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Saturday, August 25, 2007

saturday o_O

Naruto chibi! ^.^

Name: Sasu

Likes: me, Ashlea, pokemon, naruto, and pokephiles

Dislikes: haters, morons, sakura, and stale ramen

uh... well... tomorrow sunday T~T i have to get up early for chruch T~T then i have school in the afternoon T.T *cries* crap....
I STILL CAN'T FIND FRUITS BASKET #15!!! dammit >.< i've looked for 4 weeks T~T i can't find it... *sigh*
well i bought a yaoi manga, it's called "our kingdom vol 1" ^_^ it's soooo cute X3 heheh
uh... so ... i'm gonna go now ^_^' i don't have much to say really ^_^' sorry guys T~T i'm bored and a bit depressed ^_^' later much!! *hugs*
visit forgottenpokemon o_o ja! XD

1. ever read that manga?
2. i tried to buy a better yaoi manga, but i had to be "18 or older" damn people >,< rrr
3. who called me a faggot in my post board up there? >.< rrr
4. how u been?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: when was the last time you gave yourself a hug?
Ekedo: T~T long time ago...

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Friday, August 24, 2007


well... today was just a hell of a day ^_^' for one thing... it was SO BLOODY HOT!!! T~T it was so hot i almost passed out T~T yeah it's really hot here
another is that i have school on sunday T~T gah WTF?!?!
well... thank goodness it's friday T~T *sighs*
so... uh... i got my Messenger bag if i haven't told ya XD hahah....
uh... i ahve to go right now, but i'll type more in a minute ^_^' later!!
i am back ^_^' heh... i had to get somethin to eat o_o KFC XD yeah!! tha stands for Kentucky's Frickin Chicken XD ahahahahahah
ok.... uh THE FORGOTTENPOKEMON CONTEST IS TOMORROW!! (that's August 25th 2007) XD hah
anyways.... i am not doing anythinhg tomorrow ^_^' uheh.... i'll call ashlea, and that's about it ^_^' i know.. i'm boring XD ahahah.... but i'll probably sleep a long time ^_^' uheh... so i'll talk to you guys later XD heh bye bye! *hugs*

1. KFC o_o
2. what do u do on the weekend, or intend to do?
3. favorite movie thus far?
4. favorite song thus far? (that means so far) XD uheh

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: ehem... Wörter können nicht die Art erklären, wie ich mich anfühle, die Kälte der Welt wäscht meine Meinung aus, aber eine Person macht es den ganzen ok ... ich deticate die Wörter, die ich zu ihr allein mustern kann...
Ekedo: -_- *nods nods* yesh... how true

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Thursday, August 23, 2007


i just realized id din't post for today O_O eep!! *tears* T~T
ym day was sooo bloody long... i missed you guys T~T *hugs*
uh.... nothing really happened today
yay tomorrow if friday XD yaaaaaaaayyy ^___^ heheh uh nothin else to say X3
so i'll post this X3 sorry 2D... i'm stealing this from you!

How old do I look?
[ ] 11
[ ] 12
[ ] 13
[ ] 14
[ ] 15
[ ] 16
[ ] 17
[ ] 18
[ ] 19
[ ] 20
[ ] 21

How good do i look from 1-10 (1-ugly / 10-HoTT)
[ ] 1
[ ] 2
[ ] 3
[ ] 4
[ ] 5
[ ] 6
[ ] 7
[ ] 8
[ ] 9
[ ] 10

Would you rather..
[ ] Do me
[ ] Date me

Would you rather be on top or bottom?
[ ] Top
[ ] Bottom

Do you like my body?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Would you be sad if I moved?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Would you come visit me?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Am I..
[ ] Hott
[ ] Handsome
[ ] Sexy
[ ] Cute

Would you rather..
[ ] Makeout
[ ] Cuddle
[ ] Go out

Do you want to go out with me?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Would you give me your number?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

that is all XD

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: one + one isn't always 2....
Ekedo: o_o there are many outcomes to even the most well known problems XD ahah .. thas what he means ^_^ heheh

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

   nyaaa!~! o_o

oh... i went to the spychatrist(spell)... no i'm not crazy!! ^_^' i have issues with my step-dad... i hate is ^_^' so i'm trying to get that "worked out"
tha is why i am on so late T~T *sniffle*
uuuhh.... i wne to the store and got some pokemon cards XD yay me! ...anywho ^_^' ....uh... my school by the way... is from 3pm to 5 or 5:30pm.... thas from 4pm to 6 or 6:30pm for you Ashlea XD ahah.... so T~T that's why i get on so late T~T *cries* and work is during the day T~T *cries harder* i hate my life T~T
uh.... well... today was a hell of a day T~T it sucked very badly... and no one is on to talk T~T *sniffle* ....well
so... i'm bored and lonely T~T ....and i'm tired from the day...
well the therapist gave me a compliment and said that the way i think is abnormal to what most Teenagers think.... he said most of them are emotionless ^_^' he said that i have a good way of thinking XD yay me! ^_^' heheh
well... i'm gonna go now... and look for some pokemon pics ^_~ later!! *huggles*

