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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

   pwa 0_0

uh... i forgot to put in a post ^_^' uheheh
anywho... i'm still emo and lonely... i can't really talk... or think... *sigh*
uuuhh... well... nothing happened... my cooworker is in the hospital giving birth... meh... so my work load will increase in the next month... *sigh* -_-
well i've been tagged twice so... 16 facts...
1. i'm a pokephile (pokemon)
2. i am struggling with my emotiond right now
3. my job sux
4. my mother is a pain in the butt
5. my room is a complete mess today
6. i love momiji
7. fruits basket is my favorite manga
8. pokemon is my favorite anime of all time
9. i feel terrible
10. i like pikashipping, and altoshipping
11. i love the color gray
12. i like to watch Monthy Python's Flt\ying Circus
13. vulpix is my favorite pokemon, the it's pikachu, houndor, and salamence
14. ...i can't think of anymore... sorry

well that's all i can think of for now.. maybe i'll have more later.. c ya guys.. *hugs*

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Monday, September 3, 2007


well.. now i'm emo.. i just feel really bad... there are many things that started it... i don't know what to do *emo sigh*
i hate this existance.... life is never on my side... nothing ever is... everything is aginst me... everything i want, slips away, everyone i love either betrays me, or never comes back to me... 8sigh* what do i do now....
urp... well i just had lunch... now i feel sick.. damn i need to lose weight...
so... how have u guys been? better than me i hope... things have been bad...
anyways... i'm having trouble with the forgottenpokemon site.. it won't work for me for some reason...
so i'm gonna go and do some sit ups (like 50 million) *sigh* later -_- *hugs*

1. i'm lonely
2. how have u been?
3. are you watching the pokemon marathon, on cartoon network?
4. *sigh*

Hakujo's Rant
Hakujo: ....not really a rant T~T i feel bad as well... *sigh* ...everything is aginst me...
Ekedo: T~T wow... heku must feel really bad for him to not be able to rant... *cries*

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Sunday, September 2, 2007


well got up at around 8am.. went to church, and got an email address.. so i can talk to the Instructor about some problems... he may come see my site here though... dunno...
uh... i playing my Pokemon Diamond game again, and listening to some mushc... i don't know this person.. i think it's like SOAD and Sublime.. ^_^' heh
so i'm bored... tired..i wanna go to sleep, but i need to lose weight T~T *sigh* what to do.. i'll go do afew sit ups *like 200 something* -_-'
i ordered Fruits besket 15... i can't seem to get my hands on it T~T so i had to irder the stupid thing ^_^' ahah.. i'll have it next weekend ^_^' lol
anywho!! 1200 hits XD yay! and if no one deletes their GB thingy.. (which i know someone will now that i've said something) i have 222 XD yay! thanx guys!! *hugs*
uh... i'll add some stuff in a little while XD heh... so later much guys ^_^ lol *hugs*

1. pwa o_o
2. ever read a yaoi manga?
3. favorite soft song? favorite hard song?
4. how many hits u got?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: why should one person bare the pain? a friend wil help you carry your burden
Ekedo: here haku! hold this for me *drops something*
Hakujo: aaaaahh!~ >.< damn you ekedo!

go visit ma friend Ilsos.. he's a good guy ^_~

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

mann!! ja! wie geht es ihnen??

well ^_^' i've been tagged like 2 times so XD ahah... fine fine 8 X 2 = 16 o_O i'll give ya 16 facts about myself ^_^' ahah


1. i'm a guy.. remember this! this will be on the test XD ahah
2. i struggle alot emotionally
3. i know how to spell things correctly, it's just when i type really fast i tend to misspell things alot
4. my favorite color is gray
6. I love Ashlea! X3 heh ... o_o mine
7. time is never on my side
8. i'm a pokephile
9. i love pikashipping!!
10. i love momiji! he's all mine!
11. ...i'm not the most dependable person T~T nor am i the best person to be around T~T
12. i can get really emo at times... alot in fact
13. my favorite number is 13 X3 lol
14. i'm a dieing yaoi fan
15. i enjoy reading manga, and watching anime
16. i am 16

i tag:
JD Person

^_^' ok then.. wow.. that took awhile ^_^' heh.. so i'm just gonna say... today was long o_O
oh oh and i bought Out Kingdom Vol.2 ^.^ aaaawwww!!
^_^' heh that is all for now X3 i can't think of much else besides that i need to lose weight o_O ick! X3 later! *hugs*

