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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


^_^' ok... is tuesday o_O crap! only tuesday!! it feels like thursday T~T *cries* crap crap!!
anywho... i guess since aemi not gonna be ma pikachu this year for halloween ^_^ i'm gonna go as my inner demon o_o i'm going as a Gothica Demonic... a gothic demon ^_^ lol is gonna be cool! i got 3inch high boots! i'm gonna get a "lip ring" a choker, and fingerless gloves with spikes X3 heheh ^_~ i gonna be scary o_o *growls like demon* ...heheh X3 i scary for halloween ^_^
so... tomorrow is wednesday... and church T~T i really can't wait until fritag... then i get to go to Party City and get some gothic stuff =P
ok!! so has anyone visited ForgottenPokemon? they have a contest!
AND!! go to Otaku Host Club!! ^____^ we need Hosts who aren't afraid to let people know what they look like in a pic, and people who will talk to our "Clients" and be nice to them ^-^ heheh
i'm the first Host ^_~ yes my ladies ^-^ i'm here to serve *bows* *tilts my head up and smiles from below* ^-^ *sparkle sparkle*...
XD hahah
well i found spyware on my computer o_O yikes!! but is all dead ^-^' i splated it! XD heheh
alright! i'm gonna put pics and quizzes on this post fot later XD later!

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Monday, October 8, 2007


well when i got to work today... i had a migrane... and my mother was being mean to me... she wouldn't let me go home T~T she kept actin all grouchy ^_^' uheh
anywho.... i stayed home from 10:30am unil noon then from 1pm till now XD lol it's about 5:16pm right now ^_^' ahah
well... i light my black candle X3 yep yep...
ok ^_^' uhm not much happened all day.. cept i slept ^_^' oh and i did school work T~T *sniffles*
oooh! and my computer has a virus T~T and if my MOTHER will update my AVG system T~T rrr
ok ^_^' i gonna go now!! c ya!! *hugs*

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

   ja! bwahahah

well... today schedual consisted of
Church at 9am
lunch at 11am
internet unil 2pm
yard work at 3 till 5pm
then i had drama at 5 till 6...
now i back XD thas ma whole day ^_^ heh
lesse... i found some weird pics online o_o yesh... is of Eureka7.. renten and eureka and anemane(spell)

thas it X3 nyaa!
i got more ^-^ if u want more jus tell me X3 lol
ok so imma go now! later!!

Ich will Geschlecht mit einem pikachu haben

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Saturday, October 6, 2007


ok... sorry i wasn't on today ^_^' uheh... i was with my big bro and his GF ^__^ nya i was busy X3 heheh
hay!! i gots 2 black candles ^_^ yay me lol oh and i wanted to get a choker necklace, but my bro thought our mother would freak out T~T *sighs* she's so up tight
so anywho... i got pokemon cards X3 yay me! lol i got a rare one too X3 is a delta species Latias XD water type ^_~ heheh
so!! i gonne be busy with my bro doin yard work, so i won't be on until late again T~T *sighs hard*
ok ^_^' i'm gonna go... i got stuff i need to do X3 c ya! *hugs*

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Friday, October 5, 2007

   hay! wurd~ness XD

ahah ^_^' yeah well... ok since lunch i saw a kitty in our parking lot o_o and she's attached to me X3 heh, uhm... tomorrow i will see my big bro and hang out with him all day while my mother looks at crappy stores ^_^' uheh
oh oh oh!!! go look at momiji's page XD my HTML codeing is getting better ^.^ i a genius lol
anywho ^_^' i'm workin on an HTML Document that's deticated to Pokemon X3 i'll have it up if anyone wants to look at it when i'm done ^_^ it'll be about a month or 2 before it's ready for viewing %^_^
ok! well i'm tired -_- and lonely... so i gonna go work with my momiji HTML, and my Pokemon HTML X3 yesh i obsessed with it now that i know how easy it is ^____^ later much!! *huggles*
oh and!! TGIF!! thank God it's friday ^__^ heheh

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   lunch break!!

o_o ja! i am on my linch break... no time to talk!! so ^_^' uheh... later~ness!! pwa ^____^
btw ^_^' i forgot t add a post for yesterday didn't i ^_^' ACK!! i'm stupid XD ahahah

