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Thursday, September 13, 2007

uh... nothing today... i have to go, but i'll be back later

yeah... i have to go do something at 5pm today... so i can't talk much... got to hurry 0_0
ok... uh... today was looong.... i didn't get out of work until 3:30pm adding to the pressure to get stuff done... i have to clean my room, and do school work in 2 hours o_O cuz i have to go to this arse holes house to set up his computer >.< rrrr... I DON'T WANT TO GO!! T~T graah!!
oooww and i itch all over T~T rrr... i don't knwo what it is *scratch scratch* i don't have fleas.. i mean yeah fox demons like me get fleas but, i don't have any ^_^' ahah
so anywho... i'm lonely still... not as sad... but i'm angry now 0_0 stupid step-dad T~T rrr... why must i help him with that d*mn computer... rrr...
oh and my youth director (ryan) might be gettin a job at my office... i wish him lick if he gets the job o_O it can be a real hell... oops ^_^' no church pun intended XD ahahah
well later guys x3 *hugs* c ya...

1. u go to church?
2. are u in love?
3. do you have a job?
4. what color shoes you gots on? X3 heheh

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: halloween is a month away, and yet people are already selling halloween stuff, candy included... the market moves fatser than i can keep up with
Momiji: =o_o= candy? where? do they have chocolate Eke-kun?
Ekedo: yeah ^_^' and alot of it lol
Momiji: XD ja! chocolate chocolate! =^_^= heheh
Momiji loves chocolate and ekedo!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

   lonely... depressed... wel at least the weather is nice

yeah *sighs* i'm lonely... this is my lunch break... it's 12:46pm and i have to get back to work at about 1:pm... gah... i'm so lonely T~T sorry guys... i dont' mean to burden you with this... i jus feel bad right now... damn hormones...
so anyways... ym cousin won't talk to me... maybe it was something i said o_O hhm...
uh... i have to go to a youth group this afternoon... thas about really all i have planned for today, besides school, and work... so... besides that i'm just gonna sit here and mope around till my friends get on, oh... and one of my bestest friends in the whole world, (she used to talk to me about eveything every night...) well she doesn't get on much... i miss her, and she only gets on for one reason... so... i'm out of the loop on that... *sigh* i'm getting used to heart break... slowly and painfuly... *sniffle* well... i need to talk to someone, and my mother isn't an option... i hate her.. bu i hate my step-dad even more, and i don't trust my step-mother, or my dad, or grandma... so... my whole family is out... *sigh* later guys.. i'm gonna stop complaining -_-" sorry *big gray hugs* yeah... my world is gray right now... heh..*sigh* later

bear this in mind, momiji is all mine! that is all! ~Ekedo~

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

   client canceled

well my client canceled ^_^' uheh... yeah... i don't know why O_O they jus did... so i have the night to myself X3 heheh yay! ^_^
but... econimics again today o_o
uh i'm writing a Pikashipping Fic... so yeah x3 it's yaoi XD ahahah
hhhmmm... you know i hate parental locks... they really suk T~T i've tried to get to alot of pokemon, and/or yaoi pics and it won't let me T.T stupid things T~T *sniffle*
so imma go and do my HW ^_^' uheh... later guys and gals!! *big hugs*

1. ever been to Serebii.et ?
2. favorite thing to eat?
3. what color shirt u gots on X3 lol
4. hay! 0_0 hay!!

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: no one ever said life was gonna be fair, but you can at least try to make it that way
Ekedo; ^_^' yeah... try to make things good ^.^ lol

What Pokemon Are You?

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   meeting later tonight

yeah i have to go to a meeting with a client later today ^_^' heh like about 6:00pm 0_0 i won't be back until about 9pm or 10pm T~T *sniffle* is gonna take soooo long... *sigh*
so... i'm on my lunch break right now... i'm eating a frozen dinner o_O not much else around here ^_^' ahah
so... i'm kinda lonely right now X3 uheh... nothing to do, no one to talk to ^_^' *sigh* but i get used to it after awhile X3 heh
so anyways... i gots to go for now ^_^' heh but i'll ba back later to make an edit to this post X3 later guys and gals!!! *hugs*

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Monday, September 10, 2007

   kyahahah ^__^

well ^.^ i feel happy today X3 i can't explain it ^_^ i read something ^_~ and now.. well nothing bothers me anymore X3 i jus feel so good ^.^ lol
anyways... i have to go to see my coworker, and help her with her new kid ^_^' heh.. but i'll survive X3 lol
ok... uh well i'm doing economics right now X3 is kinda weird ^-^' lol... interdependance o_o tha is an economical term x3 lol
well i can see i'm not talking all that much x3 lol i guess i'm thinking alot of stuff X3 and i can't say most of it XD ahahah
uh... music o_o uh... i have an art trade for decaydance ^_^ i made his hair longer, and put some peircings in his ears ^-^' i hope you don't mind an ear chain ^_^' he's got one ...lol.. not goin to his lip o_o although, that might have been cool XD ahah...
so... my keychain has a skull on it XD yay! ^__^ it looks cool... and scary X3 pwahahah ^___^ lol
so X3 imma go now ^__^ i gots work to do X3 heh later guys and gals!! *hugs*

