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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And what's the worst you take/from every heart you break

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 4:06 pm
Music: I'm Real, J.Lo feat. Ja Rule
Mood: blank slate

+ Hey everyone. I'm not exactly in the world's best moods but I just had to update again before Friday and Saturday. Friday is my school trip to Dorney Park and Saturday's my sister's yearly dance recital. So yeah, busy weekend. Today I was wearing my new ballet flats and I think I got the wrong size when I got them last night, because my left foot looks AFUed. Like there's a mark where the stupid thing makes an oval for the opening and it was tight around the toes. Tomorrow, I am most def wearing some sneaks. No joke.

+ N's been absent for two days now. That's weird too, but it was a little overshadowed by the graduating eighth-graders that left today. It was so sad, I'm gonna miss those guys. It was awfully quiet in class when we were playing Uno {yep, education at it's best} and they were in the cool auditorium getting awards. I mean, they're still coming with on Friday and most of them will be coming back to school tomorrow. Haha.

+ My mom's going completely postal by the fact my little brother's hogging the living room for his greedy self and I can't see the new episode of Super Gals! when Miyu gets a *surprise* from her boyfriend. Spoiler alert if I tell what {I love spoilers}. So she's totally blowing up at me on the phone just because I'm on here instead of watching it. Whatever, why can't she just chill and not care like everyone else? Any other time she's quick to just ignore all of my problems.

+Okay, I'm venting. But so what? My blog damnit! I don't have any more news really and I want to get to all the updated sites on my friends' list. Au reviour!

XoXo Gidgit

You Are a Fortune Cookie

You're a rather normal person, except that you have extraordinary luck in life.

People want to be around you (even when they're a little sick of you), in hopes of being lucky too!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

I don't give a *BEEP*/keep lookin at my *BEEP*

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 9:50 pm
Music: Don't Speak, No Doubt
Mood: ....pooped

+ Hey people. Okay I know I'm updating super later than usual, since One Piece is playing and my little sister is being hypnotized into actually dancing to it.....Poor thing. Soo I went with K.C. to watch the new Fast and the Furious movie and it made me want to see Tokyo even more, like especially Shibuya. That place had all kinds of subcultures in there, like too many to name. There were Gothic Lolitas, and scary looking ko-gals {like they were trying to be my complextion or something}, but it was 100% underground fashion at its best.

+ I went to the salon today to get a perm and my main hairdresser Ms L totally curled my hair after the perm. It's really weird since I always get my hair straight and I wear it loose or in ponytails or messy buns. Now that it's actually curly I look like a different person.

+ My older stepsister got her eyebrows waxed. I had to hold her hand during the entire 5 minutes and afterwards I trudged my brokea$$ to Wendy's and brought her a Frostee. But now she looks even prettier than usual....she's graduating on Monday. Yay for her. And we went to this cool hip-hoppy shoe store and I got some ska-checkered Vans. They look so kickass :)

+ I'm totally happy about school now. I mean, Friday the only work I did was finishing my Quest paper on ribbon eels. Other than that I read old issues of Glamour mag, played Uno with N, Moe, and Darryl and watched Roll Bounce last classes. Hoping Monday's gonna be mellow like that too. Everyone's gearing up for the Dorney Park trip this FRIDAY!! My mind is like AHHHHH!!!!

+ Let me go do the laundry now. Cyberlove and Good Weekend!

XoXo Gidgit

You Are 24% Sociopath

From time to time, you may be a bit troubled and a bit too charming for your own good.

It's likely that you're not a sociopath... just quite smart and a bit out of the mainstream!

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Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm a hazard to myself.....

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 2:23 pm
Music: Somewhere Out There, Our Lady Peace
Mood: thirsty and sleepy.....blah!!

+ Hey people. Um....I got my ahem *dot* on Tuesday afternoon, so that night I just remember going to the downstairs bathroom {mine had the runs} and my mom holding back my hair. Sure was nice, but I got NO sleep so I took yesterday off from school. Wasn't like when I played hooky earlier in the year....I just wish that all this pressure would get off my back. M science teacher was talking to me at lunch and was making me feel really weird. I guess just cause he wants me to get into a good high school in two years, and he wants me to do everything possible. So this summer I'm gonna have to talk to my *resources* and see what's up. I want my high school experience to be the best it can. Even if it isn't a boarding school....

+ I'm going to see Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift tonight with my fams. We're not really big movie people, and neither is me. Last movie I went to go see was The Last Dance, and that was actually really good {the Spanish kid was really funny....he does that voice for all those Disney characters}. So yeah, I'm pretty hyped about that.