1. will u do that tag if i ever tag u?
2. u like blue cheese?
3. ever thought of how bad your life is?
4. have u ever felt like your life was over?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: never say never... never is never the answer...
Ekedo: ^_^' wow... i won't "never" say never XD ahahahah ^_^'

Discover if You are Seme or Uke!
Created by ChiisaiYume on Memegen.net

This is the result if Uke-in-Training! has the highest score.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
How tall are you?

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Friday, August 31, 2007

   friday finally!!!

ow finally T~T it's friday!!! woooooo X3 heh
man this week was hell after tuesday T~T
anyways... i'm going to my grandma's place again... i go to Church with her... and to answer a question someone had, when God wants us to love each other, that's not the love He ment... he ment like brothers and sister, mothers and fathers...
so... well... i'm bored... today i was so depressed i beat my head on the wall until it felt like it was bleeding T~T yeah... usualy i'm stronger than this... but.... i don't know...
uh... well... lesse here... as usual Serebii.net/forums isn't working during the day o_O i have no idea why either... when the sun is up, it dont' work... when the sun goes down, there's a 60percent of it working ^_^' stup compu X3 lol...
i don't really have much to say ^-^' i'm jus tored bored, and i'm packing some clothes for the weekend ^_^' uheh... (that usualy consists of 2 shirts, a pair of pants, sox, (^_~) undies ahah XD ..., and other fun things XD ahahah)
i'm gonna go now guys X3 i'll put more up later ^_^ c ya!! *hugs*

1. ever been in a rut that u can't get out of?
2. have u ever felt like you're doomed forever?
3. how u been?
4. what color undies u gots on XD ahahah

Hakjo's German
Hakujo: dumme Leute!
Ekedo: T~T don't call them stupid people!! ^_^' uheh

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Thursday, August 30, 2007


well... today was really really long T~T *sigh* i'm so tired... and school isn't over until about 7:00pm today O_O yeah.. long day T~T uheh...
so... anyone else know what altoshipping, pikashipping, or shishishipping is ^_^ heh... those are some of ma faves X3 ...lol... don't look 'em up if u aren't ready for a suprise ^_^ ahahah
uh... i'm bored ^_^' ahah
let's see... uh... well i dont' really have much to say for today ^_^' cept that my grandma attacked me with religion... o_O i was defendin the yaoi people, and she says they are gonna go to hell, when the others who aren't gay, won't cuz their not o_O *stupid look* what? what?! ...IF U SIN AND DON'T REPENT, YOU GO TO HELL... IT DON'T MATTER WHAT SIN IT IS! T~T gah...
ok.. i'm gonna go now... ^_^' bye bye *hugs* later guys and gals XD ahah

1. ja oder nien? *yes or no*
2. how many times has someone said "hi" to you today?
3. what was your first thought today?
4. momiji is mine... who is yours?

Hakujo's German
Hakujo: ok... to get the basics.. "ja" is yes "nien" is no... and "ist" is well is... ok... that's it
Ekedo: ^_^' don't forget "und" X3 ja! ahahah ^_^

the way i feel.... i... i am evil... and i know it...

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


well... i'm tired.. my day was really really long T~T *sigh* XD but at least it rained here X3 we haven't had rain in months XD awright!! ^_^ uheh
anywho ^_^ i'm messin with sites X3 if i haven't gotten to yours T~T i'm sorry... i've been busy with someone being mean to me ^_^'
yeah some person keeps calling me a faggot XD ahah... wait.. was that supposed to make me mad ^3^ pppfft! X3 is making me laugh! X3 so if u wanna make me wet myself from laughter ^_^' keepin calling me a faggot XD ahahahah
so... i'm bored X3 i'm gonna go look up some pokemonshipping titles X3 like these!!!


ok X3 hay can anyone tell me how to make the URL codes i put up here into clickable links? o_O
uheh ^_^' later!! *hugs*

