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Monday, November 5, 2007


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How's it going? I hope my Otaku friends are having a good week so far~ Sorry I haven't posted, I've been busy moving. I've got alot to say too.^^'

Halloween was fun, me and my cousin dressed as vampires, and my brother was a pirate. They were so cute! Me though, I looked scary. I put some of that fake blood on my neck and it ran down my shirt. T_T Lol. We went to a church(ironic ne?) and while we were standing in line this little kid was gawking at me. I mean open mouthed staring.^^' It was funny. I might post pictures later~

My art interview went fine. I was happy because I got a nice lady who taught at an elementary school.(Lucky ne?)

And like I said we've been moving..I really like the new house, it's bigger than what I'm used to and I have a nice room. ^_^ Anime pictures cover my wall already.
Only bad thing is we don't have heat or hot water. If I wanted to take a shower I'd have to take a cold one. A cold shower in a cold house? Not to sound prissy, but no way.^^;
Didn't go to school because I need to help unpack. *sigh* Kinda sucks in a way, because I'm going to be behind. Please wish me luck.

Oh, and I posted some new wallpaper, but who knows when they'll show up. Just did two Rurouni Kenshin and one Hellsing.
Thanks for reading!

(If you have the time, please watch this. XD It's funny, the song's alittle disturbing. It fits Pip(♥ ♥ ♥) so well because he's a perv, lol.)

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