+ The reason I'm updating so early is because I had to finish my end-of-the-year Quest report on marine life. Mine was the Ribbon Eel. Sweet. And next Friday is the trip to Dorney Park and I'm absolutely psyched. My mom says she's gonna wait to give me my allowence till Thursday so I have spending cash when I get there. Hey, I can't help it if I'm a total cheap-jewelry whore. Haha, isn't that comical?

+ I was bored yesterday so I was watching the entire first season of Princess Tutu. I really like that series, has anyone seen it enough to make a comment? Well it's what happens when Cardcaptors Sakura and Revolutionary Girl Utena had a baby. And added some ballet in there instead of sword fights of course. But it's not just a little girl's first shoujo {Sailor Moon, watch your back} neither that action filled yet pointless anime. It's actually tough to describe...but very worthwile to watch. Recommend City all the way.

Plus Fakir is totally GL! That doesn't hurt....

+Okay, Double Quiz today. Cyberlove and Happy Weekend! I know I deserve mine.

XoXo Gidgit

Your Life Path Number is 6

Your purpose in life is to help others

You are very compassionate, and you offer comfort to those around you.

It pains you to see other people hurting, and you do all in your power to help them.

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In love, you offer warmth and protection to your partner.

You often give too much of yourself, and you rarely put your own needs first.

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And while taking care of people is great, make sure to give them room to grow on their own.

You Are Beef

You're big, burly, and maybe even a little stinky. And no one's going to come between you and a good steak.

And you've probably never met a vegetable you like, unless fries and ketchup count.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No blonds were offended {or harmed} in the making of AMV

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 5:05 pm
Music: Ring My Bell, Anita Ward
Mood: hundry....-_-

+ Hey people. Wow my leg is still sore...-_-, Guess it didnt really come to a surprise much. There isn't really much to post with, I want to do a lot of stuff this weekend. Like I need to go to Renee's birthday party {the girl's like 4"11, and a year older than me. Ha}, and my mom also wants to look at a house. And my hair is begging for a perm. The dreaded "P-word".

+ We had a math test today, since the class bombed on the last one. Grr. But I think someone up there likes me, or maybe the teacher just thought of me when he thought this test up. It was OPEN BOOK!! I was so happy I wanted to fly to the moon and dance with the stars....Bliss of passing a hard test that I studied megahard on? Oh the satisfactory was great.

+ Mommy was checking the mail yesterday, and besides some bills and her Vicky's catalog, there was a letter for me! It was special since it was even entitled "Miss Cameron" in gold fancy print. With parchment envelope. I got nominated for a "Young Leadership Program" down in Princeton. The earliest semenar is in September, and then they do it again in January and February. And I know a lot of people at school that got nominated so I wont be the only lone on there. I even get a ROOMIE!! Haha!! But there's downsides: it costs somewhere in the 1K mark to go, and I gotta dress in pencil skirts and blouses. GAG ME!!! Absolutely no denium and minis and not even my trademark cartoon tees. NOTHING.

+ That's the news for today, loves. Quiz and AMV coming right up. Cyberlove!

XoXo Gidgit

Your Gemstone is Orange Saphire

Courageous, optimistic, and successful.

Your confidence helps you handle the ups and downs of life

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Monday, June 12, 2006

My oh my would you want to say goodbye?

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 6:30 pm
Music: Cello Sonata #2 in G Minor, Faura/Jean-phillipe Collard
Mood: sore....gnnng

+ Hey eveyone. Kami I'm so sore :(. Field Day was really fun besides the fact. Got out of my afternoon classes {no boring nerdy mathwork for me, mister} and NO HOMEWORK. The sad part is that I had to *gasp* do exercise too! I knew it was too good to be true!!
Let me fill you in on the details.

+ We had the layups for basketball. It took me exactly eleven tries before I finally got the basket in. Needeless to say, my team {blue though I was wearing red} won. Don't ask. And there was the big lead: the Tug-Of-War!! The last event that the class had, and the second-greatest thing happening that day. However, it was 2:00 by the time we finally got to the Tug-Of-War field. And at 2:00 was when the main event was happening, The Relay Races. Of course I was pissed even though the relay was the most exciting thing happening all day. Evil damn teachers though.

+ My stats have updated. I am like 3 visits away from 13K mark, and my popularity rank is officially in the triple digits!! At my old site {i was the small-known Hunter Miyuki] I never ranked that high on the popularity scale. So yay for that.

