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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello again...


Time of Post: 1:20 a.m.
Listening to: Time after time - Quietdrive
Mood: Nostalgic

Konnichiwa minna-san,
Oh wow, it's been awhile hasn't it? I don't even know if anyone will read this. I'm sorry, I sort of migrated from this site and onto other places. But I figured I might as well post here every once in awhile again. It couldn't hurt, I miss Otaku and the people here sometimes. :D

Alot has happened, no use even going back and saying everything. I'm happy, though. I hope you all are too.

Um if anyone wants to keep better contact(can't imagine why, I haven't been here in ages, though.) Feel free to drop by at the links in my profile or e-mail me at darkwolves_faith @ yahoo . com.

♥~Ja ne

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hold me now, I'm six feet from the edge an I'm thinkin..


Time of Post: 5:oo
Mood: So-so.
Listening to: Lying from You(Linkin Park)

What's up minna? Well, it's Saturday again, so I'm back. =] Did you all have a good week? I hope so.

Turns out I don't have mono, hooray! And I went back to school on Monday, so I'm healthy again. Thanks alot for all your 'get better soons!

Nothing much exciting happened this week..I had tons of make up work..(Which I finished, of course..I have got to keep my grades up so I can get into a damn art college..*if I can, my art needs soo much improvement*

Anyway, I went to a comic book store today and bought a Rurouni Kenshin profile book! ♥ I found out that I have the same blood type as Ken-san, yay. xD Lol.

An I found something that surprised me yesterday. Anyone know who Keiko Yukimura is from Yu Yu Hakusho? Anyone out there a fan of her besides me?^^' She's Yusuke's childhood friend/girlfriend/complete opposite of him and one of those perfect student types. She's hurt because he's leaving for three years, which ends in her having an ooc moment:


Haha, bet she won't try that twice.
I hate cigarettes personally, just because I always smell like smoke even though..I don't smoke. My parents do, and no matter how much lotion I wear all anyone can smell is cigarettes. T_T

New art is up, by the way! As well as a fan manga I started a while back. I need to finish all the pictures I've started, and do some vent art.^^;
♥~Ja ne

Question: Who's one of your all time favorite anime characters?

(Awesome YYH video: I love the song, an it's Yusuke/Keiko so it's one of mah favorites. x3
One Last Chance

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Guarding from the dark of despair


Time of Post: 4:oo
Mood: Sick.
Listening to: Citizen Soldier(3 Doors Down)

How's it going minna? I hope you all are having a good Saturday.

I don't feel so good. I've been sick. T_T And I missed a week of school. I went to the doctor on Thursday, and they said I might have mono.(Aka the kissing disease yes, but that's not how I got it!!)>//< That's for damn sure, lol. But they took some blood so that'll tell if I really have it.

But it's not fair..nobody will even come near me! *tear* It's not like it's airborne or anything, geez.

I'm not really miserable though, because they gave me antibiotics, so I'm not as bad as I was. I'm just sleepy an stuffed up. But I haven't gotten anything done! All I've done is lay in bed and watch anime..(Not to horrible, but y'know..)

Anyway, it's snowing here. It's so pretty! I don't like winter, because it's so bleak..but I do love snow.

An I'm supposed to draw a winter themed picture for the Kenshin/Kaoru club on deviantart. I'll probably start on that alittle later. Wish me luck please! I've got an idea, an I'm happy.

Oh, and as a response to last weeks question, my anime crushes are,(ya'll named a few good ones btw, especially you Beta-chan. XD) Pip Bernadette, Yusuke Urameshi, Kenshin, Ranma(male, haha), and Ash(the manga version! Manga version!) Not the anime version, bleh. xP

He's so cute! ♥ And alot different than in the anime. He's like what, fourteen in the book? Yup. And the plot is different and all.^^ I loves it.

Thanks for reading!
Ja ne,

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's just the beasts under your bed, in your closet, in your head


Time of Post: 1:oo
Mood: Artistic!
Listening to: Enter Sandman

Wow, it's been awhile hasn't it? I've been around, but I haven't talked to most of you in weeks. ;_;

I'm going to be on here every Saturday, for sure this time, and hopefully I'll visit everyone who updated. I really miss Otaku these days.

Did you have good holidays? Hope so! I did, I ate alot of food and got stuff. =]

Changed my theme, again. Hellhound! Grrraaahhh. XD

Oh, and I put up a new picture, so if anyone wants to have a look, please do. ♥

Anyways, sorry this is short, I'll say more next post, lol.
Ja ne minna!

Question: Got any anime crushes?

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

zomg Wolf's Rain theme


Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I hope so. =] I did. It was a little boring, but I ate tons and was happy lol.

Do you like the new theme? I changed it again, awhile ago. XD I haven't had a Wolf's Rain theme in forever. But we've been watching it in anime club so huzzah.

Anyway, sorry I haven't been visiting sites much. I've been so busy with schoolwork. I'm trying to bring up my Geometry grade. Blah, that is such an infernal class. It's a pain.

At least my birthday is on Friday. Eh..not really that excited. Last year I had all my friends with me, but now they're far away, so no real party this year. I miss everyone very much.

