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Monday, August 28, 2006

Jenny was a friend of mine, The Killers

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 12:12 pm
Music: Numa Numa, Ozone
Mood: bored >>

+ Hey people. I just learned today that the group that made "Numa Numa" (which is a Romanian love song >> go figure) is called Ozone. I never knew the group's name, just that Numa Numa is a popular song to put as AMV music. So I guess you really do learn new things every day.

+ Yesterday was good. Evan's house is only about 10-15 minutes from mine, and his house is feckin' HU-GE!! The two dogs he has (Ziggy and Zoey) are too cute....Ziggy's this big gold marshmellow and Zoey's still a little chocolate ball of love ^^. His family took us out to this Italian place. Score for them, cause you can never go wrong with Italian food ! ! Afterwards, they drove me home and Ev and his dad walked me upstairs. My dates usually walk me up like that. Is it chivalry or something?

+ I was thinking of starting to write fanfiction again. It's been forever and a half since I last did it, and I've sort of been in a writing rut for the past few weeks. It's like all I do (since my mind isnt producing ideas like normal) I surf the 'Net and wait for my love life to fully produce. Yep, fanfiction would be a nice way to pass the time.

+ I think I'm gonna work on the layout today, so check back for that. Here's today's AMV and Quiz. Cyberlove♥!

x-o-x Gidgit

You Are Internal - Realist - Empowered

You feel your life is controlled internally.

If you want something, you make it happen.

You don't wait around for things to go your way.

You value your independence and don't like others to have control.

You are a realist when it comes to luck.

You don't attribute everything to luck, but you do know some things are random.

You don't beat yourself up when bad things happen to you...

But you do your best to try to make your own luck.

You have a good deal of power, but you also know the pecking order.

You realize that working the system does get you further.

You know who to defer to and who to control.

When it comes to the game of life, you play things flawlessly.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sailor Moon and

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 4:12 pm
Music: Don't Go - Starting Rock
Mood: anxious to the point of insanity

+ Hey people!! I'm home at the moment, messing around with my mom's new mp3 player and her new LimeWire program, trying to figure things out. (For some reason, my family is filled with nothing but half-tech illterate and techs that should be on the Geek Squad at Best Buy) She's at some couple's wedding and left me home. It's the first time in a while I've actually been here, it felt weird waking up in my own twin bed instead of a squishy hotel one (laughs). Am I spoiled or what?? Anyway, my dad did one of his numbers yesterday so my sisters and stepmom packed their shit and left. I'm okay, but he's probably still sitting on the couch drinking beer as usual. I'm expecting to see him on one of those "anti-drug" commercials.....

+ Disney was a barrel of monkeys. Except for some parts, like the UK family that was really loud and rude and sat behind us on the train through the Magic Kingdom. Then the older son burped right in my ear. How do you say ewww?? in French? Another thing I have to vent about is the wait time to get an autograph and pic with the Disney characters. The wait for Ariel a.k.a. The Little Mermaid was a whole hour (! ! ) I think we waited a new 45 minutes for Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White who called us all "Princess" and needed a cough drop. Especially Belle...that lady had the raspiest voice. I liked Snow White best, she was actually scared of my new Stitch changepurse. I was like, "Lady, I'm thirteen. You only need to get into this gig with my little sister.. My favorite was Eeyorre....he's such a sweetie :). He gave me a hug and kisses (AHH ! ! ). He was a lot better than the bootleg Tigger that they had next to him.

+ I'm mucho excited. I'm going over Evan's house tomorrow, and I'm excited and nervous. My mom has this warped idea that the parents are either gonna be old or racist (I had a bad experience with some violence and the "N" word when I was like six) but I think neither. He seemed nice, and I'll assume that the 'rents are the same way.

+ School's starting soon, and I sent some e-mails on MySpace to N yesterday. She's got a tan, cut her hair super short (think pixie short) and is like a fake goth-emo thing. I wonder if she does the hair flip thing? Anyway....and she's promised to help tutor me on my math work this year so I at least have those worries out of the way. This year, I'm praying to Kami or God or to feckin' Santa Clause that there's none of that drama this year. I want to enjoy my year before high school, dommo arigato.

+ Here's today's AMV and Quiz. Cyberlove? ! And expect a theme change pretty soon ! ! !

x0x0x0 Gidgit

Your Love Style is Eros

For you, love is all about the passion!

And chances are, you're currently in love.

You have a strong physical response to love...

And you are great at committing

(As long as the person makes your toes curl!)

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Technosh*t, the DDR Version anyways

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 8:33 pm
Music: Pretty Girl (The Way), Sugarcult
Mood: sleepy...