1. u know what HTML stands for? i do X3 uheh
2. like any pokeshipping?
3. been to any good forums lately?
4. favorite book?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: thinking only about your likes and dislikes will only put you through hell...
Ekedo: ^_^' put others before yourself is what he means XD ahah

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


ok.... well i feel better now ^_^ i went to the therapist ^_^ *sigh* much better... i got out what i needed to get out X3 ahah
so uh... serebii.net don't work duting the day o_o rrrr.... stupid forums X3 uheh...
anyways.... i don't know if my mother is gonna get mad for me being on o_o hhhmm... *looks around*
well is ok X3
man i'm lonely T~T no one is on today... *sigh* i'm so lonely... well... whatever ^_^' you get used to it after awhile ^_^"
ok... i will update forgottenpokemon today ^_^ i'm sorry about the ribbons T~T i had really good ones... but when my computer died.... well, it killed 'em T~T so i had to make crappy ones >.< rrrrr... crap!!
so anywho... i have dranw some fan art... and all i have to do is color it o_o i had others in the making T~T but i forgot where i put them T~T .....hay! i just realized T~T my evening sux T~T *sniffle* meh....
ok ^_^' i'm gonna go now... uheh x3 i'm bored and i need to find something to do o_o later X3 *hugs*

1. ever gotten a peircing besides your ears?
2. seme or uke?
3. black, white, or gray?
4. last thign u did online last night?

kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: when someon asks you "why are u happy" just tell them... "why wouldn't I be?"
Ekedo: ^_^' the question isn't why X3 it's why not XD ahah

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Monday, August 27, 2007


my computer died ^_^' it wouldn't let me get on for awhile ^_^' so while it was down, i went to the pool with my bro ^_^' uheh
anywho X3
i'm sitting here messin with my computer listening to music X3 heheh go SOAD! XD ahahah
well.... therapist(spell?) tomorrow ^_^' uheh... go get ma problems fixed XD ahah jk jk
uh... i'm out of pocky o_o oh nuuu!! X3 no more pocky ^_^' i gotta go buy some X3 heh...
uh serebii.net forums aren't working >,< damn! T~T *sigh* stupid thing... it never works when i want it to o_o rrr.... well i really don't have much to say ^_^' besides i'm bored and i miss talkin to people all night T~T bloody school... it keeps ma friends off line all the time T~T *sniffle* well... imma go now.. later guys and gals X3
*hugs tight*

1. do you know who Hakujo is?
2. SOAD?
3. have u been to serebii.net?
4. favorite forum on the internet?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: love is without bounds, no matter what gender, age, species, color, race, hight.... nothing matters... only your true love...
Ekedo: X3 well.. no objections there XD ahah

well.. i got tagged ^_^' heh heh... so... here are the rules then i tag another people XD ahahah!!

The rules are:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

1. i'm bi~
2. i have brown hair
3. i'm a pokephile
4. i despise school >.<
5. i hate my step-dad even worse >,<
6. i love pokemon X3
8. i like cute things ^_^ love cute things X3 eheh

ok 8 people

*sasu naru
*inuyasha luver118 (heh heh yes you girl! XD ahah)
*JD Person

^_^' ok... i'm done XD ahah... later ^_^'

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
momiji belongs to ekedo... yes... eke and only eke!!!! >XD

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

   i almost forgot to update XD

yeah thank ashlea XD had u not reminded me X3 i would have forgotten ^_^' uheh
ok FORGOTTENPOKEMON CONTEST IS NOW OVER... ^_^' visit the site to see ther winners XD hah
ok.. i wen to church today... T~T i'm bored... sorry ^_^' i just need something to do... not that i don't like talkin to you guys XD uheh... well hay X3
i went to the store... came home.. got online X3 thas about it ^_^'
by the way X3 i have been on serebii.net alot XD if u wanna visit me ^_^ i'm at Acr Trainer Ekedo
X3 thas me...we ll guys.. i am tired ^_^' so later much XD ttyl!! *hugs*

1. favorite day to sleep in?
2. favorite video game?
3. favorite color, 2nd favorite?
4. last time you cried T~T

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: don't cross an angry person... most of the time, you'll get hurt in one way or another...
Ekedo: ^_^' yeah physical or mental XD ahah

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