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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hold me now, I'm six feet from the edge an I'm thinkin..


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What's up minna? Well, it's Saturday again, so I'm back. =] Did you all have a good week? I hope so.

Turns out I don't have mono, hooray! And I went back to school on Monday, so I'm healthy again. Thanks alot for all your 'get better soons!

Nothing much exciting happened this week..I had tons of make up work..(Which I finished, of course..I have got to keep my grades up so I can get into a damn art college..*if I can, my art needs soo much improvement*

Anyway, I went to a comic book store today and bought a Rurouni Kenshin profile book! ♥ I found out that I have the same blood type as Ken-san, yay. xD Lol.

An I found something that surprised me yesterday. Anyone know who Keiko Yukimura is from Yu Yu Hakusho? Anyone out there a fan of her besides me?^^' She's Yusuke's childhood friend/girlfriend/complete opposite of him and one of those perfect student types. She's hurt because he's leaving for three years, which ends in her having an ooc moment:


Haha, bet she won't try that twice.
I hate cigarettes personally, just because I always smell like smoke even though..I don't smoke. My parents do, and no matter how much lotion I wear all anyone can smell is cigarettes. T_T

New art is up, by the way! As well as a fan manga I started a while back. I need to finish all the pictures I've started, and do some vent art.^^;
♥~Ja ne

Question: Who's one of your all time favorite anime characters?

(Awesome YYH video: I love the song, an it's Yusuke/Keiko so it's one of mah favorites. x3
One Last Chance

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