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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Strangely cute, and annoyingly addictive…
What is this mysterious thing of which i speak? Find out later…

Man, and I thought MyO was quiet before VV kicked off…its deader than heaven on a saturday night these days. however, my shout outs to Cee-Cee and Min-chan for starting to visit again…how long has it been since we met on this very site? Must be about 4 years…

I'm glad you guys enjoyed my last post. Its nice to take a step back, and look at something we take for granted and really think about it. Like, for example, the other day when I was at work, the phone rang. It was another Cotswolds store looking for a product we supposedly had. After I finished dealing with them, I was curious to know where their store was. My store is Cotswolds Covent Garden, and it’s in London. Their store was Cotswolds Harrogate, which is up north in Yorkshire. For you Americans who live mind-boggling distances away from each other, Yorkshire isn’t that far away from London (about three-four hours drive on a good day), but its far enough away, and yet there I was having a conversation with a person there as if they were standing right next to me, yet in reality, my voice patterns had to travel ALL the way there via wires and stuff, then she had to formulate a response and send it back using the SAME wires, and it all takes place in an instant. Such an old simple method of communicating that we take for granted, yet when you really stop to think about it, it’s pretty amazing. Its fun to look at the world like that….makes life more interesting and enjoyable.

Thank you also to those who had topics of their own that they were thinking about. Please, by all means write these up and I’ll post em up on my “World” blog. Get your thoughts out there, encourage more independent thought away from formal education!

Anyway, enough with the crazy life stuff.

I stumbled across this yesterday. Its apparently a 3-D version of one of the EDs to Sgt Frog. But the dance is pretty cool, and cute…

Also, that last bit? It’s a song and dance called Caramelldansen. Its very simple, yet strangely addictive and catchy… and apparently quite a phenomenon…here’s a few examples:







…you get the idea….

Its based on a song called Caramelldansen by a group/artist called Caramell (who appear to be Swedish or something) but someone put the “speedycake” remix along with that dance, and VOILA! Instant internet meme.

By the by, that girl singing in the first video is the green haired Chibi, called Hatsune Miku, and she has no voice actor or singer…she is a Character from a piece of software called Vocaloid, which is a computer program that allows you to imput lyrics and a tune, and then Hatsune’s voice is digitally synthesised to sing along and dance in pop-idol esque videos (not all of em Chibi, or CG). There are several Vocaroids (see the first video), and all have their own software, with different ranges and styles of music.

Isn’t technology great?

Here to see you off are the second Vocaloids in the series, Rin and Len…

Heh, you shall be singing this song the rest of the day. DANCE PUPPETS! CARAMELLDANSEN!!!

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

I was having some quiet time yesterday at work, and something occurred to me, something that I had known for a while, but full nature and aspect of it suddenly resolved itself in my mind, and promptly blew said mind out the back of my head…

This is something that probably should be posted in my new “world” but almost no one would read it and I got a better social network here and I'm trying to keep regular posts here at MyO…

(image from xkcd.com)

Consider, if you’d indulge me for a minute, the Apple Seed. No, not the manga by Masamune Shirow or the truly excellent CG Anime features (2nd movie this year!) that are based upon it, but the humble brown pip in the middle of that fruit which we call the Apple.

Consider how small, and insignificant and plain and simple it is.

Now consider that, given the chance, that small little brown dot can grow into an apple tree. A huge, majestic, LIVING organism, that changes with the seasons and continues to grow most of its life. This hugely complex system of leaves and chlorophyll and photosynthesis, all from a tiny dot. Consider that that tree can now grow apples of its own, and they too have seeds, which, given the opportunity can sprout trees of their own, all of which can bare their own fruit.

Consider that from a single apple seed, a million apples may grow.

Now apply that concept to the human body.

Consider that we start life as a single cell.

Nothing is added. Once that single cell gets going, nothing is added to it. The ENTIRE human body is built using one cell. The sheer complexity of it all. The senses, the immune system, the organs, the digestive system, the muscles, the bones….ALL from a single, tiny, insignificant cell.