1. i hope your day was better than mine *hug*
2. when do u get "me time" for yourself?
3. do you ever feel like no one likes you
4. when will this heat desapate o_O it's like 103 right now 0_0 at bloody 7:00pm!! o_o


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hay ^-^' why so many anonymous people X3 c'mon! ^_^ you can tell eke XD hahah

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


if my mther knows i'm online o_o she'l get mad... i'm not supposed to right now T~T *cries* it's about 5:10pm my time T~T but i have school to do... rrr....
anywho.. my mother won't let me get a job elsewhere... *sigh* so... i'm stuck working at this hell hole for the rest of my life T~T or until i get out of school... if u wants to know more... just talk to me... i'm in a hurry so o_o eep
anyway.. there's a place up here called Dollywood, (from the lady Dolly Parton) we work with her manager... and he sent us some tickets in the mail..... so i might be going i don't know o_o hhhm
uh.. not much to say... so imma go now!!
later guys and gals X3 *hugs*
Ich liebe Sie Ashlea! Ich vermisse Sie ein Bündel....

1. u like any theme parks?
2. uh... i hate school so bad T~T *cries*
3. favorite song currently
4. favorite subject in school? if any...

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: if you don't like something, why force yourself to do it? it's not fair to yourself...
Ekedo: T~T well... i don't like school T~T *cries*

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Monday, August 20, 2007

mein Tag war unheimlich ....

ok o_o today not that bad... i was a bit irritated though... my school is not over yet T~T *cries* i have more to do tonight T~T rrrr
mein Tag war unheimlich ....
anywho... i bought 3 boxes of pocky o_o oooo... and i still have over $100 dollers left from my paycheck and my b-day money o_o *zombie voice* must...buy...manga...or...at least...anime...stuffs 0_0 eeeehh... XD hahahah
so... i saw ma bro and we had pizza ^_^' mmm...i feels fat o_o meh... i do though ^^' it really sux ^-^' uheh
so... i gots Rammstien playing now XD yay! i love rammstien XD i swear, the lyrics kinda sound like dir-en-gray's o_O and i don't want people who like dir-eh-gray (and can't understand Rammstien) to say "no they don't!" cuz i know rammstiens, and i have heard the descriptions of dir-en-gray's lyrics ^_^'
yay!! 2000 hits!! *tackles you guys* thank you sooooo much ^_^ heh i'm happy now XD kyahahah
anyways.,... uh i'm gonan go now ^_^' heh later guys! *hugs*

1. pocky!!
2. u like pizza?
3. ever herad of Monty Python's Flying Circus?
4. no one is online T~T *sniffles* i'm sooo lonely T~T *cries*

Kabutos Wisdom
Kabuto: love comes in many forms.... some of them, alot of people don't like
Ekedo: ^_^' how true... heh

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

   school!!!!! d*mn d*mn d*mn d*mn!!!!!!!

>.< stupid school.... it starts tomorrow T~T i don' wanna go to school, i wanna stay here and talk with you guys T~T not only that, but tiana is gone forever... *sigh* T~T crap... life really sux right now
anywho... i went to church today... it didn't make me any happier... i'm really emo right now... i'm tired, i'm bored, i'm sad, i'm mad, i'm lonely.... what next? am i gonna die? it'd be better probably than sitting here suffering through this pain... *sigh* i had a poem up yesterday.... but.... it was in german... i was to sad to try to translate it.... sorry... i'll do it later...
well i don't have the strength to really post anything right now... i'm really tired.... later guys and gals *huggles* -.-

1. meh....
2. have i seen the naruto hundo special on TV today?
3. when someone says "lifeless heart" what does that make u think?
4. when are u usualy on the internet?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: uh... the last thing a person should wish on another, is death, or a loveless life..
Ekedo: yeah... true

don't hurt me.... please, don't hurt me

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

   hallo! heute ..... uh .... wir aßen ... dann, taten wir nicht! hah!