+ I have a really weird habit of taking traits from things that influence me. Like after I read a book, I start stealing slang from it. Like for example, my current reading pleasure is LBD {the first one] by Grace Dent. The LBD are a threesome of three London gals and they talk weird. When I was watching the new episodes of Princess TuTu, I was thinking, Fakir is so lush!!" Wow.

+ I could have better things to bore you with. I'm gonna go put ice on my sore muscles. Ow. Cyberlove!

XoXo Gidgit

You Should Spend Your Summer at the Beach

You're a free spirit who is always thinking of new ways to have fun.

And you don't just love summer... you live for it.

So, you really should blow off your responsibilities and head to the beach!

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's the way that he make you feel, it's the way that he kisses you, it's the way that he makes you fall in love....

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 10:52
Music: Beast and The Harlot, Avenged Sevenfold
Mood: lovesick.....or just plain sick

+ Hey everyone. I took a break yesterday, did some quiet things. I started reading Paradise Kiss yesterday and I love it!!! Wow it's really good! Just like how I was scamming through Faeries Landing. I need to start reading manga again, I'm forgetting just how good it was.

+ I'm not sure what's gonna happen today. But tomorrow is my death day, Field Day. The day people like me {with no athletic ability to speak of, except the few times we get "lucky"} are himiliated by the people that live, eat, die sports. The highlight of that is I want to see the relay races, the only raes worth seeing since it pits the classes against each other. Friendly competition. My math teacher {who's also a track coach for the high schoolers} is racing the middle school science teacher. Sweet. And Darryl's one of the runners for my class. Double sweet.

+ I want to say that I'm turing crazy, cause I think that I am. J's on the mind again. Yesterday, I went to the bathroom to cry five times. That's a problem, and my sister asking me, "Are you okay, Cameron?" can get really annoying after a while. But I've just been replaying Pretty Girl by Sugarcult on my iPod. I'm pathetic....:(

+ Bored as hell. Let me go get the quiz and AMV for today. Hope everyone likes the new theme. Cyberlove!

XoXo Gidgit

Your Personality Is Like Alcohol

You're the life of the party, a total flirt, and probably a pretty big jokester.

Sometimes your behavior gets you in trouble, but you still remain socially acceptable.

You're a pretty bad driver, and you're dancing could also use a little work!

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Friday, June 9, 2006

i cant feel this damage anymore, don't turn your back on me/i wont be ignored

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 6:29 pm
Music: Our Laywer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued, Fall Out Boy
Mood: piging out to Chinese, haha! *smiley*

+ Hey everyone. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, didn't get home till late.And that the site looks a little "under construction". I'm changing the theme. Anyway, onto the good stuff!

+ Went to the Camden Aquarium and it was pretty fun. Crude humor was involoved. For example: *at the hippos*, James goes , "Amber, close your legs". At the penguins, I go, "Look at James's family reunion!." My thought was he looked like the fat lazy one. Lol.

+ Food was really expensive. Like they wanted, get this, $6 for a cheeseburger. A CHEESEBURGER!! I was so outraged. And like some kind of karma beast, the cheapest thing on there was cheese [for 50 cents]. Sorry {{inside joke}}.

+ Speaking of karma, the ice war has ended. In Laymen's Terms {gotta stop watching so much Law and Order}, me and N talked and we settled things. I was wrong for telling Dasia about that [and now Dasia's not talking to me]. And N admits she overreacted. Now that that's setteled, all I need to do is get ready for some pool time this weekend. Oh, and study for math so I don't bomb the next test. Grrness.

+ I'm not sure if anyone heard but I was checking my MySpace [i hear the screams already. call me a follewer, I just communicate w/my friends haha}, and my friend C.J. is good for info. She posted that Jaleel White (the actor that played Urkel) was found dead Monday. They say it's looking like a suicide. More info as I get it.

+Here's the AMV and Quiz. Cyberlove!

XoXo Gidgit

You Are Cyclops

Dedicated and responsible, you will always remain loyal to your cause.

You are a commanding leader - after all, you can kill someone just by looking at them.

Power: force beams from your eyes

*saw the movie on bootleg :p. Was actually really good. Props for getting Shadowcat in on the action*

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

i dont feel so hot

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 4:27 pm
Music: Bad Education, Tilly and The Wall
Mood: im dead meat

+ Hey everyone. I've been in a mess today. Moe had the honesty to tell me. See my 8th grade friend Dasia had asked me if N was gay. And the two are friends, so it's not like I told just anyone. So I told Dasia the truth. Now, here I am at the end of the day when Moe comes to tell me that Dasia had told N that I told her that she was a lesbian....and that I was gonna tell the guy in our grade that likes N. AS IF!! Now I'm the bad girl, and I'm gonna get my ass kicked. Well supposidly.