Consider all that you are. Consider all that you can do. We can learn, love, laugh. We can use our bodies to explore this beautiful world of ours, or we can use our minds to think up entire worlds of our own. We can play music, sports, games. We can create art. We can write literature. Our bodies allow us to do it all. And that body started life as a single cell!

And consider identical twins! Two WHOLE unique complex biological organisms capable of all of the above and more! TWO! From a single cell!

Isn’t that fantastic?! Isn’t life, in all its splendour and glory, a miracle in any definition of the word you care to use?

Everything on this planet, everything we have created, everything in nature, perhaps even the entire Universe, all created from a tiny insignificant speck. A dot. A little blip.

Isn’t that wonderful?

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Boredom makes for an interesting muse….
Hey folks and folkettes. Hope everyone is enjoying the new Version Vibrant. Hopefully when all the bugs are sorted out, it’ll be a cool thing to use…I haven’t decided whether I'm gonna start up my own world yet, but if you have a world you want me to “subscribe” to, please paste the URL in your comment, and I’ll consider it. ^^

As for my comments last post, I am used to change, and come across it quite regularly. I just don’t like it. ;p

Meanwhile we’re keeping it OLDSKOOL here on MyO, with regular posting and wotnot.

This week has been pretty boring. Like usual. I bought some Gundam Models yesterday…they should be here soon. ^^

On Tuesday I had the day off, so I headed over to a place called Croydon to do a recce on the place I'm gonna have to go to on Sunday to do my CPR/AED recertification. It took me about an hour to ride there on Luna, and there was nowhere to park up as far as I could tell. So I pottered around for a bit, then turned around and rode home…I think that’s the longest time I’ve ever spent riding Luna in one go. I think on Sunday I'm gonna drive Clarissa (my car) up there though…I feel much better about leaving her in a street or a car park then I would Luna…

Got a new Mini-Disc player yesterday courtesy of my brother’s boss…its an older model then my current one, so not all my MDs will play on it, but it should mean i can continue using my old MDs for a while… ah MDs…the Betamax of the portable music industry…

I was so bored at work yesterday that this happened:

this is like 90% true…Hannah didn’t actually tell me to get back to work…

And here is the real life versions of Black-pac:

the underside of a size cube we use on clothes hangers

And Mr. Croc:

they shouldn’t give me Sharpies…
in retrospect it looks more like a duck, but crocodiles are more badass

Mr. Croc appears courtesy of the Merrell Shoes and Sharpie Pens companies…

Black-Pac appears courtesy of Cotswolds Covent Garden Store.

So there we have it…a thin slice of my life, laid out with a bit of garnish and a cookie for afters…

Oh, that reminds me…cookies….


Till next time!!!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

okaaaaayy, so the new Version Vibrant is kinda freaking me out, a little. its gonna take me a while for me to get used to the new layout and interface. i shall endevour to resume regular darke broadcasts from this very site probably...uhm...tomorrow. or friday. or something.

dont quite know what to make of all this...

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

hum-de-hum....waiting for Version Vibrant...
srsly, when the heck is it getting here? oh well.

been another boring few days, and once again i got nothing for ya. just some news and stuff. im recuperating from the 2nd Round of STEEL NATION on Devaintart. link to my site up top.

so yah. been boring here. i went to a kung fu workshop yesterday and learnt the first part of a two person form. it was quite difficult to get a hang of, but i think i got it now...well, most of it. and of course, thats just the first part. jeez my arms are sore.

on the way home from the workshop i bought a boquet of flowers for my mother, seeing as today is Mothers Day here in the U.K. let me tell you, riding home on Luna (my motor scooter) whilst holding a boquet of flowers is not an easy task. ph34r my l337 n1nj4 r1d1n9 5k1ll5....

so yah, today is mothers day here in the UK. i got her some choccies and some flowers (duh) and we got her a book too.