uh yeah.... i know my B-day was on wednesday ^_^' but we went to my b-day lunch today o_O weird huh... anywho...
so... i got up at about noon, and went to this homeschool gathering (thas after lunch) and... no i didn't meet anyone... eh... still no one i can talk to in person ^_^' uheh
so... uh... i have been searchin the net for crap and stuff x3 not found nothin ^_^' uheheh... i am bored T~T and well... yeah... school starts on monday T~T *cries all over the place* man... that sux....
well... i filled out an application for a job at "famouse Daves' BBQ" place ^_^' heh/.... what? it's a job where people my age work XD hah.. eh...
so... i'm gonna go XD ahah... i'll edit my post later ^_^' i don't want to get knocked off, and lose it all o_o meh.. later! *hugs* X3

1. gots a job?
2. favorite place to eat?
3. i beat the elite four XD yay!
4. how many cockroaches does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: when 2 lives wish to live as one... who has the right to say "no"
Ekedo: ^_^' not me XD hah

Leben ist eine Wunde, die sich weigert zu heilen
ja, verblutet von einem Arm, der sich nicht fühlen kann
blutende Herzen leerten sich
schreien Sie bitte nicht, werfen Sie bitte nicht auf
das Stehen in einem mit Tränen vollen Fluss
das Rad haltend, kann nicht scheinen zu steuern
sie sagen "Leben eine Druckwelle"
dann, warum nicht, dauert meine Liebe jemals
mein Herz wird gebrochen, ich falle im Schmerz
nicht freimütiges Gefühl, sieht ein Blut roter Fleck
mit der Liebe werde ich so umgeben
dieses Leben, wird so verwechselt

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Friday, August 17, 2007

   Tiana? wo sind Sie? ich vermisse Sie so viel...

^_^' sorry.... i had to say that X3 uheh... i miss her....
i am going to an auction tonight T~T so i may or may not be on till late.... sorry... ^-^' and i don't know if i'll get to your sites tonight... but i'll try really hard X3 k?
I DON'T HAVE MY MESSANGER BAG YET o_o i wonder where it is... hm.. lostin the mail? dunno
meinig! Momiji ist alles meinig! meinig meinig meinig!!! 0_0 u wanna know what that means? XD take a wild guess X3 ahahah *Umarmung*
anywho... uh.... yes o_o that anime piccy was me X3 is my version of me ^_^ uheheh... i look cuter in anime than real life o_o eek
i posted a poem in german on the poetry union... it'll be on soon i hope XD ahah
that is all for now XD ahah.... more momiji love, provided by his biggest fan, EKEDO!!!!! XD ahahahah!! *huggle*

"ok ... denken daran jetzt ... wer kann Deutsch sprechen? wer ist ein Kerl gerade wie Momiji, und mag Kerle, die ziehen sich wie Momiji an? ist wer lösen sich, deutsch? wollen wir ... ich sehen! ich! oh und ICH WIEDER!! dort für ... ist momiji alles ... meinig, wie Sie wie das tun? es ist alles auf diesem Thema ... fächelt auf Wiedersehen Mädchen! Momiji will ein Mädchen nicht! Momiji will einen Jungen wie ich! ja!"
ahahah XD

1. know what i said?
2. o_o strawberry ot banana? (hhm banananana 0_0 eep!!)
3. favorite time to wake up?
4. what color sockies you got on o_o

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

   thank guys!!! *big hugs*

wow X3 i had about 20 people tell me happry birthday XD yay!! *hugs all of ya* all of you were so nice to me ^_^ and a big thanx to those of you who sent me an evard X3 *huggles* that brightened my day ^-^
uh... with some of the B-day money i got i went to the International Market and bought some Strawberry Pocky! ^-^ mmmm damn you sweet pocky X3 mmm... i am addicted ^.^ i may do somethin yaoi now X3 kyahahah
anywho.... i am watchign Monty Python's Flying Circus!! XD is soo funny ^_^ heheh
Tiana? came back? i miss you.... *sigh* i miss her....
uh.... well X3 MOMIJI IS ALL BLOODY MINE!! JA!!!
^_^' ok... so i'm gonna go X3 and for those of you who have noticed, I MARRIED MOMIJI!! ja!! ^-^ so now he really ekedo's ^-^ ahahah!
later guys!! X3 *hugs* and thanx again for the b-day wishes X3

1. u gonna try to take momiji away from eke? o_o rrr
2. favorite pocky flavor? (if you haven't had it.... go buy some already XD ahah)
3. ever "married" your favorite anime charactor so that no one else can have him o_o
4. love or hate.... sweet or spicy

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: you must be able to yourself, before you can tolerate others....
Ekedo: ^_^' i can tolerate myself... most of the time o_o hhhmm

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