+ Hey people. I just got back home yesterday (I missed Jersey so much, you guys!) and tomorrow I leave for Flordia. We're catching the freakin' first one of the morning (our flight leaves at 800 in the morning from Newark Airport). They'd better let me eat a banana nut muffin and some milk tomorrow too damnit. Gotta start the day off right, yknow.

+ I was sick earlier today (yep, you guessed it) so I'm just chillin at home. Kept myself busy by goofng off on my iPod and checking out the stuff on the Hot Topic website. That store is seriously kickass cool, they had these knee-legnth granny lace-up boots for like $45. I was like, "I have to have those things!
+ I got my little brother into anime. Yes, I got my nine year old brother into anime. Yesterday, I got him the second volume of Naruto. Hey, this kid's pure shounen material, ya hear? He was digesting that thing on the plane like crazy, let me tell you. So score for me.

+ Well I'd probably gotta go check my MySpace and get ready for tomorrow. Cyberlove?

x0x0x0 Gidgit

Your Hair Should Be Purple

Intense, thoughtful, and unconventional.

You're always philosophizing and inspiring others with your insights.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

With eighty seconds left in overtime/She's on your mind....

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 2:16 pm
Music: Virtual Star Hasseigaku (again!)
Mood: hungry....

+ Hey people. Finally, I'm getting back in the groove of blogging again. I thought most people knew about Evanescence already (about time I'm not the last person to know!!) And thanx extra for the whole Evan situation. Maybe people are trying to just be nice and say "He'll come to his senses eventually." but I just don't want to seem like I'm obsessed. Or it may be too late for that.

It's a bummer because his birthday is this week.

+ Tonight my grandma wants to take me and my brother to go apple-picking. Let me rephrase that: my country-born Grandmother (no offense to actual country people) wants to take her Jersey-bred grandchildren apple picking. It just happened that my little brother fell in love with the homemade applesause one of her girlfriends made. Hurrah I get to come by association.

+ I was thinking about changing my theme soon enough. I was thinking about what anime I wanted to feature this time around.....but I just hope I can find some decent JPEGS to put on my blog.

+ Here's today's AMV and Quiz. I come home in *counts fingers* TWO days! See you soonm pussycats! Cyberlove!

x0x0x0 Gidgit

Your 2006 Summer Anthem Is

Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

"I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

There was something so pleasant about that phase

Even your emotions had an echo

In so much space"

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Monday, August 14, 2006

All the little pieces falling, shatter/ Shards of me too sharp to put back together....Too small to matter.....

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 3:25 pm
Music: Miss Murder, A.F.I.
Mood: plucky :p

+ Hey everyone, miss me? Well I come home the 18th and after that it's Disney for me! So far I found new things to obess over: boys' Old Navy jeans, fantasy writing projects, technosh*t, the new Evanescence track.

+ I'm so happy that the new Evanescence album drops this October. For those that haven't heard it, the new single from the album (song: "Call Me When You're Sober") is really good. It has the usual Evanescence yumminess that we remember from Fallen, i.e. Amy Lee's powerhouse pipes, the rock-goth beats, and the piano. Is it just me or does the piano in most songs actually make the song? I always found that strange....

+ I haven't talked much to Evan lately. This guy must be MIA or something....or maybe he's just not like me that checks her cell every ten minutes (okay three, but I don't want to seem obesssive).All I left was a text saying something mushy and horribly "I'm-trying-to-sound-causal-but-I-really-like-you" code written. You'd think he'd stop fawning over this imaginary schoolgirl companion and go out with me (the bird-in-hand, as I call myself). At least that's what all of my friends are chourusing to me.

+ My fantasy writing project is going good. Wrote the prologue just last night, and I need to look over the beginnning again. For me, the hardest part is the very first sentences. In my mind, I have what I want to say but then I don't know how to climax to that part. And I just recently wrote it because I was trying to fit my protagonist (a guy this time!) into a suitable character. Inspiration came this time from the anime Sorcerous Stabber Orphen and Evanescence tracks. There's a bit Utena-ness to things but that's easily a misconception.

+ Here's your AMV and Quiz. Cyberlove?!
x0x0x0 Gidgit

You Belong in Soho

Although you may not be a professional artist, you do dabble in one form of art or another.

And you indie culture of all kinds - from little botiques to art house films.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Isn't something missing?

