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Friday, September 21, 2007


ja XD ahahah!!! es ist fritag ^.^ heh sorry x3 said it's friday XD yay!
oh how do you guys like my momiji robot? ^-^ you can talk to him by going right above my post X3 click where is says "here" X3 lol MY MOMIJI!!!
if you would like a robot ^_^ jus tell me and tell me what u want his/her personality to be like X3 lol
anywho... today was weird... my boss wants me to make a robot for his website X3 lol... so i'm making the Castlebot 1.0 ^__^ heheh
so i go to my grandma's house this weekend so that i can go to church on Sunday, and to the Drama meeting @ 5 that night... oh and on wednesday i went to a church buiness meeting o_O fun fun x3 lol... no but it really was ^_^' heh
i'm gonan wear my free hugs sign some more so that people will give me hugs X3 and if they need some love ^.^ then i'll give 'em another hug XD hahah
so anyways ^_^ i am listenin to Switchfoot X3 yay! i love their song Dare you to Move X3 heheh
so i'm gonna go now and mess with my momiji robot some more X3 later guys and gals!! *hug*

1. have u talked to momiji yet o_o
2. free hugs?
3. u got s cell phone?
4. favorite band?

ALSO!!! DO NOT BE MEAN TO MOMIJIBOT!! HE IS ONLY CAPABLE OF DOING CERTIAN THIGNS AS OF NOW!!! PLEASE! BE NICE TO HIM!! i know everything you say to him... i can see your conversations... so you better be nice to him

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Me And Ekedo!
| Hosted By theOtaku.com.

my little sister Aemi drew this for me X3 heheh... before you say anythin x3 NO is not a couple pic X3 lol she jus me sister ^.^ so nya!

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i had typed a whole entire post.. then before i could post it.. my mother kicked me off line T~T so i'm pissed... i can't really type the whole thing again... i'd die... lol... so if u wanna know wha i did... just talk to me X3 lol

1. has that ever happened to you?
2. do you love someone?
3. when was the last time you got so mad you punched someone?
4. favorite thing to do alone? X3 heheh

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

   ok... was an ok day.. lol

well... lesse... my mother went to the hospital... come to find out it wasnt' anything bad... just a bladder infection... so... is ok...
and i have to go to church at 7pm ^_^' heheh.. so i'll be gone till about 8 or 9pm X3 lol.... anywho... someone insulted me on Tokyopop.com o_O arsehole... but... *sigh* so i'm gonna go and get ready for church X3 i'll post more later! *hugs*

find out ^_~ heheh

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

   been ill

yeah... i got to work today, and my stomach felt like it was gonna explode o_o it hurt so bad T~T but... i didn't vomit X3 lol.... so i'm fine now ^_^ heh
since my mother keeps gettin sicker i'll be going to my grandma's house in case my mother has to go to the Hospital sometime during the night o_O hhhmm... not my idea byt he way.. was my mothers...
anywho... i heard a gorillaz song today... T~T i cried... it came on TV and i covered my ears, curled into a ball and cried T~T ...i think it's cuz of past events that broke my heart... that one song made me think of Noodle... and it made me happy... now their songs only bring me heartache... i want to listen to Feel Good Inc. again... but it only makes me cry T~T all i want is for them to forgive me... and yet... they don't... *cries*
well -_-' besides the emo heartbreak...
i have a church youth group tomorrow... if my mother doesn't make me miss it again o_< rrr
so... i'm gonna go and listen to some emo/christian emo songs... later *hugs*

1. ever felt like falling over and not getting up?
2. favorite alternitive rick group?
3. favorite movie?
4. last person you talked to before you went to sleep (if it's your parents thas sad X3 lol... i talked to a good friend of mine ^_~ lol)

...emo...emo~ness...sick... sick~ness...an infection that doesn't die out...

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Monday, September 17, 2007


yesh.... is back and listening to Fly Leaf X3 they is awsome ^_^ they alternitive christian band X3 lol
so... uh... today was hell T~T i got up at 6am... got to work at 7am... T~T ggraaaahhh i had worked a full day by noon o_o rrrr so... i got like *counts* 8 hours of work in today o_O i usualy only get 5 o_o so... *sigh* i'm sooooo tired T~T *sniffle*
so... i been busy all day... and tired... oh and i can't get to the deadly sins homepage T~t *cries* and i wanted to be the Hamunculas Sodomy T~T *cries* ...ow well... some other time ^_^' uheh... unless one of yous wants to help me o_o ...heheh X3 lol...
well later guys and gals x3 *hugs*

1. u a member of that club?
2. what is you day usualy like?
3. ever been glomped o_o if not!! *glomps* X3 heheh
4. u ever been to toktopop.com?