i also have been spending my money too... i bought a manga the other day called "Yozakura Quartet" which is about a superhero mayor (who is a 16 year old girl), a demon wolf girl who can read minds and a girl who can conjure up objects by saying the right word, and some regular guy who investigate and fight weird stuff. its not excatly the most original manga i know, but i do really really like the manga-ka, one Suzuhito Yasuda. the art work is really crisp and sharp and the artist also did a short story called "Ebony and Ivory" in the Range Maruta "Robot" series, which i particularly enjoyed. so uhm, yah. check it out.

i have also bought vols 1 thru 5 of RahXephon on DVD. Forbidden Planet were selling them off cheap (£10 a DVD) since RahXephon has been released for ages. when it first came out (way back when i first started collecting anime dvds in 2003) i wasnt sure about it and ended up ignoring it. but since reading the novels, i grew more interested and since the DVDs were being sold off cheap, i thought, sure, why not?
and im really enjoying it. its quite a different take on the mecha genre. its almost like Evangelion, but based on an entirely different concept, and it is well developed and well written, and the animation is pretty good too. im really enjoying the series.

well, thats it from me today. i'll try and have more interesting things next time...

ciao fer now!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ugh, I feel lousy.
Hey guys. This is gonna be short and boring since I haven’t had the time or patience or energy to do anything interesting. Besides, you had a photo comic last post and photos of London the post before that…I think I'm entitled to an easy post once in a while…

I think I'm coming down with a cold. Again. Jeez. I get a cold at the beginning of December, just before it gets uber cold, and now I get another one just as its starting to get warm again. I am a mucked up individual. Though, saying that, it might have something to do with the fact I got briefly caught out in the rain the other day, or maybe something to do with the fact I'm not getting a whole bunch of sleep these days…whatever. Point is I'm feeling kinda stuffy and ick. I just hope I can hit it on the head before it gets worse.

I also did a monumentally stupid thing at work yesterday. I was demonstrating a couple of penknives to a customer, and was trying to put one back in the display cabinet when I slit the tip of my right index finger open. Its only a very small cut, but it immediately started bleeding quite profusely. It was also kinda painful. So I kinda ran downstairs and got a plaster, and my boss made me fill out an accident sheet thing, which is really hard to fill out when the finger of the hand you normally write with has a plaster (band-aid) on it and is throbbing gently. Still, it seems to be better now.

I’ve also got an assessment coming up at work, my probation period is almost over. I had to fill out this self-assessment form, which was quite hard, especially with questions like “rate yourself according to the following” and with the guide lines it set down, I often fell between a 3 and a 4 (out of a rating score of 8) ^^; we’ll see what the boss has to say at the assessment interview…

Found out today that I DON’T have to go back to the US Embassy this year to get my J1 Work visa, which makes me very happy. I just gotta fill out the forms, pay the money and send off my passport, which is infinitely better then trying to get into the embassy, which makes the ACTUAL act of entering the USA seem like a hop over the fence. Sheesh.

Anyhoo, that’s all the news from me today. I might update on Sunday, but it is Mothers Day for us Brits on Sunday, so we’ll see, eh?

And uhm…that’s it.

…there’s no more…

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Greetings folks in internet land.
Its been another one of those slow weeks…the most interesting thing that happened this week was on Thursday. I had a 9 o’clock shift, and when I turned up to the store, everyone from the offices that are situated in the same building as us had evacuated, because our fire alarm had gone off. It had been reset, and was a false alarm though. We went into the building to find Jim, our Australian supervisor, sitting in the break room with burnt toast! So he had managed to evacuate an entire building with toast! That’s no mean feat…

Other then that, its been boring. I’ve finally finished inking my second round of the OC Mecha tournament, and scanned it in too. Now I'm onto editing. I'm about half-way through. It’s a lotta hard work! But it looks so much better then my first one did. ^^

I also went a-buying the other day… heh heh heh… (lotsa piccies, alt text, the usual, blah-de-blah)

RevolTech Fraulen model 001 Ayanami Rei

the models displayed in this photo comic do not represent the characters they are portraying precisely…

Gaiking theme plays in BG

its mostly robots

they’re not just over there…they’re everywhere!

currently Turn A Gundam is taking on Char’s Zaku IIS

I dunno...Unit 00 behaves itself usually


now THERES a faux pas if ever I saw one

if in doubt, keep your cool. Gaiking is ICE. Baby.