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 3:26 pm
Music: Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Oasis
Mood: spacy-meloncoly

+ Hey people. Wow, here I didn't expect anyone to notice my short hiatus. I was so happy to read the comments from yesterday, but I think there was a misunderstading. Evan isn't my boyfriend...or yet anyway. But maybe that's just my problem then, I'm too nice for my own damn good. I guess in my mind there's this little voice thats saying "One day, he's gonna look at you and say 'I want to be with her'." But that's a stretch and not gonna happen in this lifetime.

+ I've been listening to a lot of Oasis lately. Lately, my favoritest song [besides anything by Panic! At The Disco] has been Wonderwall. They sung it all over the place at camp and I never really listened to any Oasis songs except S.C.Y.H.O. [as listed above]. Or maybe it's that I listen to emo a lot lately....ha ha.

+ My new writing project is gonna be a fantasy..I can see it coming a mile away. God, I really want to see this thing take on a life of it's own. I suddenly have a strong urge to strip apart everything by J.R.R. Tolkien. Elves and dragons and hobbits, oh my. Cyberlove

x0x0x0 Gidgit

You Are The Lovers

You represent ideal love: innocence, trust, exhilaration and joy.

You demonstrate the harmony of opposites, two sides coming together.

At times, you also represent the struggle between what is right and what is tempting.

Control is an issue for you, especially when you don't know your reasons for choosing something.

Your fortune:

You have an important choice you need to make about love, and it will be a difficult choice to make.

You are likely struggling between the love you crave and the love that is right.

In the end, you will choose what you crave, even if it's bad for you.

Because without what you crave, you will feel empty and incomplete.

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Better Off Alone ((title of the song, it's technoshit again))

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 12:45 pm
Music: Come What May (Moulin Rouge), Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman
Mood: hungry.....XP

+ Hey people. This is exactly what I thought would happen, there's no set blogging time here. This is liturally the first time I've had the time (not to mencion energy) to sit down and blog. Um....well it's two hours behind my normal time so yeah. That gets a little frustrating since something terribly amazing that happens here at 10, I'll have to wait to call my friends back home about it till the next day.

+ Me and Evan have been texting and calling each other every day. Only there's one tiny microscopic problem with me being his girlfriend. He already likes a girl.....*dropped the bomb*. But he still treats me like he likes me like that. Oh, I'm not sure what he sees me as anymore....but once I clear my head over this maybe it'll get easier.

+ I haven't really worked on anything lately, in the writing sense. Right now, I'm working on a pretty pointless short story about an irrepressible girl named Carmit. At least there's a writing workshop I'm taking on Wednesday at the library. This is so I at least have something to bring into the class. I think when school starts again, I might want to write some fantasys/science fictions. Somehow I write those a lot. ((there goes that anime influence))..Oh and the Pirates movie was kickass, though I didn't like the ending and what happened to Jack Sparrow (spoiler in there somewhere). Glad they're making a third one....otherwise methinks the JS fangirls were mighty upsettish?

+ I don't really have much to report on so here's today's AMV and Quiz. Hope everyone's summers are going good...Cyberlove

x0x0x0 Gidgit

You Are Spider-Man

Quick and agile, you have killer instincts (literally).

And that kind of makes up for the whole creepy spider thing.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Everytime I try to fly, I fall/ without my wings I feel so small

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 10:12 am
Music: All About Us, TaTu
Mood: thoughtful....

+ Hey people. I called so many people yesterday....Mackenzie G. mostly. She found some pics from camp online and emailed them to me. There's this really cool one of my brother cabin (and it has Evan in it ^^) and they're looking just as goofy as they are. I talked a bit with him yesterday night before I went to bed. I want to hang with him before I leave Tuesday Morning, but they only day I could do something like that would be today. I don't really have anything planned, but me and my sister want to hang with Mackenzie and Lisa.

+ Haven't talked to some people like N lately. She won't answer her phone. Hmmm, maybe she migrated down to South Jersey to visit her dad. It's actually a good feeling when you get away from your normal surroundings and experience new things once in a while. If I spent all of my time at home, then half of my friends (and Evan) wouldn't know me. They wouldn't even know that I'm a real person. That's why I can't understand how some people don't do anything all year round.

+ Tomorrow I'm spending the day with my mom doing random stuff. She missed me and my brother a lot while we were gone. I want to go see Pirates because I still have not seen it damnit >< . . . Very pissed at that. I want to see Johnny Depp's delicious godliness onscreen.

+ Um..... I guess since I'll be up and about these next few weeks, please don't expect it to be like the school year. My post scheduale might not be as frequent and my replys to things will be slower, but I'll check as often as I can. Maybe I can go out to Colorado Tuesday and find some rugby partners, or work on my yoga and knitting. Or kick my uncle's ass on his XboX 360. Whatev....Quiz and AMV. Cyberlove

x0x0x0 Gidgit

What Color Sharpie Are You? (25 Different Colors) Updated Again!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

I won't worry my life away....