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


ok ^_^' heh sorry i wasn't on today... i had to leave at 6:30pm to go to church, and we did lazer tag until 10:30pm X3 nya! my code name was "the bunker" ^__^ i got 23 place on my fisrt game o_o and 9TH PLACE on my 2nd game X3 weee!!! ^_^ lol
anywho X3 if you want to see my score sheet jus tell me and i'll scan it and put it up on the Otaku ^__^ i liked my 2nd game best, cuz Rachel (for those of you who don't go to church with me, she's my youth director) and I teamed up and totaly blasted people XD bwahahah ^_^' uh yeah heh...
i know my mother is gonna read this but i'll say this anyways... I was surrounded by hot guys all bloody day o_o my gosh!!
1st! a guy from a metal band who had a shaggy mowhawk (believe me it worked on him) he was hawt... neh
2nd was guys from my youth group o_o woah...
don't worry guys ^_~ i know i'm taken heheh bu hay X3 i can drool over people still can't i? lol
ok! i'm tired and lonely T~T please talkey to me T~T *sniffles*
later much X3 *hugs*

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

nya... jes

ok ^_^' i am bored as hell... and my mother will use the computer in a little while so i won't be on T.T and i miss you guys!!! no one was on last night... and no one is on right now T~T i so lonely... *huggles* nya *starts to cry like momiji*
Momiji: T.T waaaahaaah T^T
well... anways... ^_^' i am watchin one of my favorite Sci-Fi show X3 eureka! ^__^ yay! lol...
well guys... i never know what time it is where u are so... i'm in Central Standard time... so that'll help you tell me what time u guys gonna be on X3 ja!
have any of you guys saw somethin or thought of something so CYUTE that you just want to attack it? X3 i have ^_^ but i can't say X3 one of ma friends tolds it to me ^.^ and it's absolutely adorable =3 they so lucky... lol
alrighty!! *sniff sniff* i smell chicken o_o they are cookin CHICKEN!!! graaaahhh!! ^_^' heh... ok i gonna go now so's my stupid mother can get on T~T rrr *growls at her*

1. ever seen that kind of cuteness?
2. favorite video game?
3. favorite TV show? or movie?
4. favorite food?

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Der alte Bruder von Momiji? i say ^_^ Momiji older brother? perhaps x3 heheh... he looks and acts like momiji ^_~ but he's 18 o_o holy crap!! he's older than me but he looks like he's 9 or 10 0_0 eek! XD *blushes* bu he sooooooo cyute ^///^ yesh... not as cute as my momiji though ^_~ nya lol
anywho... i had alot of school work today ^_^' but i didn't go into work until about noon s that was good X3 how ever T~T i have to go to work at 8am again tomorrow T~T *sniffles* i hate work.... oh and school sux pretty bad too ^_^' heh
well i have a book on HTML codes ^_^' which is Hyper Text Markup Language ^_^' eheh... is gonna help he with my momiji bot X3 lol yay! oh and my site ^_^' uheh tha too =3 yesh
ok... i lonely ^_^' people talk to me!
especially these people who aren't on right now... ehem
and a coupl of people who's screan names i'm either too laxy to type or can't remember XD ahahah
well ^-^ i gonna go!! later guys and gals!! *hugs*

1. can u do HTML codes?
2. do you like to design your site?
3. what do you know about Hunny... or Honey how ever you people spell it XD ahah
4. Honey and Momi mine o_o ja!! lol X3

theses are ma sinnoh pokemone X3 whooo heheh ^_^

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

   Ouran High School Host Club

hay! i love that manga now ^_^ lol yeah x3 and if nobody claim Hunny.. the i'll jus take him from ya ^_~ heh
by the way!! has someone made a Host Club on the otaku? if not... someon who knows the book REALLY REALLY needs to make one o_O i'd be a member X3 i would do it myself but... ^_^' i'm no good at keeping clubs up and running lol SO... if any one wants to ^_~ i'd help ya tou X3 lol
anyways ^_^' when i got back from church i helped my brother with some yard work, (i used the weedeater or weed whacker as some people call it X3 heh) then i went to petsmart and brought my doggie X3 was cute... but she woudn't sit still o_O mm...
well X3 i'm gonna go.. i got phone calls to answer X3 lol... later!! *huggles*

1. u know of a Host Club on the Otaku?
2. U wanna make one if not?
3. you gots any pets?

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