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Hey there! The name's DarkWolves, otherwise known as Blue. I love art, rock music, japanese culture, animals, and of course anime & manga. Thanks for stopping by! I'm primarily an artist, and some of my really old works are still posted. I'm not on here as much as I used to be, I only post occasionally, but feel free to find me at any of these places:

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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Time of Post: 5:3o
Listening to: My playlist up there.
Mood: Bored.

I'm happy to see that most of you guys are still here! I'm sorry that I've been on an unannounced hiatus for such a long time; I'm just not too fond of the new version of Otaku. But like I said, feel free to hunt me down anywhere else too. xD (Do any of you have a Myspace? I hate that stupid site, but I am on there, and I could add you on there as well. I just don't want to stick the link in my profile, but I'll give it out to any of you.)

And my site looks different than last time. I still love Hellsing to death, but I made that wallpaper(it's from a Sakurakan Inuyasha doujinshi), so I wanted to do something with it. Lol my site looks all ~flowery~ now.

Also does anyone know how to change avatars? ^^; I tried last time but nothing happened. I do like the Blue icon, but she doesn't really match. xD

Anyway how're you all doing? I hope you have a good Easter! ♥
♥~Ja ne

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