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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

zomg Wolf's Rain theme


Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I hope so. =] I did. It was a little boring, but I ate tons and was happy lol.

Do you like the new theme? I changed it again, awhile ago. XD I haven't had a Wolf's Rain theme in forever. But we've been watching it in anime club so huzzah.

Anyway, sorry I haven't been visiting sites much. I've been so busy with schoolwork. I'm trying to bring up my Geometry grade. Blah, that is such an infernal class. It's a pain.

At least my birthday is on Friday. Eh..not really that excited. Last year I had all my friends with me, but now they're far away, so no real party this year. I miss everyone very much.

Random Question out of curiosity: What three anime character's are you like?(From any different series)
Ja ne,

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