Random Question out of curiosity: What three anime character's are you like?(From any different series)
Ja ne,

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Friday, November 16, 2007


Time of Post:6:oo

How's it going? Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been pretty busy..But you know what? It's finally Thanksgiving Break! No more school for a while. I'll be able to visit everyone for once.^^'

I didn't go to school today though..I felt kind of queasy. I meant to go, I got up and took a shower and ate, but I didn't want to get sick in class. So I went back to bed and didn't get up until 4:30. Can you believe that? Crazy. I'm going to be up all night now. *sigh* But at least I'm feeling alittle better.(Though I missed two tests and it's driving me crazy, ugh.)

Is it me or does time go by really fast? It's already November, my birthday is this month. Sweet 16! I'm not very excited about it, though. Not as much as I should be. It's just..meh.

Anyway, I found a new Kenshin video. I stuck it down with the quiz because I didn't really have room for another one in my profile. XD
*And don't worry it's not disturbing like the beloved Hellsing one I posted last time, lol*

Question: Does any specific song remind you of Kenshin?(Besides the music from the series XD) Because I need more songs up on my playlist. *They have to fit the theme*

EDIT-Nevermind, I changed my theme to Wolf's Rain. XD-

~Ja ne!
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Monday, November 5, 2007


Time of Post:12:3o

How's it going? I hope my Otaku friends are having a good week so far~ Sorry I haven't posted, I've been busy moving. I've got alot to say too.^^'

Halloween was fun, me and my cousin dressed as vampires, and my brother was a pirate. They were so cute! Me though, I looked scary. I put some of that fake blood on my neck and it ran down my shirt. T_T Lol. We went to a church(ironic ne?) and while we were standing in line this little kid was gawking at me. I mean open mouthed staring.^^' It was funny. I might post pictures later~

My art interview went fine. I was happy because I got a nice lady who taught at an elementary school.(Lucky ne?)

And like I said we've been moving..I really like the new house, it's bigger than what I'm used to and I have a nice room. ^_^ Anime pictures cover my wall already.
Only bad thing is we don't have heat or hot water. If I wanted to take a shower I'd have to take a cold one. A cold shower in a cold house? Not to sound prissy, but no way.^^;
Didn't go to school because I need to help unpack. *sigh* Kinda sucks in a way, because I'm going to be behind. Please wish me luck.

Oh, and I posted some new wallpaper, but who knows when they'll show up. Just did two Rurouni Kenshin and one Hellsing.
Thanks for reading!

(If you have the time, please watch this. XD It's funny, the song's alittle disturbing. It fits Pip(♥ ♥ ♥) so well because he's a perv, lol.)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Omg Ken-san

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Time of Post:6:oo

How's everyone? Good I hope. ♥ Do ya like the new theme? I know, I need to quit changing it so much. XD And holy crap it's not Hellsing for once. =O Teh shame.

I just love Kenshin's character though. XD Hence the Ken-san crazed theme. He's even on the cursor!

Anyway, I'm going to try and visit sites when I can, but I have to write an essay tonight, Halloween tomorrow, art inteview on Thursday, and I'm moving on Friday! Crazy ne? Wish me luck!

And on that note..
Happy happy (a day early but eh) Halloween!! ♥ ♥
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Art rant~

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Time of Post: 5:oo

How're you doing? I hope you had a pretty good day~ I felt kinda 'meh.' Not one of my good days I guess. *shrugs* But oh well. We fall down, we get up, we move on.

Anyway, this new art program is having me run around in circles. It's this big competition through school, though I know I won't get selected because I'm a sophomore(it's fine, I just want the experience XD) but the point is my art has to be judged. Which is fine right? It's just that I can't submit anything anime. Which, again, is fine, because I like to learn a variety of styles.

I'm just irritated because most judges, artists, whatever, hate anime. Well, that's what I do. I don't like giving up my anime style just to please abunch of old people. -_- Don't mind having a variety of styles, but I'm not going to deny that I draw anime because..well, I wouldn't be being true to myself.

I don't get it. Why do people consider funky abstract shapes art, yet not anime?(Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but y'know..)
I am an anime fan and an anime artist, and proud of it!
What's your opinion on the issue?(It is an issue dammit! XD)

(I luff my art teacher though, she's cool.XD Though she thought Kenshin was a girl in one of my pictures..^^')

(Awesome AMV! KxK video, which is cute and gives you warm fuzzes. ♥)


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Sunday, October 21, 2007

How's it going?

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Time of Post: 7:oo

This one is back~! I missed you all very much. ♥ I've been lurking around when I can, and I noticed that alot of the senior Otakus have left. =/ I wonder why that is. It's kind of depressing.

Everything's been okay here..I've been drawing and writing mostly. I finally got a scanner, but it's not hooked up, so that's the reason for the lack of art.

Recently got into Rurouni Kenshin..I am completely stricken with this anime.(Slow, ain't I? XD) Some of the older stuff is the best, though.(I am also now an avid Kaoru/Kenshin fan ♥) Oro?

Oh, and I changed my theme, again. I got sick of looking at the last one. XD Does it look alright?

I'm kind of down though..why? Because the new Hellsing OVA is out and I have no money. T_T I'm trying not to think about it..Lol. Though someone posted a preview of it on Youtube.(Down below) They kept the Wild Geese so vulger! That's good, because they're mercenaries..they should be.

Pip is in this one too! Ahaha ♥

Anyway, enough of my rambling. How is everyone?


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