of yaoi goodness, too.

I've also been making some new wallpapers, mostly from manga, though. I'll post links to the ones that won't make decent Otaku BGs. I'll also add my DNAngel wallpapers to the wallpapers section. Check 'em out if you have the chance. I think they're too cute. :D

Anyway, I'm off to grab some lunch and make some coffee, then I'll make the rounds!

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