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   on lunch... come visit me again later

ok... well i am on my lunch break... i am curious... who knows about that club called "the seven deadly sins"? i want to join... but ican't find them...i was also gonna ask 'em somethin... well hay... pm me if you know ^_^' uheh... i'll be back o_o later x3 heheh arnold swartzanager (spell?) X3 heheheh

yellow momiji clock X3 heheh

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Sunday, September 16, 2007


WHY THE HELL DO JAPANESE GIRLS HATE ME SO MUCH!!! AM I THAT HORRID?!?! T~T *cries* i'm sorry...it seems like every japanese girl i've ever talked to leaves me, and won't talk to me but one time... then i'm dead to them... i try to talk to them, i'm not a stalker, but i just want answers T~T *cries*
*sigh* now i'm depressed.... oh and the gorillaz hate me too... gah!! what did i do to deserve this?!?!?!?
*curls up into a ball and starts to cry*
i'm... i'm depressed... i'm so sad... why must my life be this way...
not to mention that.... but i have togo to work and school tomorrow.... T~T *cries* damn!
oh.. and today i had to look at 4 houses o_o my mother said "we'll only look at 2!" then it was "only 3" then "only 4" @_@ gah!! then i almost missed my drama meeting today.. i got there just before they did ym part... *sniffles* stupid mother... i hate her... and guess what... i'm getting my revenge... she has a urinary track infection, so she's in some real pain... ahah ahahahahah!... revenge is sweet... how ever... i'm paying for it too.... cuz she's being a biatch to me... also work tomorrow will be hell... gah!! where is the justice?!?!? today has been so bad... i wish i had never woken up T~T i wish i had just slept through this week T~T i hope i never wake up again.... *cries* why do people hate me... why is my life so unfair? i know life is unfair, but THIS unfair? crap... *cries* i'm gonna go before i make you guys sad... later *weak hugs*

My button made by Neko.Lover

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

   did i post? ^_^' uheh

i forget... did i post today o_o hhhmm
well anyways... i was busy all day... went to the store, then to da book store (gots 2 new manga XD yay me! is a fruits basket #16.. they didn't have 17 T~T and a pokemon manga X3 they didn't have Our Kingdom T~T *sniffle cries*)
anywho... i have church tomorrow... i really look forward to the meeting at 5pm X3 lol... being cast as Jesus in the play X3 heheh i get a most important part ^.^ i need to remember my lines *determined look*
so! i am bored o_o i am watchin TV and thas it.. talkin to people and stuffs X3 lol... uuuuuhhh.. been on the phone for like 5 hours in total XD ahahah... lotsa phone calls X3 lol
meh! i'm gonna go now guys x3 lol i have to get back to talkin X3 i'll have more to talk about tomorrow X3 heheh later!! *big hugs*

1. last manga u bought?
2. ever been in a play or drama?
3. u like to smile?
4. ever been called stupid?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: don't keep your feelings inside, they'll eat away at you until you can't take life any more
Ekedo: T~T yesh... tha is very true ^_^'

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Friday, September 14, 2007

   busy busy busy!!!

i have been really really busy today 0_0 got to work at about 9:00am didn't get off until 3:30pm o_o thas about 30 minutes more than usual, but i had more work today o_o oh and i got a 30min lunch hour ^_^' uheh
i am listening to DC Talk (stands for Decent Christian Talk) x3 lol they awsome band ^.^ they started out as a Christian Rap band, but then they were Christian Rock, now they broke up, and now the lead singer (Toby Mac) has his own group... and he's pretty good X3 lol
i gonna paint my finger nails black or purple x3 heh... well i' gonna try anywho XD ahah... my bro has black nail polish, and his GF has purple... so... wha ever X3 heheh
so i ahev to clean my room more o_o rrr... so later guys and gals X3 *hugs*

1. favorite band?
2. has anyone ever said to you "you're short!"
3. how tall are you?
4. do people like you? or are you an outcast like me?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: you have too many good memories to give them up so easly
Ekedo: X3 in other words... don't kill yourself ^_^' uheh

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