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Monday, March 5, 2007

   Shouldn't it like be getting warmer already? it's friggin march!!

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 2:23 pm
Music: All About Us // T.A.T.U.
Mood: hungry...whats new?

-Heyy everyone. I'm starting to think that I'm on a one-post-a-month quota starting now. Heh, I need a life. So anyway...my birthday's THURSDAY so I'm definatly gonna post then. I'm a little not that excited because testing is next week, and everyone's so focused on passing that I think they've forgotten to get me a present =[ It's uber bad that they're broke on top of that. Man, why can't I be friends with like Paris Hilton or something?

-I'm debating whether or not I should like get a new username (AGAIN!!) The post thing is actually kind of annoying. Like I'd go and get all the friends from this name, and actually get the same username and everything. Man, a lot of peoeple's pages are actually quite buggy. It's annoying maaan >>.

-Yesterday I saw my bud Justin yesterday. And we were watching a little bit of "V For Vendetta" (ps. one of the BEST MOVIES EVER) and he like leaned in close. And I thought it was like really odd but then he tried to kiss me. I wasn't really thinking so I like pulled back. And the rest of the night wasn't "akward" or anything, but it just got me thinking. Like I know that I don't want another boyfriend right now. I want to wait at least until I'm settled in high school before any romance get in there. (Okay, a fling won't hurt but a full on commitment is something I'm NOT doing now). It's just odd cause I'm not even sure if he likes me in that way or not. IDK, maybe I'm just being self centered?

-So I'm gonna go and actually try to change up this layout now. Peace!


ps. If anyone has a myspace, please hit me up (in a PM) cause im on there a lot more than here and its better if you want to talk to me normally.

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