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 7:18 pm
Music: The Kids Aren't Alright, The Offspring
Mood: dancy

+ Oh. My. God!!!!!! It feels so good to be back.....I have so much to spill. I made so many friends at camp....and I'm getting back into the spin of things. I had this distinct feeling that I wasn't missed since the 7th when I last posted...damned if I was, damned if I wasn't. I made so many new friends from all over Jersey and NY so yeah.

+ My councelers were cool. One was a girl named Maryna and she was from Ukraine, and the other one (Monica) was from Massachusetts. Some of my roommates in the first room were really bitchy and clique-y at the beginning, but they ended up pretty nice round the end. My BCF (best camp friends) ended up being Lisa F. and Mackenzie G.. The boys were soooooo funny. I played matchmaker and hooked Lisa F. with Chris G......coolness XD. Along the way, I met my own boy....such a cutie and sweet to the core. His name's Evan G. (isn't that a little gooody-goody name?) and he reminds me a lot of the long lost Brady brother. Ha ha.

+ He lives a two towns over from me, and he's pretty shy. He's a year older than me (a rising freshman) and can't dance to save his life. But he's the sweetest guy ever (he picked me some dasies before I left) and he's a gymnist. The kind that does backhand springs and shit, while I can't even do a flippin' cartwheel. {har har}. He doesn't know I like it though...but yeah. I have a feeling we're gonna become close.

+ Another thing I noticed about camp is that there is zero racial tention there. I mean, back home it's a bit weird to see a black girl hooking up with a white guy (actually, it's downright not done), but it was different there. Everyone was themselves, and it really worked. Everything clicked sort-of and that's how a lot of relationships got so strong. There was the occasional question of whether black people get tans (Lisa F.) but we got along really well.

+ I'm just getting back into the groove of things. I learned how to knit and I played rugby, which is the funnest game in the world to try and play. My goal for the next year is to learn to knit my own clothes. Like socks and scarfs and hats. Hats would be so kickass to knit. And yeah...I'm going to plot how to make Evan G. my boyfriend. God, I'm such an evil mastermind.

+ Here's today's AMV and Quiz. Cyberlove♥!
x0x0x0 Gidgit

You Are: 50% Dog, 50% Cat

You are a nice blend of cat and dog.

You're playful but not too needy. And you're friendly but careful.

And while you have your moody moments, you're too happy to stay upset for long.

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Friday, July 7, 2006

what a beautiful wedding says a bridesmaid to a waitor/ yes but what a shame, what a shame the poor groom's bride is a whore

Revolutionary Girl Utena is love.
Revolutionary Girl Utena is too much love!
Time: 11:54 am
Music: Time to Dance, Panic! At The Disco
Mood: dancy XD

+ Hey people. Today is Friday, my last day of relaxing with civilization (and ironically, The Pirates premire day). Tomorrow my mom's gonna be dragging me all over town for last minute things and to get my hair braided ><. All I want to do is go manga shopping, get some Mrs. Fields cookies, and see the new Pirates movie. Johnny Depp is sooo hawt ^^ [screams].

+ Lately I've been into watching Ouran High School Host Club and it's really really funny ^^. (I took the easy way and watched subs on YouTube). Haruhi is so indifferent, I didn't even tell that she was a girl until like the 3rd episode. My personal favorites are the King (He's so outrageous, he reminds me of a blond Ayame from Fruits Baskets) and the Twins. I'm on Episode 10 and I can safely say that now I can tell apart Kaoru from Hikaru. Hikaru is more the sems in the relationship (yes, many times the characters say they're "incesterous"). He's usually on top in a lot of pictures and his voice is deeper.

+ Did character development for TAl today (the protagonist). I like the whole crossdressing scene now, especially since you see it so much in manga and anime. I don't know why I made my other characters so tall though, the minimum for Tal and like two other characters are under 5"5. Everyone else is soooo over....they're like beanpoles ^^. Hey, I just realized that this is turning into one of those "free talks" like they have in mangas. Wow....and I didn't even realize that.

+Here's today's AMV and Quiz. I actually wanted to write a longer post, but everytime I try to tell myself that then I end up having nothing to write about. Me and my fickle mind......*gloom* Anyway Cyberlove♥ and have a Happy Summer =D
x0x0x0 Gidgit

You Are 61% Indie

You're a very indie person, and admit it, you look down a little on people who strive to be normal.

You'll indulge in a little mainstream pop culture every now and then. But for you, anything not indie is a guilty pleasure!

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