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Sunday, October 21, 2007

How's it going?

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This one is back~! I missed you all very much. ♥ I've been lurking around when I can, and I noticed that alot of the senior Otakus have left. =/ I wonder why that is. It's kind of depressing.

Everything's been okay here..I've been drawing and writing mostly. I finally got a scanner, but it's not hooked up, so that's the reason for the lack of art.

Recently got into Rurouni Kenshin..I am completely stricken with this anime.(Slow, ain't I? XD) Some of the older stuff is the best, though.(I am also now an avid Kaoru/Kenshin fan ♥) Oro?

Oh, and I changed my theme, again. I got sick of looking at the last one. XD Does it look alright?

I'm kind of down though..why? Because the new Hellsing OVA is out and I have no money. T_T I'm trying not to think about it..Lol. Though someone posted a preview of it on Youtube.(Down below) They kept the Wild Geese so vulger! That's good, because they're mercenaries..they should be.

Pip is in this one too! Ahaha ♥

Anyway, enough of my rambling. How is everyone?


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