1. ever done economics?
2. last time you ever felt so good you could scream? ^_^ heheh
3. sarcasm?
4. how do you feel about labels?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: ^_^ when you feel happy, don't keep it to yourself.. share it with people who need it as well ^.^
Ekedo: X3 very true ^__^ heheh

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

well lesse i jus got back from church... they amde me draw the story of King Nebukanezer (spell?) i don't know hoe to spell that name ^_^' heh.. is some weird ancient name XD ahah
ok... my big bro will be over here later... x3 heh.. i don't know what we will do... *sigh* ow well...
i'm bored and lonely again T~T i miss people... i miss talkin to people... certian people in particular ^_~ heheheh
well... i'm gonna go and watch Code Lyoko X3 oh and play pokemon diamond XD yay... i'm raising a whole team of dragons ^.^ i shall be the all powerful dragon Master XD bwahahahah ^__^ heh later guys and gals X3 *hugs*

1. favorite pokemon type?
2. ever seen Code Lyoko
3. favorite none aniem show (not anti! jus none)
4. nyaaa o_o talkey to me.. you know who you is ^_^' heh

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: a lonely heart is an unhappy heart, an unhappy heart is a brittle heart
Ekedo; ^_^' yeah... is true X3 heh

Hosted By theOtaku.com.
guess who i put this up for

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

   uh lesse....

well i'm tired ^_^' i had to go to this store with my grnadma for 3 hours o_O eeehh... but at least i go 2 manga XD ahah.... i got fruits basket #15 XD yay!! and Our Kingdom 3 X3 yay!
so all i did was sitin a store and watch people croud around me and wander around wasting money ^_^'
so i'm tired.. and i may or may not post again later ^_^' heh... might edit this one though ^_^' heh... i dunno X3
a few words to ma friends
Ashlea: hay there X3 heh *hug*
Robert: ...where u go off too?
Tiana: ^_^ heheh.. X3 lol
Emmah: avacado XD ahahah!!


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Friday, September 7, 2007

   fritag XD

is friday XD yay~ness ^_^ heheh i love fridays X3 lol
so i dont have much to talk about except today dragged on and on T~T man i'm lonely now ^_^' uheh
*sigh* so i'm about to eat shomthin X3 lol.. and i'm watching the Goosebumps show "the haunting hour, don't think about it" X3 *grin* bwahahah ^__^ is funny XD hahah
so uh... i'm gonna go to a youth group meeting tomorrow, then on sunday at 5pm i'm going to the church drama meeting ^_^' busy weekend.. also i have to go get fruits basket #15 X3 i ordered it ^_^ ahah! now i'm sure to have it XD bwahahah ^____^ lol
i got ma paycheck today XD lol... ym bank accoutn has $1000 in it XD awsome ^__^ heheh (/^.^)/ heheh x3 yeah i'm a bit hyper ^_^
so i'm gonna go eat now XD later guys and gals!! *big hugs*

1. weekends XD yay!
2. ever been in love X3 lol
3. last time u cussed?
4. ask me somethin X3 lol

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: noboby ever said life was gonna be easy...
Ekedo: X3 ain't that the truth XD heheh
mein Leben wird zerstört. Es ist überall

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

es ist eine tag

i said "it's a day" o_o yeah.. it was loooong T~T and i have school later T~T *sigh* hate school... it's boring, and the work sux o_O personaly i would rather work, and not go to school o_o is easier
anywho... i'm tired ^_^' a bit happier... heh... uh this is to 2 people X3
ashlea.. you not stupid X3 heheh remember that ^__^ lol
and Robert... i'm sorry things aren't that good for you... i know it's tough, i wish i could help T~T
ok... uh... slow down on the tagging things X3 i can't keep up... i forgot who has atgged me already ^_^' ahah... is hard XD ahah
uh... tomorrow is my big bro's b-day (/^3^)/ yay~ness x3 he gettin old XD ahahah
anywho... i'm gonna go now ^_^' heh i'm tired... i still need some cheering up though, so imma go and do something to make ma self happy XD ahah
c ya later!! *hugs*

1. when your b-day?
2. like spam? o_o
3. ever wanted to hurt someone o_O
4. whas your favorite school subject?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto: humans are humans, we will never be perfect... ever
Ekedo; ^_^' sadly thas true

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007


my mother was mean to me and wouldn't let me on until now... (it's 10:00pm) she made me go and look at my cooworkers new baby... not that i minded that, but she could have made the trip shorter >,< *growls* now no one is on T~T *cries* i'm so lonely.... i hate her...
anywho.. my arm hurts... so i won't type much...
uh... i'm lonely tired and i when to therepy today... it was ok... not my favorite session... my mmother cried... sh*t...not that i really care... *sigh*
ok...well i can't type much *ouch ouch* o_<
c you guys later!!

1. ever been to therepy?
2. favorite TV show of all time?
3. my room is a mess.. whats' yours look like?
4. how've u been?

Kabuto's Wisdom
Kabuto; sometimes what you think is right... isn't always so
Ekedo: T~T yeah... i know that now

elouai's doll maker 3

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