+ It's not my fault. But I guess I'll give N some time to cool down before I calm down. No need to ruin my new umbrella in a fight. But I guess that just means that I'm a bad person maybe. That I've got an ugly side too *gasp*. But it wasn't my fault. I'd better stop before I dig myself into a deeper hole.

+ Trip to Camden Aquarium tomorrow. At this rate. I'm hoping for the flu. Or a rash of some sort. I don't think the infamous Soprano-taliking sharks will be my only worries.

+ I'm hungry. Ha, that should be my slogen. When in doubt of getting one's ass kicked, eat those sloppy ice-cream balls. I love ice cream. Cyberlove!

XoXo Gidgit

Your Love Quote

I was nauseous and tingly all over. I was either in love or I had smallpox.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Hey miss murder can I.../hey miss murder can i?

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 4:28 pm
Music: Why Cant I?, Liz Phair
Mood: excited, about the 23rd [read below]

+ Hey everyone, miss me? Get this, the teachers have lost their ever-loving minds. Because I've been hit with a double -make that triple whammy- and it's been killing me. I'm sore and sweaty and a mess and sleepy all over in places I really didnt want to know about. Even my craps feel a lot like shit. Hmm rereading what I just said. Puts a little light in my day.

+ I have gym Monday and Tuesday. It's right after lunch [where I have the ritual smoked turkey and bread sandwich] so we're all groggy and stuffed. Oh more like not stuffed to the "other" group. More on that in later paragraphs. Anyway, my gym teacher dragged us to the park and we ran a lap. I raced Darryl since I am not the atheletic type. At all. One lap, I was panting actually. Then we had to run for groups for Friday. My death day. Field Day. At least we get out of doing actual work that day.

+ My next whammy is the root of all evil, no not what you're thinking, like tomatoes or N as the President of the US [watch out Bush]. We have end-of-the-year exams. And we did the math open-ended today. Grr it all to hell. I mean there were questions that as soon as my teacher put it down on the table I was like, "huh?" It looked about as recognizable as kanji. Good thing I'm in the safety of my home.

+ The last whammy deals with N matters. First off, I'm playing Private Investigator Cameron to a guy in my grade in puppy love with N. Gag. But at least he pays me for every day's worth of info. Also, there were heavy rumors flying around for a few weeks [or days. those tests really mess up my brain] that N had an eating disorder. Mostly anorexia. Definatly not the case, set straight by more than a handful of eye witnesses. Too bad it came so damn close to everything. These days, she's prancing around with the whole, "I lost weight! I'm 98 pounds!" mantra in classes and the hallways. Yesterday was better, no testing and N had been absent.

+ Thursday I'm going on a class trip to the Camden Aquarium. No harsh Jersey jokes please. But really, I've been having dreams about the Sopranos turning into fish. Coincidence? And on the 23rd is the rediculously advertised trip to Dorney Park. And I've got confromation we can travel WITHOUT parental/teacher units. Good. The last thing I need is to be pigging out with Dippin Dots ice cream next to my hippielike vegan science teacher in swimming trunks. Ah, the horror.

+ Quiz and AMV. Stay strong, I hope exams are over this week, at the least. Cyberlove!

XoXo Gidgit

Your Famous Movie Kiss is from Spiderman

"I have always been standing in your doorway. Isn't it about time somebody saved your life?"

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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Mr blue sky, please tell us why/ you had to hide away

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 6:08 pm
Music: Cassie, Flyleaf
Mood: caffinated @_@

+ Hey everyone. Damn it's Sunday already? Well let's see what I did today to make it officially Sunday: 1-Woke up later than usual [10:00 and over], do nothing but watch bad TV repeats for three hours. Eat a sloppy, yet satisfying breakfast-lunch. Fool around on the computer.

+ We went to the mall to look for my sister's shawl and shoes. Her formal's this month, and so is her graduation from middle school. On a note of moving up on the school social system, I'm reading a book that will hopefully help me in my HS experience. Or not. It's called Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar.

+ There's nothing really to talk about since Sunday's a day I'm used to not communicating with the outside world much. Oh that reminds me, I gotta fool around with my iPod too. I'm getting into this French group called Kyo [yeah, I dont get it either]. But ah well.

+ I'm gonna cut my rambling short now. Quiz and AMV, as always. Stay cool, lovlies. Cyberlove!

XoXo Gidgit

Your Bumper Sticker Should Be

Ass, gas, or grass - no one rides for free

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