I want my own personal tachi-taxi…

there’s way too much desu in this photo

tacikomas aren’t really designed for sitting on when you’re as big as rei is.

Santana’s SMOOTH playing in BG

Rei Ayanami played by herself. Gaiking played by himself. Tachikoma played by itself. The spider plants were played by professional actors.

Yeah…I have way too much time on my hands…I'm just some crazy rei-obsessed fanboy… *sigh*

Oh, and Gundam too…

yay Blue Frame

My new Blue Frame Astray…finally got round to making it. now I can recreate the second chapter of the Gundam SEED ASTRAY manga! Woo-hoo!!!

Till next time.

Oh, and my apologies to people whose computers don’t like a lot of photos…I guess between this post and the post below, your processors are going “WTF mate?” in an Australian accent.

Oh, and check out this website:


its amusing. Especially if you’re a film buff.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wanted: more hours in the day to do stuff…
Busy busy busy…

Anyways, this last week was fairly boring and I know, I know: I didn’t update on Sunday. But to be fair, I was entertaining a guest, and didn’t really have the time.

First off, however, FOR SHAME, to all who attempted my mini-maths test. You all FAIL. Lets review shall we?

7 girls each have SEVEN SACKS and in each sack is SEVEN CATS, and each cat has SEVEN KITTENS.

So 7 girls = 14 legs.

1 girl has 49 cats (seven per sack) is a total of 343 cats, and therefore 1372 legs.

343 cats have 7 kittens EACH so that makes 2401 kittens with a total of 9604 legs.

Add em up: 9604 + 1372 + 14 = 10990 legs on the bus.

Thank you very much.


Anyways, the weekend was fun. I met up with my friend, Tara, at Victoria Station very early in the morning. And we set off to see the sights:

(warning: lotsa piccies, wry comments and alt text ahead)

First off, this is Tara:

orange and black. Its that kinda hat

We met at summer camp last year and she is a good friend. However, Jangalian, she is not asking out material, for several reasons, none of which I wish to speak of here and now.

Our first stop on the whistle stop tour of London was the one and only: BUCKINGHAM PALACE!

I believe the flag flying means the queen is at home…
Home of our monarch, and bigger than the White House. Suck on that Bush.

Next we headed down to the river for a number of shots:

this came out pretty well considering I COULDN’T SEE!

pretty, isn’t it?


Then we stopped off at covent garden, I picked up a few things, then we headed down towards St. Paul’s Cathedral, past the Royal Justice Courts.

its all justicey and stuff

its super expensive to go inside though…never knew the house of God would be so pricey…

We then headed across the river to the Tate Modern to see a crack.

not THAT kind of crack. Jeez.
its art, apparently…

It’s a real crack too. It goes all the way into the floor.

that’s like…deep man. Like…metaphorically and literally…deep…yeah

Of course, we wondered how they would remove said exhibit from the art gallery when they wanna show something new. So I stuck my foot into the crevice and said “Phil in the crack, of course.”

I know. Bad isn’t it?

We then headed further down the river past London Bridge towards Tower Bridge.

it still amuses me that you americans bought London Bridge off of us thinking it was Tower Bridge. Hilarious.

the bridge has the ability to open up, but it doesn’t happen very often these days.

you can cross the bridge up there, but once again, its hella expensive.

canary wharf again…you guys must be getting sick of it…

Here are some interesting buildings around Tower Bridge. On south bank we have:

it looks a lot bigger from the train and on the tv

This is some supah modern building where the mayor hangs out or something…

And on the north bank

how many castles are in your city?

The Tower of London! Big, old and imposing…

We then headed west, back the way we came, and ended up here:

as you can see, this was taken mid-afternoon

The clock tower at the end of Parliament.
“But Darke!” I hear you shout. “Isn’t that monument called Big Ben?”

