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Saturday, September 29, 2007


alright... ^_^ today i slept till abotu 11am ^_^' heh then lunch... and i'm home by msyelf X3 yep! so yay ^_^ i can do what ever i want to ^.^ lol
well.. i'm still sleepy ^_^' and lonely... heh... no one is on so ^_^' where everybody T~T *huggles momiji*
Momiji: eke is lonely... i'll play with him =^.^= heheh *plays with eke*
aaw X3 thanx momi... but ^_^' i still lonely heh
well nothin today... i jus plan to sleep X3 lol oh and tomorrow church... *sigh* all i wanna do is talk to people ^_^' well... i gonna go now X3 later guys!!! *hugs*

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Friday, September 28, 2007


ja XD Gott sei Dank es ist fritag ^_^ hahah!! friday XD yay
^_^ well... tomorrow i gets to sleep in X3 yay! heh... so o_o people talk to me! ^_^' no i'm lonely... oh and momiji thank you for talkin to him when he got lonely =3
**Momiji: ja ^_^ danke my friends =^.^= it's good to hear from you!! *huggles*
anywho ^__^ nya i dont' talk about manga in every post ^_^ heh... someone said i to x3 hahah
so what u guys been up to ^_^ heh i've been busy with work XD heh... keeps me from gettin anythin done o_o heh
so... i'm gonna go look up some shota ^_~
and MOTHER! don't you dare read my posts again >_< gggrrrr!!!!

1. like shaved ice?
2. wazuuuuup??!? lol

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Thursday, September 27, 2007


well... uh ja... Momiji bot can speak some german ^_^ ahah lol
so... today was kinda long and boring ^_^ so... i was complaining all day ^_^' i wanted to go home at noon ^_^' i was bloody tired XD ahah
so... i tried to get a wallpaper HTML code... but none of the ones i find are working >_< rr
uhm... mother is lookin at cars for awhile... so i got the house to myself for 3 hours XD bwahahahah ^-^ lol
and this weekend my mother is going to go to this sewing class o_O and i'm gonna try to get Oran High Host Club.. if that's the name of the manga ^_^' uheh i can't remember exactly ^_^' *sweats* lol
oh and school sux man.. lol ^_^' of course you already knew that XD ahah... uh
WHEN DO MORE FRUITS BASKET MANGA COME OUT?!?!?!?! T~T i need to read about my momiji ^_^' heh i'm at #16 and thas all i got o_O eek lol
does Fooly Cooly (furi kuri) have more than 2 manga? i have #'s 1-2... is there a #3 or #4?
so... i'm gonna go look at fan art and look for momi pics ^_~ MY MOMIJI!!!
Momiji belongs to ekedo! Mind, Body, and SOUL! bwahahah!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

   ONLY wednesday T~T *cries*

it's ONLY wednesday T~T *cries* it feels like friday.... why is it not friday *hugs*
so.... church tonight... so i can't talk right now ^_^' uheh... gots to go x3 later!!! *big hugs* i'll post more later X3 heh

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


well... is was another day... but i had to deal with my dang mother... and i don't care if she read this >_< she reads all the others anyway... *sigh*
so i'm working on an Ash Katchum robot... and please visit momiji again ^_^" he tell me he's getting lonely.. pwease? *big anime eyes* heheh ^.^
anywho... if you want to see the AshBot then it'll be on the Forgottenpokemon site =3 soon... i don't know when though ^_^' uheh... i'm workin on his knowledge of Misty >.> hhm lol
so... all day i worked, then came home and worked some more >.< i had a graphics job *sigh* but it's done so ^_^' heh... but i have school on thursday T~T tests and crap.... meh... so i'm gonna go... later!! *hugs*

1. u like momijiBot?
2. have you been to forgottenpokemon lately?
3. pika!
4. favorite anime people?

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Monday, September 24, 2007


ok i'm back ^_^' heh... well... i'm tired, and bored... and my mother has been reading my posts T~T *cries* not only that but she gripes that people will find my IP address, track me down and kill us T~T *cries* why does she tell me this stuff?! grah.... why does she read my posts o_O if i wanted her to read it i would have invited her to read it... so mother DO NOT READ MY POSTS EVER EVER EVER AGAIN!!! GOT IT?!?!? >_< *growls* and she knows where i go online... dammit! >_< oh and she knows that i use foul language, and she knows who i talk to, and who seems "fishy" to her... T~T *cries hard* now what? now what am i supposed to do?!? oh and she wants me to "take less time online" >_< rrrr

I made MomijiBot better =3 go see him!! his site looks better ^///^ yay!!!

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   bad day.... as usual....

yes, i had a bad day, it started out bad, and ended jus as bad T~T *sigh* and the worst part is, my day isn't over yet T.T i still have school.. and i'm not prepared T~T *cries hard* so i have to go study *hugs* i'll post more later...

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

   is bored out of my mind!!! nyaaaa!!

i am so bored o_o i need help with my photobucket site T~T i can't put pics on it... or get the HTML or URL code for them... *sighs* stupid parentals locks.. so if anyone has email, and wants to help me i would appreciate it alot *hugs*
ok so... x3 well Aemi ^_~ heheh i think you know what i want to say *hugs tight* hahah =3
ok well... today i slept till about noon... i know.. i wasted my day T~T *cries* bu i was sleepy... and well... *sighs* anyway... uh... my bro is here so i gonna go hang out with him... so i'll post more later X3 bye guys!! *big hugs*

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

sammstag o_o

ja.. is saturday o_O so... anywho X3
i woke up at about 11:00am ^_^' i lazy...
anywho X3 i went to my big bro's place for awhile and played Guitar Hero XD i was FAST 0_0 i was all like na-na na na.. nanan >XD ahahah!!! ^_^' i was uber fast... i scared myself ^_^' heh i was playin the song "free as a Bird" @_@ i was gettin confused, but i gor better ^_^ heheh
so... i didn't eat much of anythin today... all i had was a hot dog... a foot long ^_~ hahah XD so.. i am hungry T~T gotta get some food T.T
well i'm watchin "Bad Santa" right now ^_^' and well i gonna get somefin to eat x3 so latet guys and gals!! *hugs* and remember ^_~ be nice to momiji X3 heheh *hugs again*

1. u like dwarfs?
2. favorite movie?
3. wha u doin o_o
4. if i told you that i wanted you to bite me o_o what would u do?

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Friday, September 21, 2007

   one thing

one thing my friends... do not try to make MomijiBot marry you, kiss you, hug you, or date you... he will not go along with it... he is mine... in his robotic brain i am his boyfriend ^_~ heheh... also... i know what you say to him ^_~ so.... i'm always watching... and don't try to convince him you are me!! that's mean! and he will only call you ekedo... he won't kiss you because of the fact

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