NO! I reply with gusto. Big Ben is the BELL inside the clock tower that chimes on the hour and every quarter hour after.

again, smaller then I thought it was, but still quite big

After that we headed up to see some other sights, stopping briefly here:

there was some kinda protest that day…something about muslims…

Downing Street. Home of the Prime Minister. Yup.

Anyways, we had walked a long-ass way that day, and our original plans had been scuppered around lunch time, so I bought Tara home with me and she stayed the weekend.

On Sunday we headed over to Eltham Palace. I LIVE in Eltham, but I have never been to Eltham Palace. It used to be a huge place that King Henry VIII (Henry Tudor, who beheaded and divorced like nobodies business) used to live in as a child, but a lot of it fell to ruin, only to be replaced with this ultra chic Art Deco house in the 1930’s. and it was lived in by some very wealthy people who were quite influential in Eltham during the thirties and the second world war.

I cannot begin to explain how awesome this house was

The house had some pretty sweet design features, like under floor heating, and internal telephone system, a centralised vacuum cleaner with ports all over the house, and the very latest in design…well, it was back then…

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take picture inside the house, but I managed to sneak one off:

it inspired me, so I broke the rules. Sue me.

This was taken inside the Great Hall, the only surviving part of the original Palace.

jeez, what is it with me and sunlight?

Seems sunny doesn’t it? don’t be fooled, it was freezing cold…to the point where some of the moat had frozen over!

this waterfall was pretty awesome

it would have been nicer if it had been warm, but still…
apparently they used to swim in the moat…seems a bit nippy to me
not all the moat is flooded…some of it makes a rather nice garden

I honestly never knew a place this cool and beautiful existed so close to where I live.

After Eltham Palace, we went to see National Treasure at the movies. Considering I had never seen the first NT, it was a pretty good movie, and I enjoyed it.

Tara stayed the night again, and then headed back down to Bournemouth Monday Morning. She heads home to America today. It was fun hanging out with her, even though we have very different opinions on some things. I suppose it all has to do with the cultures we were raised in. still, it was nice to have someone to do stuff with.

This week is gonna be work and more work. I'm almost finished with the inking phase of my mecha tournament, and then all I gotta do is scan and edit. Shouldn’t take me too long. *fingers crossed*

Well, that’s it from me today. Nothing special or spectacular today, you all had photos. Let it settle.


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Friday, February 15, 2008

I wonder what Brain-Farts smell like…
Hmm, I shoulda posted yesterday…heck I should have posted on Wednesday. But whatever. I'm posting now. We maintain the Two Posts A Week equilibrium…

Speaking of brain farts, its definitely been a week for em. Starting on Monday, I had a brain fart of epic proportions where somewhere between waking up and getting to work I mislaid a whole HOUR of my life. Go figure. I woke up on time, and I thought I had got the right train, so imagine my surprise when I turned up to work 40 minutes late as opposed to twenty minutes early. I think I did my mental planning wrong and left the house an hour later then I should have and just not realised it… I'm such a shnurf…

The other major brain fart (that’s the 4th time I’ve mentioned farts in this post…now 5. aren’t I mature?) this week occurred when Matsui, my dearly beloved 2 gig mp3 player that cost me £6 (12 US Dollarz) refused to work. No matter what I did, he wouldn’t play music or allow me to access the files. No big deal really, after all he was uber cheap, but if you have ever experienced commuter rush hour to London WITHOUT music…well, let’s just say I don’t wanna repeat the experience. Sheesh. I had to format Matsui and then reload all the music on to him…took me a while. ^^;

So yesterday was Valentines Day (yes folks, my powers of observation grow stronger everyday) and lets face it…it wasn’t worth it, was it? still, if you have a significant other, I hope you garnered some small measure of pleasure from the day. I did. ^^

Going up to London (heh, I remember the days when that was a special event, now its just a regular occurrence) on Saturday, which is my day off, to meet up with a friend from America. She’s been in England for a while now. We met at camp last year and we got on quite well. She’s been busy spending time with the other British folk she met at camp and I’ve finally got the opportunity to spend a little bit of time with her. She’s a good friend. Anyhoo, should be fun.

Working hard on my round 2 for the mech tournament…I’ve been using my lunch hour to ink in the pages…I'm averaging about 2 pages a lunch hour. Hopefully I’ll finish the inking this weekend, and spend next week editing them.

Oh, if you got 10 mins and wanna stretch out the ole grey matter, try this lil gem ut for size.

A bus has 7 girls.
each of the 7 girls has 7 bags.
each of the 7 bags has seven cats.
each of the 7 cats has seven kittens.

not including bus driver, how many legs are on the bus? (all cats have 4 legs, all girls have 2 legs)

this isn’t a trick question. The first three Correct answers will get a request of their choice. No cheating now!

Welp, that’s it from me today. Nothing interesting to leave you with…oh wait, one thing…in case you were wondering…

that’s Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, in case you were wondering…
easy game, but fun
just chillaxin

The Chibi Darke Days gang are doing ok… ^^

Till next time!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

and Raina thought she had a bug problem…

And y’all thought I was crazy…

Hey folks. Life is going on steadily yet boringly so. Once again, work is the order of the day, and that’s pretty much it.

Oh, I found out this week that I WON the first round of the OC mecha tournament I'm participating in on DeviantArt. My initial reaction was “YES! I WON!!” swiftly followed by “aw crap, I gotta draw another battle…”
This second round is already proving to be a monster. I'm on my 13th page, and still have another 8-10 to draw…and that’s just pencil!!!!

the hell? Since when was Melanie French?

Bought a few things these past few days… one was my new lil Chibi Tachikoma (Yellow version). The other was Gundam Astray Blue Frame 1/144 scale model. Y’know. To tide me over till I can get my hands on the Gundam Exia and Gundam Virtue…besides, I want the Blue Frame to go with my 1/144 red frame. ^^

I went out the other day, to Charlton to see if they had some DVDs I wanted. They didn’t, but to get to Charlton I have to go over a hill called Shooters Hill, which is like the biggest hill in my area. It was a beautiful day, so I took my camera with me…

Canary Wharf on the left, Millennium Dome in the middle…called the O2 Arena now.

looking over Woolwich and Charlton, amongst other places

Every time I see this view, it takes my breath away…dangerous when I'm driving.

This is MY city. My Home.

On the way back home, annoyingly, I got distracted by something and crashed into the back of a car. I wasn’t going fast at all, and managed to stop in time to prevent any serious damage, but Luna’s front wheel cover got cracked. The couple in the car I crashed into got out and were making a fuss, (I don’t even think they were English) but their car just got a few marks, which would easily come out. I even proved it by rubbing them out with my glove there and then. However, at some point I gotta get a replacement wheel cover for Luna. It was totally my fault, so I'm gonna pay for it all to be sorted…it’s gonna be a pain though. Expensive too.

As I headed home from that, I stopped off in a small cul-de-sac and took this picture…

my Granddad made that porch with his own two hands…

The house with the white door, number 21…that was the house I grew up in before I moved to my current house over 11 years ago. Its so small…its also changed a lot since then. We used to have this MASSIVE fir tree in the front garden. But they cut it down shortly after we moved. And now there isn’t a front garden at all…just some stoopid driveway…oh well…at least my Granddad’s porch still stands…

So yeah. Fun n games.

Win or lose, sink or swim
One thing is certain we’ll never give in
Side by side, hand in hand
We all stand together
Play the game, fight the fight
But what’s the point on a beautiful night?
Arm in arm, hand in hand
We all stand together
Keeping us warm in the night
La la la la
Walk in the night
You’ll get it right
Win or lose, sink or swim
One thing is certain we’ll never give in
Side by side, hand in hand
We all stand together

I am so freakin’ random…

Till next time!!!

I thought it was electronic. Its not. It would have been easier if I understood Japanese. Still, its cute.

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